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  1. I posted this in the disabled cruise board already but thought someone on here would know. I have recently started using a knee scooter to get around. Wondering if any of you know how the airlines treat it. Can I use it to get to the door of the plane and they store it or do I need to try and check it?
  2. I have recently started using a knee scooter to get around. Wondering if any of you know how the airlines treat it. Can I use it to get to the door of the plane and they store it or do I need to try and check it?
  3. Yes I have searched, but the new search is not helpful. My wife is gluten free and we know we should advise HAL before we sail. Does anyone have the email contact to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.
  4. When people say get up early, they mean EARLY. When we did it in 2012 we were in the crows nest at 4:30am and it was already packed. If I had to guess, I think people pretty much spent the night for the best seats. But the bow should be open and there is plenty of space on the promenade deck. We are doing it again on December 21 on the Rotterdam. If you take a peek at our roll call we have several excursions planned.
  5. I just moved to a big box agent. The said it would take 3 days but it ended up being 5 days.
  6. I second the harbor boat tour. We had a great time there with young children an aunt and uncle in their 80’s
  7. I only drink beer, but like it ice cold. I normally find the bar i will camp out in and tip $20 at the start of the cruise. I ask the bartender to keep a supply on ice, which they keep stocked for me. Works out well.
  8. Same happened to me in Alaska, and it had been two years since my last Hal cruise.
  9. The goids new is the credit already showed up in my amex account. Happy Happy, easy money.
  10. Long time member but only post when I have something to say of benefit. We have a cruise scheduled for the end of the year and was reading the HAL board and saw a posting about an AMEX offer. I have an AMEX card but never knew they had offers that I could take advantage of. So following the lead of that posting I checked my AMEX account and sure enough there it was. Make a $500 payment using the AMEX and get a $150 credit. Wow, easy money. So I went to the HAL site, had no problem accessing the payment page as others said they have had, and made my $500 payment. Great, or so I thought. When looking at my AMEX bill i noticed a charge from HAL for $497, not the $500 I had entered. NOBODY types without errors, but no way did I accidentally enter $497. So I call AMEX and they send me the charge HAL sent for $497, so no problem with AMEX. Call HAL, get transferred several times and end up talking to someone in accounting. They cannot explain why the charge was wrong, she said I must have made a mistake when making the payment. Hard to believe, but okay. Go to the payment page again because I need to get to the $500 level and make another payment, this time $200. Immediately go online and check the AMEX activity and the charge is $196. Call HAL again, get sent to accounting and I explain my real concern is when I make my final payment. If I look at their web payment page and it says I owe $4,256.34 as final payment, and I make it, I would not necessarily be checking to make sure they charge the right amount. So I could end up owing $3.00, not know it and possibly have the reservation cancelled over a small balance due because the site did not process the payment correctly. So, long story short, double check that the payments you think you make are actually charge correctly, especially when you make your final payment.
  11. I just give all those items to DW, she has a large purse.🤡
  12. Traffic on a workday will be bad. Just to get to LAX will probably take an hour and a half. Personally, with the long security lines and traffic, i would not book a flight before 11am.
  13. 2003 leaving on Saturday for a cruise going to New Orleans during the end of Mardi Gras. Bucket list item. Woke up with a strange feeling in my neck on Friday. Went to the doctor and they wanted to do cardiac bypass on Monday. Told them no can do. They gave me nitroglycerin for chest pain and off i went. When i got back did the surgery. Had a great time, so much so, been back twice since then.
  14. We did 4 adults in an inside. It was tight, but 14 days in Alaska for $750 per person, would doit again. Of course the other 3 people said never again!!!! But then i am a sucker for a deal.
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