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  1. We have always booked directly through the cruise line, but thanks to CC am going to try a big box TA. I can find the early booking bonus on the HA site, but not on the big box TA site. Do I have to book it through HA then transfer it to the Big box TA or is it more likely that the promotion is simply delayed for a while before the TA's get it?
  2. Went with a buddy on an Alaska cruise. He and wife are still not internet savvy. Pre cruise, doctored up a weather forecast for Alaska of gail force winds and temps of minus ten. Told him dress warmly. First port, Ketchikan, temps in the high 80’s. He is dressed in long underwear, top and bottom, two pairs of jeans, thick shirt, heavy sweater and coat. Especially funny when he needed to pee. We still laugh about it.
  3. Holland america also goes to glacier bay. Smaller ships so oerhaps less walking? The holland ships i have been on also seem to get the parking spots closest to the main parts of town.
  4. If you scroll to page two there is a thread titled norway cruise q&a. I have been following it and the gentleman lives in Norway and will answer questions. Very informative.
  5. But be careful, they expire. I think as each point turns 5 years old you lose them.
  6. I’m pretty standard with hardliqour, so I stick to the virgen strawberry margaritas, and banana daqueries.
  7. Can’t help with all the questions, but can do a few issues. Been on several lines and several ships. Food is subjective, but for the most part, the dining room and buffets are more similar than different. ALL ships shut down at some point. Even on carnival booze cruises, not all bars are open all the time. But at least one or two bars stay open until 2 or so. Same with casinos. I was on a carnival cruise and 5 of us were playng black jack, and winning quite often when about 2:30 they called last shoe and kicked out. your boys should be able to find somewhere to hang out with other night owls without any problem, but probably not till 5am. And that would be on just about any ship.
  8. Make sure you will cruise often enogh to makeuse of the points. Points expire at 5 years. Made the mistake of finding cruises on other lines thinking i could save up the points. Yup, lost them by the time i found a cruise on royal we wantedto do.
  9. Have spent 35 days cruising Alaska during May. Light rain one just one day in Ketchican. Most of the time the temps were mid 70’s to low 90’s. The first time I went, i figured it would be a once in a lifetime trip. Spent lots of money for helicopter landing on the glacier, misty fjord boat and float plane and the railroad to canada with a bus back to port. Expensive, but well spent for something you may never do again. as fir mendehall glacier, easy bus ride from town, runs like every 30 minutes or so.
  10. My wife and I dress up out of choice. I in a tux, both nights, and she in dressy dresses. We do it because we enjoy it and feel it is appropriate. Much the same as i wear a dark suit to funerals, others in shorts and wife beaters. It doesn’t affect me either way, just the way i was brought up. Same reasoning i do nit wear a robe to breakfast, just seems wrong to me.
  11. Have been to NOLA twice on cruise ships for Mardi Gras. A couple of things you need to think about. 1. Take extra steps for pick pockets. It gets very crowded in the French Quarter and it will be a lot of jostling with people. If someone grabs a purse or something, they are lost in the crowd immediatly. Same precautions with any jewelry. 2. Restrooms are hard to find and seldom free. Many port a potties for a charge, but the later in the weekend the fuller they get. Don’t stand downwind. In most bars, you use your drink receipt for one use of the bathroom. My friend had a bladder the size of a walnut, so he had difficulties. 3. Parades run pretty much all day on Monday and Tuesday. You can have trouble trying to find a way to cross the streets to get where you want to be. 4. Some of the riders get tired of throwing single strands of beads to the crowd and throw plastic bags with like 20 strands. They hurt when they hit you in the head. 😀
  12. Be prepared, if i remember correctly, it is delivered warm.
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