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  1. Your comments are very well thought out. An ugly side-effect is that princess will probably force crew to get the vaccine prior to joining a ship. Forcing crew to accept the risks, if they wish to work.
  2. If there is an effective vaccine, one might have to prove innoculation prior to embarking on a cruise.
  3. I don't see the idea of 'sharing food' being popular with covid-19. A couple years ago, I was at a most traveled lunch, and sat with a food and beverage director. We discussed share. He had to be politically correct, he gave a big sigh, but all he would say was that it had 'failed to meet expectations'. I'm sure you know better than I, but I don't think Curtis Stone has a fantastic reputation in Australia. In the US, I think he's best know for selling pans on the home shopping network. I have always felt that if I bought good pans, that would make me a great cook. And, if I buy the same golf clubs Tiger Woods uses, I will be a great golfer...
  4. I think that's the problem ... no one did. Originally princess announced plans to replace many (maybe all) sabatini's with shares. After the 'success' of a couple, the plan never happened.
  5. Excues me, but my comment wasn't snarky at all. I did not comment about Mr. Donald's statement; only about the claim that the statement had everything to do with cruising. It might be a fine statement. It might be a terrible statement. But, it has nothing to do with cruising.
  6. I think for at least the next six months, that will be a true statement.
  7. My experience is that American Express is excellent for the customer in this situation. Other cards may be just as good, but I have no personal experience.
  8. Thank you for posting my picture. Do you mind if I use it for my profile? Perhaps you enjoy the cheerleaders here. Personally, I do not.
  9. I usually reserve Ignore for political zealots. The political posts disappear pretty quickly, but why should I have to see them at all?
  10. To tweak the sanctamonious? If you don't care to read Mr. Luver's posts, cruise critic has an 'ignore' feature that you might use.
  11. I didn't not believe you, but thought it is rather obvious that more cruises will be cancelled, so you announcing it was not that exciting. In carnival's quarterly filing, they said something like they plan to restart with less than all ships, and some ship may be in extended layup. To achieve that, they obviously have to cancel (at least) cruises on the ships in extended layup. I predict more cancellations in the future. Believe me, or not, as you wish...
  12. 2992+ replies in this thread. Just a few more, and this will surpass the butter thread!
  13. What about the people on board who did not have visas to enter the united states?
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