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  1. Personally, I tired of being nickeled and timed. I thought HAL was above this. We occasionally order 2 main meals, just to be sure we get ONE we like.
  2. So maybe I just need to bring a plain old extension cord without a surge protector?
  3. The one I’m looking at purchasing is a all in one surge protector with multiple plug ins with a 5’cord.
  4. I’m wanting to use a 5’ extension cord hopefully next to the bed. Are there plug ins by the night stand ? We are in a veranda suite.
  5. I received a quote for 24 days. $478-yikes
  6. Yes. We will fly from US to Rome. Then FLL to home.
  7. Are mobility devices charged the same as luggage? And there’s the sad possibility of having to cancel. 😢
  8. Are mobility devices charged the same as luggage?
  9. I’m praying it’s not needed. I never know.
  10. Thanks. I’m thinking it’ll probably work out better if I could pre-book. We’ve sailed other lines and haven’t been impressed with the pay dining. But have not sailed HAL.
  11. I’ve asked my TA for some help. But any information you can pass along would be much appreciated.
  12. Not what I wanted to hear. I’ll have to see about a cost for a 24 day TA.
  13. We have the Explore 4 and was wondering if I can make reservations on HAL site for chosen dates and times? I.e. Pinnacle Grill,etc
  14. Recently I’ve been diagnosed with a hip disability. I don’t need s wheelchair yet. If I do end up having to have one , does Koningsdam have them available??
  15. Thanks. Do you know what other independent shuttles to old town are available?
  16. We will be in Dubrovnik mid-October, what sort of weather might we expect? Also, are there any shuttles, etc. from the port to old town. We will be on HAL/Koningsdam.
  17. Any recent cruisers that can tell me if we can secure shuttle service from HAL into Old Town? We're sailing in October on the Koningsdam.
  18. FYI: If you are flying business class; there's a AIR CONDITIONED lounge upstairs at PPT.
  19. We are are the K'dam in October. I and hubby plan on dressing up on gala nights. Just our preference. It's no more hassle taking the tux with a couple of shirts vs. blazer, slacks and shirts. As for me, I rarely get an opportunity to dress up and enjoy it. On our past couple of cruises I've noticed less and less passengers getting dressed up for gala nights.
  20. I’m relieved to know that so many have had satisfactory experiences. And I certainly hope we get to go on our bucket list cruise.
  21. I’ve bought the HAL Platinum Cancellation Plan for our upcoming cruise. I was told by HAL that it covers canceling for ANY reason up to day of the cruise. This was particularly attractive since I have an impending hip replacement in the near future. Hope to complete my cruise first. Has anyone had experience with having to cancel after final payment and within the cancel day before the cruise? Did they pay up without any problem ?
  22. Thanks everyone. I think we'll probably opt for by the bag.
  23. We are on a 24 day TA cruise in October. Can't quite decide whether to take the laundry package or use the stuff a laundry bag. Any photos of the laundry bag would be appreciated.
  24. We opted for HAL Platinum that covered cancel for NO reason and pre existing was covered. And it had a little medical allowance as well as transportation back home. But in calling their insurance provider, we were told that it was at our cost to return home, then submit for reimbursement. That could be a fly in the ointment.
  25. Since not having sailed HAL I wasn’t sure of the choices. The past Celebrity we sailed did have lemonade. Ice tea is fine. Thanks everyone. Oh, are there water fountains?
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