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  1. Yes the stairs go to 7 and I bet 8 too. If your facing the Havana Bar they are to your right. Trust me they are easy to find and use
  2. We where in 6469 on Horizon aft Havana wrap balcony and it was wonderful. We spent more time on our balcony than ever before but as long as your in Havana I am not sure if it would be worth an extra $400. To get into the Havana absolutely. Our room had a couch and was a great size . I think the balcony's and rooms get a bit smaller the higher up you go. I have only stayed in one but that is how the videos make them look. On deck 6 we used the "secret" stairs to go up and down and it was very easy to come and go from our room. While sailing in the Caribbean the sun was to powerful for us hang out on your balcony but in the pool in Havana was perfect. We did spend most evenings in loungers on our balcony just watching the wake. Now its not exactly private at least deck 6 wasn't. If people where in the hot tub and turned around they could see us on our balcony and we could hear muffled convos from the pool. Yes its open to the public in the evening and people use it because they can.
  3. I had luggage tag holders from Royal and NCL but the Carnival tags are too wide. If I cut them to fit to much info would be lost. So I ordered Carnival tag holders and they work great. These are the ones I got and they are really nice. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07LGTGZWM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. ok, did they not have it? or was it beyond the 20 price point? cruising in a couple of weeks with cheers, we have had alcohol packages on other lines and never had issues.
  5. Is it easy to tell what is premade? It make sense to me for them to have popular drinks made with well alcohol ready to go. If I want something better it just easier to order something not premade
  6. I didn't buy it when I first saw it because we are in 2 cabins but after reading so much about it of course I wanted it. Fortunately it came back up around the 40th day before the cruise. Someone from our FB group noticed it and I dropped everything and bought it. FYI it was re sold out with a hour or 2. Basically if you want it keep checking and if you see it buy it right then.
  7. We have been on 14 cruises, Carnival will be our 5th cruise line. We like to sail the new "mega" ships because of all the amenities, water slides, flow rider, skydiving, bumper cars, ropes course. Basically stuff to keep the teens busy and happy. DH and I want a quiet calm pool to get a drink and relax. So the Havana area was perfect for us. I do not mind paying more and getting more. I was sad to see the newest Oasis class don't have a pool in the solarium. Also I am tired of the normal ports we have been to over and over so excited to get to sail a southern route from Miami as opposed to Puerto Rico( longer more expensive flights). Aruba, Grand Turk and Curacao are brand new locations for us. Having read many negative reviews about Horizon at one point I questioned our choice of ship. As you know having sailed more than I have. So much of a cruise is in your attitude. Look for positive and you will find it look for negative and you will find it. Look for dishes not cleaned up immediately and you will see them. 10 years ago I never saw a dirty dish left behind, but this is the day of maximizing profits by having less employees. To address two of the most complained about issues. No mega ship has enough pool space there are just to many people to do that on a ship. Way to many people all want to cool off in the postage sized pools on a hot sea day for it to be pleasant. The elevators need some Carnival attention. A simple software upgrade that asks FIRST "how many people in your party?" before you select a location would do it so simply. I have no idea why that is not done it seems like simple code. If someone has a idea why they don't do that please chime in. I will defiantly be doing a review maybe a live if I can post pictures because many Royal and NCL cruisers wonder how Carnival compares.
  8. What I have read and others have posted you can book a Grand suite with someone under 12 but that child can not use the Havana pool area.
  9. That is a long line. Glad I bought it. FYI far from our first cruise just our first Carnival. We like to try out different cruise lines because we get bored with the same ports, same menus, same parties, ect. I think Platinum, Diamonds, Pinnacles can be a great resource with lots of information from their experiences.
  10. beacha that is a very scary story and I am sorry that happened to your daughters. I do agree that a cruise ship is a small city and that comes with good and bad people. Royal, NCL and Disney all have curfews. Teens stay our after the curfews and as long as they are not doing anything or being bothersome security could care less. I am long asleep but at least on Royal ships they usually hang out in the pizza place after 10 or 12, have even had the cruise directors sit and talk with them. Its has happened so many times Zoe thinks that all teens must do the same thing and the CD's come to get the teens advice on how the activities are for them. I feel sorry for the CDs because they don't expect the engineer side to come out of the pretty blonde girl. They expect to hear generic answers.
  11. Zoe started cruising at 6 too, this is our first Carnival cruise. She always makes a large group of friends on the first night. She is her own cruise director. Its good to know the standard, go out the first night to meet people holds true even after the graduate from teen club. She is kind of freaked about cruising at 18 and beyond. My son 15, started cruising at 4 has never been as social as his sister. We make her take him the first night but he just never seems to want to find friends, he prefers to just fade into the background. Since he is sharing a room with his grandpa maybe this year he would rather find people to hang out with :-)
  12. I am assuming that the dreaded blue card is for first timers on Carnival...so as a lowly blue carder. I bought it because I want to get to vacation sooner so early embarkation is the main reason. We like to grab lunch going to try one of those guys burgers and pizza everyone raves about. On Horizon the reviews said that 12:30 embarkation means not able to find a table on deck 10 to eat at. better to board early and get to the fun, lunch and water slides. 2nd reason is early debarkation since we have to meet our shuttle to the airport. We like to self carry off but with FIL traveling with us thats not a option so this works in its place. Being able to get early luggage( maybe) is a wash because it comes early or it doesn't. But being able to drop off our carry ones is great and to change into our swim suits means the first day makes it worth it. We don't explore the ship until after dinner. Its Lunch, swim, slides, change, muster, dinner at specialty , explore. As for GS line that is a plus but hope to only need it 1x when we get extra cards for the rooms. I will proudly wear my blue card and enjoy my vacation.
  13. My daughter has cruised her whole life and this is your last year in teen club as she is 17. Most ships we have sailed on have a 1 am curfew. That works great. No argument no discussion needed. She has always headed back to the cabin around 1 since everyone else goes back to their cabins. Generally dinner is mandatory with the family, lunch or some mid afternoon check in is also required but beyond that we let her do as she pleases. Its her vacation too. We always get the messaging app for the whole family. I also have a 15 yo but he is not into the evening parties like his sister. He will do some activities but not many. Now we got to talk about when she needs to come back to sleep. :-) I could care less if she sleeps in on sea days only port days really matter that she gets up and is good to go as in more than 6 hours of sleep the night before. From your name it looks like you started cruising at 17 or joined this group. How has cruising been since aging out of teen club? As in how to make friends in your 20's
  14. Show them some videos of the Havana area VS the Lido deck. Also everyone has to be over 12 in the Havana just a FYI
  15. I saw something on another thread and this is off subject. Do teens have a ship curfew? We are sailing on Carnival Horizon How late do most social butterfly teens stay out? What is open after the nightly party ends say 1 am any late night dance club?
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