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  1. I'm fine with the bailouts as long as it's mostly directed to paying salaries to the front line employees. Not executive bonuses and payouts. I think the stock will bounce back and I think that Carnival will manage through this- if they don't then the country as a whole is headed for a lot rockier future financially then any of us should ever want to think about. I booked another cruise for August the 15th but I'd go sooner if I could get off work. When I was on the Vista February 29th it was spotless. The terminal did a great job of screening people and I haven't heard of a single person yet sick from that voyage. I'd feel safer there than here in fact. In some ways, and I know it's an unpopular opinion, I think this is starting to balloon bigger than it needs too but in the end I'm hopeful for future and ready to cruise again.
  2. Definitely grab anything fruity and frozen up on Lido first thing followed by lunch!
  3. Nothing that good and I can't leave on such short notice- still there was a pretty good deal even further out. Have fun on your cruise! That will be a blast!
  4. You're right- I think the region around Galveston is still pulsing to sail! I'm always checking for a deal too, although the standards rates are still pretty good. There are like 7 or 8 major metro areas within an eight hour drive including the fourth and fifth largest in the country DFW and Houston so I think you're right about that keeping the ships full. Plus people in this region just seem to be fun to hang out with. So unabashedly loud and active and just there for a good time. I've always had a good time out of Galveston.
  5. LOL- I just go on Carnival's website and look- 😄 In this case it said sold out when I was checking like two weeks in advance of the cruise because I had heard all these people were canceling and maybe prices were crashing and you could get a OBC. Before that I looked at the number of cabins still available.
  6. So tempted to go on the Vista for this but it's so far away but I think it's going to be a bash so I'm just about to hit the book button on this... sigh... That's such a long way off but I feel like if I miss this one I'll be dead by the hundredth anniversary-LOL
  7. I just came off the Vista and it was SOLD OUT- literally every single berth and I checked a few times and never saw great numbers of rooms suddenly available as this issue has grown. There were 4900 passengers on board, it was probably the best cruise I've ever been on and none of us are dead yet-lol. Everything is getting blown out of proportion to get people to watch the news. WASH your hands BEFORE you eat with your hands. Just like with any virus and you'll be fine.
  8. I don't really know how they do it which, of course, is the point of the post. Honduras is the latest port and I only have a concern because I feel like this is a special sort of event and I would like to take the time to look nice for it and for the other passengers attending so it's not really a question of holding the dinner while guests are in port but more having the time to shower and get ready before hand once we leave port. That said I was trying to make a bit of levity with the situation with a brief joke. I did in fact book the dinner and I'm looking forward to it.
  9. I completely understand your concern here and I am wrestling with it myself. I want to do it BUT not on a MDR formal night and not on the night I already have several people booked with me in the Steak House and to be honest if it's starting at 6:30 I'm concerned about one particular port day I have an excursion booked on unless they want me there in swim trunks covered with sand, lol... and yeah, I know it's starting to sound like I don't have much time available to do it in-LOL and that's because I don't which is what I'm worried about. I'm riding the fence on just skipping it and booking but cancelling when I get on board if the timing doesn't work. I hate to cancel but I'm starting to see that as just what I'll have to plan on doing just in case.
  10. I think you have some valid points about waste especially but I do like the buffet area for lunch and yes a food court could, kinda, work but I'm guessing a lot of people like myself like visiting different stations and mix/matching between them- somehow I see that as taking a lot more time in a food court set up.
  11. I don't know what Mobile is like but in Galveston when you have Priority boarding the appointment time doesn't really matter. You can check in whenever you arrive at the terminal from like 11am on and then there's a waiting room with drinks and snacks for priority guests where you wait until the ship opens for boarding and then you are the first allowed to board the ship before the main terminal boarding. So, IF the set up in Mobile is the same as Galveston and IF you don't mind the possibility of an extended delay in the cruise terminal Priority Lounge then just go like normal and chance it. Maybe you'll be able to board even with the repairs depending when and where they are taking place/ maybe not. If you are concerned about where and for how long you might have to wait then allow the additional hour and get there at 1pm.
  12. Honestly my favorite cabin is any suite- lol- no surprise there really. Everything is bigger and there's a whirlpool tub and double sinks in the bathroom! I also really like deck seven because it's typically the middle residential deck and therefore pretty quiet. That said- I like ANY cabin on a cruise! 1A- Grand Suite, I don't care because any bed is a good bed and the rest of the ship is where I mostly spend my time. 🙂
  13. It seems a little unfair certainly and I can understand your frustration cause I'd be a little frustrated as well. Try talking to them and being really REALLY nice. Maybe request an upgrade or a "room credit" instead of money back (even a 25 dollar credit would at least be something) in the friendliest possible way you can- lol because being nice buys you a lot more from customer service. That said, if you can cancel your current booking without penalty I'd just do that and rebook.
  14. What ship is it? Are you certain there's a specialty restaurant on board? LOL- Sorry EDIT: I see you said it was the Spirit. There is a steak house there so yeah maybe all booked up but boy that's early! Keep checking, maybe the site is glitched or undergoing maintenance.
  15. I honestly think that the effort involved with getting to the port and getting on and off the ship makes it not worth doing anything less than 7 days unless I lived in the port city or maybe within an hour of it, maybe. I mean with three days- one of them being the day you board- I'd basically not want to unpack or even sleep- lol and that's the biggest draw back I see, too little time. The best case scenario would be you live in the port city and have been on the ship before so you don't have to travel and learn a new boat- OH! And it's a good deal, lol. Then I'd do it for a quick weekend getaway. The only other draw back might be less of the "stage" type entertainment in the main show lounge and maybe there's not a formal night? Not a big deal though.
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