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  1. Got off the Anthem this morning. Self assist started at 7:45. You’ll need to take a cab - the 8am Royal transfer bus to Newark left around 9:20.
  2. Thanks to everyone for the input - it's great to know that we can't lose with any of these itineraries. We do plan to stick to the San Juan departure. We adore old San Juan and want to fly in a day or two earlier to explore more. as to doing all 3 and a B2B2B, well, maybe after we retire! I think that would be our days off for the year. Looks like I have some more research to do.....
  3. True - Celebrity calls everything sailing out of San Juan a "Southern". In any case, the only ports out of all of those we've done are St. Thomas and St. Maarten, so we'd be open to any of these routes.... Great! Looking forward to hearing about your trip! Yeah, we are lightweights, to be sure. One, maybe two fruity drinks for me and a couple of Weisse beers for my husband and we are set.
  4. We have been thinking about trying a Southern Caribbean sailing for some time now. I'm looking at sailings on the Summit for next year, and would love input for folks who have experienced these routes. We'd be doing Aqua class, which we have done on the Solstice and loved. A bit on us - we are active empty-nesters in our mid- to late-50s. Would like one really good beach day, but also interested in helicopter tours, food tours, etc. Not so much on museums, but like a bit of history, and we don't snorkel or drink much. I'm a fan of sea days but my husband not so much. Would love to hear your thoughts on excursions, scenery, etc. Possible itineraries are: San Juan > at sea > Barbados > St. Lucia > Antigua > St. Kitts > St. Thomas > San Juan San Juan > Tortola > St Maarten > Domenica > Barbados > Grenada > at sea > San Juan San Juan > St. Kitts > at sea > Aruba > Curacao > Bonaire > at sea > San Juan Thanks!!
  5. As of earlier this week, Anthem has switched over to the new app instead of Royal IQ.
  6. The outlet in the bathroom is specifically for electric shavers. I don’t believe they are made for other thugs.
  7. I'm not much of an egg eater, so bagel and lox, cereal, fruit, a danish or two....as long as everything is fresh and the coffee is good, I'm fine. Usually the coffee is not good, so I tend to get a specialty coffee each morning. I like when there is a specialty coffee station in the buffet - makes life easier.
  8. Do you book through a travel agent? I was having the same quandry, then talked to my travel agent today - He is able to actually see open room numbers and book one for me. He said there are several 2D cabins still open. Also, the Royal UK site shows lists of open cabin numbers, even today.....
  9. Until they start making women's clothing with decent pockets, you'll be seeing a lanyard 'round my neck.
  10. We are looking at a possible Southern Caribbean sailing in April, right after the March "revolutionizing". We'd be booking Aqua Class, and I understand some new cabins will be added by the Spa. How does one go about seeing that plan and possibly booking one of those cabins? If we choose a stateroom now, can we move to one of the new ones as soon as they are announced? Also, one of the sailings under consideration is April 6. What are the chances they'll still be doing work around the ship at that point? Thanks!
  11. We were in Blu on the Solstice in July, and it was Smart Casual every night.
  12. We have sailed a few different ships, including the Allure, and my 6'4" husband has always been fine. He may have an issue in the doorway to the bathroom, since it is usually raised a couple of inches, and the shower will be too low for his liking, but he should never hit his head.
  13. I have done that excursion. There was quite a mix of ages and abilities. The race itself is not scored strictly on time. It is a combination of time, achieving challenges, and your score on a quiz at the end. Here are some of the challenges on our race a couple of years ago: Go to a local grocery store, and using local currency amounts, write down the prices of a list of items (some were hard to find) Find a statue and write down a particular date on it - you have to read the plaques on the statue to find the date Do a relay on the beach where one team member runs and fills a sponge with sea water while another squeezes it into a cup So they are a mixture of physical and mental challenges. Some of them the kinds were best at, others the adults - if you have one or two physical folks, one or two puzzle folks you should do fine. They do not encourage you to run through the streets - a quick walk is best. The hardest part sometimes was just dodging traffic! We had a lot of fun and enjoyed it quite a bit.
  14. I was helping someone on a Facebook group find out what happened - did a little Google sleuthing and found that a group of Kiwanis has, indeed chartered it as a fund raiser for UNICEF. If you look for the site where you can find theme cruises and search by Eclipse, it shows up.
  15. Recently on the Solstice we purchased internet as needed. Because we were in Alaska, we were able to use regular AT&T data when in port, so we only purchased internet from the ship on 'sea' days. We opened up the ship's wifi login page and were able to choose a plan to purchase using available OBC. We purchased a 24-hour plan on day 2 and day 5 without problem.
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