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  1. Check one more cruise: Response: "SC 1549.00 with grats/ but it is a sold out category so not eligible to refare" So, out of 3 cruises, that were in the promotion, none were a better deal than I already had.
  2. Just a FYI - I booked a cruise just over a week ago using the FCD I had and got to use the Welcome Home (ZPM) promotion with it.
  3. Not a good deal for me on my two cruises: From my HAL PCC: Cruise #1: Currently: SY at $849.00 no promos affected Would go to $1,099.00 to get the onboard credit of $150. Cruise #2: Right now you fare of $ 2,561 and have prepaid gratuities ( $165) You would have to refare to today’s rate of $2,616 to get the on board credit of $200 Net, Net on this one of a net loss of $20
  4. Now showing - Under View and Verandah
  5. Just checked the website - 8 am Pacific time - and no mention of the promotion. My cruise increased in price Again however, by about $150, so I doubt that this will help me. Will wait until I see the promotion and then call my PCC.
  6. AGREE!!! Come on Holland America, give us a REAL program for excursions and OBC!!!
  7. Step in the right direction, but HAL still needs to allow us to book excursions well in advance of boarding, so that we get the ones we want. Waiting until three days (or less) helps, but really does not solve the problem IMO.
  8. Reading the above provided information, it appears that it may. HOWEVER, I doubt that anyone on this board can tell you for certain (especially if it is a good deal for you). so I strongly suggest that you call whoever you booked the cruise with to ftain.ind out for certain. Further, I would wait until Tuesday, likely after Noon, to be sure that the announcement and computers have been updated. HAL operates on Pacific time, so sometimes it takes them a bit to get things released early in the day.
  9. Thanks - I misread the EXcluding as INcluding.
  10. It seems strange to me how the free upgrade would work. If you book a Neptune, lets say a SB cabin, do you automatically get an SA cabin at the time of booking?
  11. There is a collection box located by the prayer books. Most times the Priest will mention it, but not always. I have never seen a "passing of the plate/trash bag".
  12. KAZU - thnaks for posting this. So, it seems like my fare went up by $350 and AT MOST I might get $300 in OBC. Great promotion HAL!
  13. My April Mexico cruise falls under this promotion, but I doubt that it will work for me, as the fare increased two days ago by $350 pp (about 30%). Obviously will wait to make final payment (due in a week) until I check this out, but again, not hopeful.
  14. Check with your hotel, they might have a shuttle to the pier (and another from the airport). I know that the Hilton nearby has both, Glad to help a fellow Okie!
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