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  1. True.... All it does is reduce the strain on the social security and Medicare systems.
  2. Same situation here, except that mine still has some FCC attached to it from previously cancelled cruise.
  3. I just saw this for the first time. Has anyone else seen this and/or know what it means?? Onboard Credits Placeholder Text View your status or view the history of any use cruise credits. For more information on cruise credits lease view our Terms & Conditioning. AVAILABLE
  4. Not correct = I invested $100 pp for the FCD and was supposed to get $100 pp in OBC ($50 for a booked suite PLUS another $50 pp for also using the ZPM promotion which many of us have been using with the FCD for years). I did come out even, which is fine with me, but the way HAL presented it was that I was getting extra, which I was not getting.
  5. Update - this morning we both have 2, $100 FCCs in our account (we both used a FCD to book). So this did get doubled it seemed, but remember that we lost the OBC associated with a FCD. The $1099 that we both are due as a FCC credit from our April cancelled cruise is still not posted. But, the Rotterdam cruise it is associated with it still shows up on our accounts. Sure want to see this resolved!
  6. I filled out the form yesterday, so will watch for anything. My deal is complicated by already having FCC on the cancelled cruise.
  7. Just talked to a reservation person at HAL - they said that the name change has caused alot of confusion for them, given the fact that the old Rotterdam still shows up on the system.
  8. Interesting - I just received an email from Princess to book - never sailed on them and 5 Star on HAL???
  9. Had a similar problem - cancelled an April cruise in MArch and did not hear anything for almost 4 months. Then earlier in July it shows up on the HAL website for 2 days after which it disappears and then reappears as credit on one of the two open cruises I still had booked (of course not the one I wanted it applied to). Then HAL two days later cancels that cruise and I have not been able so far to get at the FCC. Its a mess...........
  10. I guess I was confusing it with a different package I saw previously - Thanks
  11. I think on the larger ships it also includes the Tamarind???
  12. Thanks - this is exactly what I was wondering about.
  13. Has anyone received any credits or refunds for the cruises HAL recently cancelled due to them selling 4 ships? I would like to reuse some credits I have on my Aug, 2021 Rotterdam cruise.
  14. We have a cruise on the old Rotterdam for August 2021 and it is still showing up on my HAL account. I wish they would go ahead and cancel officially as I have credits to reassign.
  15. Given the downsizing of CCL lines, IMO it makes sense to explore the combining of some lines - Princess and HAL are a likely match I think.
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