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  1. No surprise IMO. For one thing - how can you pay out a nice dividend and then go begging for a handout from the government?
  2. When you cancel prior to final payment they do just reuse your FCD on a future cruise booking. In my case it was after final payment, so different proceedure.
  3. I should have been more specific, so my fault.
  4. On the 5 small current ships cabins that most of us would call balconies are called Vista Suites. This includes Veendam, Volendam, Zaandam, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
  5. When we cancelled our mid-April cruise several weeks ago, the FCD was cancelled out and we received back $100 pp to our credit card (plus a bit over 50% of our payment). If possible, I would rather have had it reissued, under the old terms, but I was told that since we were past final payment they could not do that.
  6. As a GENERALIZED statement - Vistas are a bit larger than the balcony cabins and are not offered on the mid-sized/aged ships. On the smaller HAL ships balconies are not offered, so cannot compare. On the two newest/largest HAL ships you have balconies, Vistas, Signatures, Neptunes and Pinnacles - the Vistas are just a bit larger than the balconies (IMO). We prefer the Signature Suites, as you get alot more room (almost as large as the Neptunes) for a reasonable price (IMO). Plus, when we book a Signature we often get a sweet deal to upgrade to a Neptune a couple of weeks prior to sailing.
  7. HAL is in Seattle, so their announcements/news releases are often later in the day than its sister lines.
  8. Interesting thought - at $10 a share (Thursday close), a 100 share purchase costs $1000. One 14 day cruise earns you $250 in OBC - a 25% return. Lets hope that they keep this program going!
  9. I have a feeling that the crew will be kept busy with deep cleaning and other maintence items.
  10. Cancelled my April 18 and 25 cruises on Tuesday and credit card refund in my account on Thursday.
  11. A friend of mine on Royal Carb. this weekend was only offered a 100% cash refund OR 125% in FCC. I know its a different company, but it does make more sense than Holland offering 100 and 100.
  12. One thing that MIGHT help is business interruption insurance. I suspect that cruise lines have at least a limited amount of this.
  13. I suspect you are wrong - you should get the entire amount refunded (less perhaps a non-refundable deposit) IF you are on a normal fare. However, if you are on some sort of non-refundable fare, the situation could likely be different and you may only get back the port taxes and fees as cash and the rest on FCC. I think much of the confusion on this issue could be related to the various fare types the cruise lines are offering nowadays.
  14. I cancelled the same cruise on Tuesday. Was given a credit to our credit card of 50% of the base fare PLUS the taxes and fees. This posted to my credit card on Thursday. Then I also received a Future Cruise Credit for the other 50% of the base fare. This FCC must be booked by Dec 31, 2020 for a cruise prior to Dec 31, 2021. While I would rather have a full "cash" refund, I found this to be acceptable, especially since we cruise alot with HAL and already have two others booked. Is this what you were given/promised?
  15. With Princess cancelling all cruises for 2 months, and HAL likely to follow, I now wish I had waited to cancel my April cruise. That way we likely would have at least gotten all of our cash back (without FCC funds).
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