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  1. Excellent point! Plus, sometime I rebook to get a lower price, even if I have to forego some perks/incentives. OBC is a good example - I would much rather have the lower price than the same (or close) amount of OBC. OBC is nice, but can be a pain sometimes (not being able to pre-book excursions for example). Plus, on one recent cruise we had a port cancelled and had to scramble to use up the OBC we had used for the now cancelled tours.
  2. Rushing to catch a flight is no way to end a nice cruise IMO. My friend had a heart attack while doing exactly that! I just bring some reading material and catch a later flight.
  3. You can get it at other times as well - you just have to ask for it.
  4. I try to register my stock prior to final payment. That way when I make the payment and get a new receipt from my HAL PCC, it is on there (listed under OBC).
  5. I am sure that some people will. Its hard for people to keep up with all the deals/promotions/sales. That is, unless they are on CC alot!
  6. You likely are correct, but I would still check with HAL before you book to be certain. Better to be safe than sorry.
  7. Funny as we really liked the Koningsdam Neptune, especially the bathroom (with the half bath setup).
  8. Are you sure you did not have a Vista suite (the Koningsdam has both - Signature and Vista). I agree that the VIsta is about the same size as the verandah cabins and I would not pay extra for it.
  9. Check with HAL to be sure this allowed (assuming you are doing it the same day). The next day is fine, but I am not sure the same day is.
  10. We just disembarked in Seattle last month. Since it is a Sunday morning, it likely will take you a 30-40 minute taxi ride (be sure to get a fixed rate taxi - $47. You biggest issue will be security at the airport, so get a TSA pre-check pass if you can. ALso, you should try to use self-disemabrkation to be the first off the ship. Having said this, I think 10:15 am is doable, but you are cutting it close IMO. f you decide to take a later flight, I higher recommend using Port Valet (a free service offered by HAL and the city if Seattle). You leave your bags outside your cabin as usual the night before and the next time you see them is on you home city airport luggage belt. GREAT DEAL! Note of caution though, be sure to keep anything you will need on your flight home in your carry on, as you will not be able to get to your luggage after you put it out in the hallway.
  11. You should be fine. I think they tell you 3 months, but I have had 6 months processed before.
  12. I try to stay with the same hotel brand (Hyatt/Hilton/etc. ) and I find that I often am able to get early free check-in. I do not have alot of points with any one of them, but do have the loyalty card of each.
  13. We save up our hotel loyalty points for booking rooms in FLL during the winter months. Hyatt Place just increased the points required by 50%, but it still is a good value (2-3 cents per point I figure).
  14. What I THINK happens with Neptune guarantees is that HAL aggressively promotes upsells to Neptunes (to make more money of course) and these upsell offers usually are to SA cabins. Once this is complete, THEN the guarantees are assigned. I had this happen to me and a friend of mine once - I took an upsell and selected a SA cabin right by the Neptune Lounge, while he had a Neptune guarantee and was assigned a SB cabin one deck below the Neptune Lounge. You really cannot blame HAL for trying to maximise revenue (which I support as a stockholder!).
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