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  1. Same here in OKC - hit or miss. Just lucky to get a slot for the two of us last Thursday. Quite a crazy process but worked out well for us. Cannot wait for the second one on Feb 4.
  2. Hard to do a comparison IMO since HAL is really promoting "packages" like free drinks, free grats, etc. I do think we will see higher prices in the future though, once the pent up demand kicks in. I just got our vaccine shot and know that I now am really ready to get travelling again and just booked a couple of trips. I think the smart thing to do is to book any cruise NOW and watch pricing (rebook/refare if goes down).
  3. Best laugh I have had all day! I am fairly certain I got short changed on my similar situation, but trying to prove it is very difficult.
  4. Agree, except that we are in Mexican waters for about 6 hours the whole cruise.
  5. Good thought, except that they want to know before booking the cruise. Plus, the online registration does not open up until about 6 months out.
  6. I agree with you, but I cannot control what they do.
  7. I agree with you 100%, but in this case it is VERY unlikely to happen as we will not even get off the ship in Mexico at all (we are only there for a short required stop late in the day) AND since Ensenada is so close to the US border and San Diego, I cannot foresee a ship issue that would dump us in Mexico.
  8. This is exactly my concern - the website says that only a birth certificate plus a EDL license is required, BUT the checkin online requires a passport number! Typical HAL.
  9. My relatives are thinking of joining us on a California Classic cruise which has all California stops except for a 3 hour 6 PM stop in Ensenada. They have never cruised before and do not have a passport. So, what will HAL require on this cruise? What they say on their website does not always match with what happens dock side, so I want to be sure.
  10. Our next cruise was booked (through HAL directly) using a Casino Offer. We booked a Neptune for about 1/3rd the going price, so IMO there is no reason to use a TA or even watch HAL pricing - am I correct is this or am I missing something?? Second, next cruise after that we were able to get a 20% casino discount, so I doubt that a TA could get a better deal, but I may be wrong - advice please. Of course on this deal, I watch pricing as if prices go down I should still get my 20% off (depends of course).
  11. I agree. Others may have different ideas, so I hope they post them.
  12. I love being across from the Neptune Lounge - never a noise problem (in my experience) and so convenient.
  13. I know that polls indicate that 30-40% of people say that they will not get the vaccine, but I do not believe this will actually be the case in the end. As we all know, people often say one thing in polls and do another (at one time I conducted consumer research studies and quickly found this out and we had to adjust our procedures to account for this). Also, once people see/hear their friends and relatives getting the shot and having no ill effects, I think they will change their minds. I sure hope I am correct in this, as we need to get as many people as possible on the vaccin
  14. The Oklahoma vaccine system is a mess IMO (surprise, surprise). I just kept on checking and lucked out getting us both spots. Got the shot yesterday and afterwards they booked us for our next shot in three weeks! Sure am glad I do not have to hassle with the online Oklahoma booking system again!
  15. Great advice! We end up rebooking almost every cruise as I keep a close eye on pricing. I seem to do well right AFTER a promotion ends, as prices sometimes drop alot and many perks are not that valuable to me as cash in hand.
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