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  1. Well, just returned from a nice, relaxing cruise on the Vista. The CD was "Schwartz", who many seem to rave about. Every time the three note chime would sound my wife would stop and listen. It didn't take long for her to realize that none of his lengthy announcements were important - in the least. Essentially, it seems that their job is to read the Fun Times schedule to you. Over, and over. Especially when it involves one of the "Special Sales!", and they were frequent.
  2. Woohoo, will be onboard this coming Saturday!
  3. How much vegetarian is actually in the pie? The last "vegetarian" dish I had I couldn't find any. Even thinly-sliced and quick seared vegetarian is better than no vegetarian at all being included in the dish.
  4. We plant to! Thanks! Plus, I am on the advance team for scouting out the super-duper-secret rendezvous location for the flotilla meetup. I just hope that I don't slip up and let the cat out of the bag and blab about all of their other surprises like the mini-subs and inflatable private islands they are planning to debut....
  5. They'll get their chance to toss me overboard this weekend. Vista baby! Packed and ready for the drive down tomorrow morning.
  6. I was going to present a far more elaborate story at first, but then thought that nobody would believe it anyway. The ships will all gather at a secret rendezvous point at the middle of the GOM, guided only by the full moon. When suddenly, the fireworks go off to reveal a whole flotilla of Carnival Ships! To punctuate the thrill of the fireworks, each ship begins showing off the newly developed (and kept secret) horns! Each one will bellow out a Carnival tune made popular in their commercials. The larger ships all start out with "Ain't We Got Fun!", and finish it up with "Bang A Drum". The older Fantasy class ships will end the show with the ever popular "Hoooooonnnnnkkkkk". Suddenly, the whirring blades of a helicopter approach, and the ships spotlights all converge on the center of the circle, where a large raft with a painted target is floating. After a grand announcement simulcast from John Heald, the door to the chopper opens and a skydiver emerges. It is none other than that lovable Carnival Chief Fun Officer - Shaq! As he wafts down to the raft, a specially prepared skiff goes out to meet him, after which he is escorted to each ship where he hands out free one-night Cheers gift cards to all the good boys and girls on board! Or something like that.
  7. It was a joke. But wouldn't it be great if true?
  8. None. I just made it up so that the event would sound at least somewhat exciting. OK, so a group of ships stop in the middle of the GOM. Where's the excitement in that? You can routinely spot other cruise vessels while underway.
  9. Hence the decision to not cancel our cruise departing to the Sunny Caribbean this coming Saturday!
  10. I hear that they will be running ziplines from the taller ships to the shorter ships! I guess Vista class to Fantasy Class? Then, they use one of the lifeboats to return you to your "home" ship. At night, just before sailaway, they are supposed to have fireworks that will rival those at the Magic Kingdom.
  11. I think that we should have smooth sailing on the Vista this coming Saturday into the whole next week. At least that's what the weather sites are saying. Our last cruise (10 years ago) got a little choppy on the return. My wife and I did just fine. The ship was pretty much deserted. They closed off the upper-outer decks and stacked up all of the loungers and tied them down.
  12. Ahh, that's what I thought. So it's more like being downgraded to an Ocean View room instead of an Inside Room as someone erroneously mentioned earlier.
  13. I didn't think that they also closed off the window too. I will know more after this coming Saturday though.
  14. I get it at a Texas based grocery store. H.E.B. It's $4.65 for the 13 ounce bag.
  15. Thanks to all of you have replied. I will probably be fine with what's offered, I just didn't want to be unpleasantly surprised with something like Nescafe in the wee early hours of the morning
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