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  1. DrKoob, I'm really enjoying your blog. Thank you for taking time out of your busy vacation to share your experience with us! We will be on the Flora next April and reading your thread is making me all the more excited for our trip.😁
  2. Both of us work full-time and are able to get away once/year for a vacation so we treat ourselves to a suite. We love the Sky Suites on Celebrity, especially now with the Retreat as a perk on the Edge class ships.
  3. The activities you describe sound good. We are neither zip line nor water slide people. If we had grandchildren we *might* take them on a ship like that (I would require a super-ultra-premium beverage package...). Anyway, that's why we sail =X= for it's lack of colorful playground of equipment on the bow of the ship, which is visible from space.
  4. I hope to see Africa, too...kind of an arm-twister to get my husband to go but I'm working on it... Another Newbie question: for those of you who have had several days at sea on an Az ship, was there enough to do and if so what were the some of the activities? It seems most itineraries are pretty port-intensive, so my query would be specifically aimed at itineraries like trans-oceanics, or those where several days are required to sail from, say, Cook Islands to New Zealand. Thanks!
  5. We really like the idea of a Self Laundry room. We go the gym every day. While we bring 3-4 sets of workout clothes, it sure would be handy to launder at will.
  6. Thank you for the hearty recommendations, deysaz, Ray in NH, and LuAnn! Everyone on this thread (I've read the whole thing!) seems like a lot of fun. Do cruisers on Az ever hold Cabin Crawls or is that more of an =X= activity? My mom and dad (late 70s) are also =X= cruisers (E+) and are considering Az next July for a Golf Cruise (my dad is a golf nut). I hope they go--it's an amazing itinerary and I'd love to get their personal opinion of the Az experience. We already have our 2020 booked on Edge (Greek Isles in May). We've been looking at Az specifically for the itinerary where you can attend the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. We'll see what 2021 brings.
  7. Thank you for starting this!! We are Celebrity loyalists but are considering Azamara. Many fellow cruisers we've met on Celebrity have encouraged us to try Azamara for the smaller ship experience. We are E+ on Celebrity so our status would carry over nicely. I'm subscribing to this thread!
  8. Date of Cruise: 15 May, 2019 Ship: Edge Cabin #: 11268 Deck #: 11 Cabin Category: S1 Cabin Location: Aft-facing in the corner Bed Position: By closet and bathroom Balcony Type: Deep facing aft Balcony/Window Size: Large Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: None, and no window washing equipment (thankfully) Balcony Overhang?: Not really--just slight from deck 12 but hardly noticeable. Magic Carpet Issues?: N/A Noise Issues?: No Wind Issues?: No Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: Not connecting cabins though it appeared we could have connected the verandas with the folks next door. I suspect the little line on the deck plans between 11268 and 11270 represents the foyer these two cabins share. There is not a door that connects these cabins within the cabins; the connection is external, i.e., in the foyer, which is a private space and has a door leading to the corridor. The foyer door requires use of either 11268's or 11270's key card for entry. Suite Details: Like Solstice class there is a door to an entry area before you get to the actual cabin door, like a foyer. It is shared with another cabin (we never saw who was next door to us). the veranda is very large: we had two lounge chairs, two regular chairs, and a small table. With all that furniture it didn't feel cramped at all. There was a large, round coffee table in front of the couch (YAY!). I didn't mind the rocking chair but I have to admit I'm glad they replaced it with a more functional piece of furniture. The corner S1 afts only sleep two; the couch (actually more of a love seat) doesn't have a trundle like S1s along the port and starboard. I stayed in an S1 on the port side on a December pre-inaugural sailing and it was much smaller than the aft S1. The bed was very close to the bathroom door and the closets. The closet with a single door was more of a storage area with shelves and drawers, i.e., there wasn't any hanging space. This is where the safe was stored. This single door unit was near to the foot of the bed. The two-door wardrobe had only hanging space in it and was on the other side of the bathroom door near to the head of the bed. There was one upper rail that went the length of the unit and then a lower rail that was half the length. The bathroom was a very nice size and we had more than enough space for our toiletries. There is a large sink with two faucets and shelves at each end, and then there is a vanity with lighted mirror and another set of shelves across from the sink. The shower had a curtain going part-way around and then there was a glass door on a hinge (frosted). Additionally there is a water closet with a door for privacy. We were able to fit our three suitcases under the bed. Dharma was our Butler and Andi was our stateroom attendant. Both were lovely gentlemen and consummate professionals. Overall a great cabin! Advantages/Problems/Comments: We enjoy the S1 afts on Solstice class and this didn't disappoint. There wasn't a pole in the cabin like Solstice class (the pole doesn't bother us). It is a bit of a walk to the stairs but that just helps burn calories. I think we wished access to the two-door wardrobe was less cramped: At night we left the double bolt on the bathroom door sticking out so the door wouldn't close all the way (it makes a loud clicking sound when it's opened from being fully latched). We prefer drawers on the nightstands; these nightstands were a tower of stacked, open cubes so it looked a little sloppy to have our stuff in view. I found an alternate storage spot for my undergarments... We really liked the flip-top box with outlets for chargers. The television was at the foot of the bed on the wall opposite the headboard (no diagonal viewing). The mirror above the bathroom sink does not open in half for a view out into the cabin, like it does in the port and starboard S1s. Would You Book It Again?: Absolutely Photos or Photo Links:
  9. S1 afts on S-Class have the pole on each deck. Depending on which deck you're on, it's positioned in a different place in the cabin. We bring a string of battery-operated lights when we're in an S-Class S1 aft and wind them around the pole just for fun. It's definitely an engineering design, or flaw depending on how you look at it. These cabins have a really cool round window with a deep sill that I like to curl up and sit in. Location is great--it is a tad larger than those below (my parents have been S-Class S1 aft on deck 6 and then on deck 10, and much preferred deck 10's additional space and slightly shorter trek to the aft). We once switched our S1 aft upon discovering photos of the window washing equipment but we were on a Caribbean voyage. On a trip where we aren't out there as much it may not have been such a consideration where we swapped. I love the private entry, like a foyer, into the S1 aft area. Keeps it extra quiet.
  10. Isn't that the truth? Edge balconies are so shallow with the exception of the S3s and those along the aft...oh, the amazing Iconic Suite and Edge Villas! Dare to dream...! I was on Edge in Dec in an S1 starboard side. I don't think there was room for a lounger on the veranda. S1s corner aft are a different story--very spacious! The S-Class verandas are definitely larger overall than those on Edge.
  11. I *wish* an upgrade to a CS on Edge (we leave on the 15th) was only $800! =X= wants minimum $1020 PER PERSON. Needless to say we are keeping our deck 11 S1 corner aft... That veranda is huge!! You're going to have a great time!
  12. For $600 total I'd grab it. Mind you, we are loyal to the corner S1 aft: great view, size is just right, quiet (if you're not on deck 12 (immediately underneath OVC/Sunset Bar)), private entry foyer, and honestly we like the extra steps to the aft of the ship (gotta burn off all the Luminae desserts!). You get 12 CC points/night in a CS vs. 8 with a SS, which is nice if you want the extra CC points. I have a husband who likes to sleep in; a CS would be perfect but we've never encountered a $600 deal. I know he would spring for it. In the interim we are perfectly happy with S1 aft. We stick to decks 11 and 10 when possible. My parents once had a corner S1 on deck 6 (Silhouette) and said it seemed a bit smaller than the one they once had on deck 11. I'd lay a wager vtcruising has the true square footage of each!
  13. Classic!!! 😂 😂 😂 Thank you for sharing!
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