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  1. Tipping is not expected in Auz. But regular tipping rules apply on board - the staff will take any form of money - think of the fact that they are usually Asian, and sending most of their money home. (prefer US because they bank it). in Auz - I did tip the porter $1 Auz money. Did not tip the prepaid taxi. When I went into a bank in Sydney to get some local money - I was told to go to a machine outside - or I would be charged a fee. Thanked them and did that. I was getting a petti and the fee for that was cash only in a small local shop. Small lunch type restraunts did not expect a tip. I did leave one in Dinning rooms, but smaller than the $ I would leave in US or Canada. I took out cash and paid for small stuff instead of using my card and getting a larger bill when I got home. I was at a hotel pre and post cruise for 3 days each way. Went into a local pub for lunch one day - order food at counter and go sit at table with my drink in hand. Order came up -got up to get it and they cleared my drink...oops. they did get me another, but took a bit. Remember, you are going to be in ports for a few days - will need some small cash for things. I usually order money from my bank before I travel, In Auz, NZ I ran out and had to get more.
  2. Usually menu is posted on the wall next to the dinning room each day for the lunch then later for dinner - I often check it out pre dinner to see if there is going to be something I like. Find if I wait till I sit to eat, I get so busy talking I forget to pick what I want for dinner... Would not want to be the waiters - we all order strange things that they have to remember and get - two app, 1 now 1 for dinner. no veg, 2 veg etc.... good on them they manage with a smile to do so many tables each night.
  3. Funny - I was on a long bus ride to a site - got there and the lady "in charge of the washroom" had to be found! I just went in and used the toilet - as I came out, a "gentleman" said he had to pay my $1.00 because I did not wait until she was ready. My answer was - if I waited she would more than earn her $1.00. I offered him his $1.00, and he said no.
  4. I will admit, I have walked the buffet - just to look (haha) before going to dinner.....sometimes had a predinner appetizer. Especially if it something rare - shrimp, lob etc.
  5. Think if you have a later time - and there is a line up they will send you away - if you have a later time and there is no line up they do not care....strange!
  6. I boarded in Sydney, and yes, they would not allow you to board before your "time" - I could drop my luggage, then went for a walk around the pier Still lugging carryon - when I came to board 1/2 hour earlier than my "allowed "time they let me board. Once you have checked out of your hotel or coming from the airport - and lugging luggage, you do not feel like going anywhere else and waiting! There is a small group of stores, I meandered around them, used the facilities, sat with a coffee and people watched at the pier - then walked back and boarded. The cruise is worth it - breath - you will get on board! Note - once onboard, they had a place we could drop hand luggage - it was tagged. And watched - you had to come back for it. But you could walk around without all your stuff - rooms were not open when I boarded at 2 (time I got was 2:30).
  7. Thank you for the Grand updates - cruising to Vanc on the 20th - looking forward to the cruise!
  8. I always travel with a bunch of $1 in my pocket to tip as needed - and yes, I do tip for breakfast - $1 if I just get a pot of coffee, 2 for a full breakfast - and I am single so that is not a huge tray - judge accordingly . Especially if I ask them to take it to the balcony - oh to be cruising now -and able to sit on a balcony at sea - temp is right at the freezing mark at my house today!
  9. I travel as lightly as I can - most of the "take" items listed would not go in my suitcase. I use the ship laundry bag - then do my own laundry part way through the cruise or just take everything home dirty and do it then. I always wash everything in my suitcase when I get home anyway. I take my toothbrush from home and the 1/2 used paste -toss last day - same with deodorant etc.. Take my own soap because my skin is sensitive - but again the open almost done bar - toss... I do take 1 or 2 of my own laundry soap pods - in a zip bag - never had a leak - pack them in my shoe. I take 1 clip type paperclip with a magnet to hang all the paperwork I must keep in 1 spot - things I want to do, tickets. Toss the paper they deliver asap when I have glanced at it - if you leave it, it seems to multiply...haha. Take a highlighter to mark what you want to remember! When I board, I make the attendant take away anything in the cabin that is for sale - water etc - or put it on the very top shelf out of the way. I have 2 travel mugs that go with me - 1 I use for water only - other for coffee etc. - especially if going on a day trip - sit on the bus drinking my coffee - ah enjoying just thinking about it!
  10. y Your cabin will be what ever temp you want - ask your room attendant if it is too cool for you to adjust the room temp up. You will need a fall, hooded waterproof jacket - you may get morning fog/light rain - warming up to just a sweater in the afternoons in some ports - others you will need both sweater and jacket all day long outside. Hopefully you are on a ship with a closed pool deck so you can swim all week if you want. Dinner will be cocktail dresses - as said, it can be cool if you are walking past a door to the outside that someone has opened - so move along to a warmer area - I usually take a wrap and I am fine in a sleeveless cocktail dress. Daywear on the ship will be light sweaters, mostly pants - remember to layer - if you sit at breakfast/lunch it may be hot because of the number of people, same as in a warm climate.
  11. Fed ex is cheaper I stay in a hotel pre cruise and used them once
  12. I use my own wipes - usually have one in my hand as I enter the eating area's - I then wipe my hands, arm rests of my chair and my table top edge near me - maybe over kill, but I do not want to get sick.... Had a person at the dinning room squirt that crap out so much it went all over my dress on formal night and ruined it. Should have made the cruise line clean it/pay for it. No idea why in this day they still have washroom doors - the walk in/out is so much better - but if I have to touch a door, it will be with a paper towel if they have them or just my pinky. Do not think it should be mandatory to use the bottle crap they squirt out - I do not like the aroma of it and cannot eat with that on my hands.
  13. I have travelled both. Had better single experience on Carnival - put a group of us together at one big table. Cheaper fare, not as much included - on deck Princess on a cold wet day we were all handed out hot cocoa -topped with booze if you wanted for free. Less free stuff to do on a sea day Cabins ok, nicer on P You get what you pay for - depending on # of sea days or all port days and the time on board. If I do a last min all port tour - ship is not important If I do a relaxing some days at sea - ship is important
  14. I feel if I can afford to cruise, I can afford to tip. If you tip each breakfast - you will be sure you get it delivered with a smile and on time for the rest of the cruise. Yes, there are countries that do not tip - funny, I have travelled in those counties, and they have no problem accepting my tip even though, No Tip Required is the model...all servers will take tips. On a seven day cruise, I am single and leave $2.00 per delivery - maybe that is 4 or 5 breakfasts - under 20.00 - I can certainly afford that to make someone else feel they are doing a good job.
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