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  1. Great!!! Maybe I'll try a solo then. I was going to do NCL because of their solo cabins but they are out of their minds with their drink packages. And I know VV doesn't offer them but for what NCL charges, it would be a savings for me to order and pay per drink. Going to check out these solos now.
  2. And their freestyle will likely truly be freestyle. With the size of NCL's ships, there is literally nothing freestyle about it. Everything has to be booked/reserved or you get shut out of it.
  3. LOL!!!! $200 to use their main attraction. I need to get some NCL stock
  4. Very simple. Celebrity. Premium package is $69 a day, has been for quite some time--meaning not increased every time the wind blows from the East.
  5. It's mainly NCL with this nonsense. I loved NCL's product but this is it for me. It's an outrageous price and the requirement for everyone on the reservation, no longer just the cabin, having to have the package is another bs money grab.
  6. Could be a labor deal for why other lines dumped the style but it could also be that they were horrible dorm like slabs. Time will tell. You all let me know.
  7. If they need a couch to double as a bed, I wouldn’t hold my breath for, or expect any real space. And I acknowledged there aren’t any reviews yet. However, that is something that is going to change from week to week based on useage which is my real concern. With no other seating area, they are going to get used a lot. I don’t know. They haven’t sailed yet but in case they’re reading, I’m just saying, I can not be alone with these thoughts and it will positively keep me from booking. Sticking with X for now.
  8. Got my email, checking things out. I know some will consider their room designs to be “innovative” or “revolutionary,” but I have to just put it out there. I’m not cruising on any line that only gives real beds to suite passengers. LOL! Sorry. The rest of the design and the concept sounds and looks amazing to me but, being an “adult,” I need an actual bed and being on vacation, I want a comfortable one. Obviously I haven’t been onboard and there aren’t any reviews yet but these things do nor look promising. At all. And unless they’re swapping out the cushions every month, they look like they’re going to wear out quickly. Is this where we’re at now? If you want a real bed, pay for a suite or live like a college kid with “transitional” furniture?
  9. Good to know. Last time I was on RCL, it had the 3 bank and I was on Celebrity for years and their Solstice class also has the 3 bank design. I've been on NCL the last few years so this 2 bank on all newer ships across lines is news to me. I thought it was unique to Norwegian but clearly I was wrong. Thanks for the info!
  10. Do I know of Royal Caribbean? Why are you always so sarcastic around here? Yes, I do but have not been on their newer, larger ships since I'm on an NCL kick the last few years. Could you not simply state the fact and inform me that the newer, larger RCL ships also now have the 2 bank design? I would have said "Oh really? Good to know. Thanks" or something to that effect.
  11. And that is fine. Like I said, I'm sure OP is aware he should have bought insurance. What's like banging a head against a wall is getting corporations to understand the important of building long term customer relationships especially when it comes at no cost to them. It is NCL's decision. I have no issue with it. I'm simply understanding where the OP is coming from.
  12. It is a stupid elevator design on ships this big, but it has been an NCL thing for years now. Every other line I know of has the 3 bank, forward, imd aft, elevator design. What can you do? Start running stairs.
  13. I had a spa pass and Vibe on Escape. Vibe was ok. No big deal imo and I no longer care if I get a vibe pass or not although I will always try so that I have a little place to go to escape the crowds. But really, it's nothing. I would go spa, especially on Escape, over Vibe all day long. It is so peaceful and relaxing. Also, for whatever reason, the wind in Vibe is unreal and some days intolerable.
  14. Yup. I went GTY a couple of years ago on Escape. We got our room assignment very early--meaning we knew there were tons of rooms still available--and we were put 2 rooms from the front of the ship. Whatever. It was the chance we took at a slight discount but I will never book a GTY again.
  15. Some of you people are brutal. I'm sure OP is aware of the policies and all of that. I think his point was that despite similar policies, other companies made an exception due to an exceptional circumstance. We all know ships sail full so imo, while they certainly didn't have to, they should have given him a refund or the credit towards a future cruise in the spirit of maintaining good customer relations. They were not going to lose anything. We all know NCL doesn't care but after this, who is OP going to book a vacation with? Pretty much anyone but NCL.
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