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  1. This is an attempt to do a cut & paste from my spreadsheet for current drink prices per category (effectively March 2020 - most likely Panorama, assuming all ships have the same pricing): Beer (Craft) 6.75 Mixed (Trop Favs) 9.95 Wine 10.75 Alchemy 10.95 Spec Coffee 3.75 Bottle Water 1.25 Spiked Coffee 6.5 As a note, surprised Alchhemy hasn’t increased Movtarget in NC
  2. Current pricing on what YOU would drink is critical to evaluating the value of Cheers. Since that spreadsheet is older, you would need to update pricing. Although pricing increases over time due to inflation/market factors, it’s difficult to get good up-to-date pricing. So here’s (yet another) shout-out to Saint Greg’s info. This time his menu captures. They appear to be late 2019 or early 2020 menus with updated (increased) prices. Examples: 1) Atrium/Casino Bar menu has the Tropical Classics for 9.95 - I’ve seen menu photos over time at various price points from 8.50 to that current 9.95. 2) Wine by the glass moving from 9.50 to 10.75 over time for the Layer Cake Cabernet Sauvignon. Almost every category seeing similar incremental increases. Off topic: is there a way to “tag” someone you mention in a post? This is at least the second time Saint Greg’s information has been a topic of my posts. I have a running spreadsheet that’s not designed for public consumption where I’m doing something similar. If I would have bought 2 beers, 2 wines, and 2 bottled water per day, I would be at break even for Cheers (considering I bought during the 20% off sale, with additional savings for 12% gift cards). Movtarget in NC
  3. I found an additional resource for cabin selection that has extended descriptions for some ships (Legend seems to have decent details). I cannot link to it, but look for cruise advice (it’s an “org” domain). A button near the top for “ships” lets you select the legend and then click on “picking a cabin”. I learned that my particular cabin on the Ecstasy is in a gap between under the show room, and under a more public area (it’s under some of the shops). Movtarget in NC
  4. Carnival Dream 7-Day - 6/25/2011 - Western Caribbean (Belize, Roatan, Costa Maya (skipped due to weather), Cozumel, Progreso). Yeah, It’s been a while (did other cruises since then - off-topic - “Lebrewski Cruise”). Movtarget in NC
  5. This is a photo test IMG_1069.MP4
  6. To summarize, this is a “thank you” that goes across a couple of different thread topics (X% off Cheers, AARP gift cards, Allstate gift cards, X% off Cruise Cash, + others) but I think this is the best home for it, because I was most excited by the Cheers discount! Especially thank you for the “Saint Greg” method to book BOTH 20% discount Cheers and 20% discount Cruise Cash against my 11/7&11/12 B2B cruises on the Ecstasy. Thank you to my CC friends for educating me on AARP and Allstate gift card discounts. Thank you to my CC friends for leading me to pursue “casino rates” and “VIFP offers” that led to my booking both of my B2B cruises under the $500 OBC offer. I leveraged previously acquired 10% Allstate gift cards for the Cheers, and the newly acquired 12% Allstate gift cards for the cruise cash. I only booked enough Cruise Cash to cover tips and a small excursion to make sure I wasn’t underwater since I’ve got the $500 OBC on both legs of my B2B (I am a gambler/craps player, so not much chance of being under water - another thank you for educating me on the “casino trick”). My realized costs on both cruises with drink packages and $500 OBC is only $200 more than I budgeted for the first cruise WITHOUT OBC (except a small $50 one) and WITHOUT a drink package. Thank you CC community! Hopeful, but understanding if not, that by November cruising will be a safe option. Movtarget in NC
  7. DId you add it to your cart? It doesn’t really show the 20% off until you go to cart to checkout (before you hit payment screen).
  8. Success! Five day cost $490.42, three different gift cards. Effective cost to me 10% less. A little over $44/day each. Wow. Thanks! Movtarget in NC
  9. Wait, doesn’t alcohol kill the virus? It’s for “medicinal purposes”, and I plan to maintain the dosing levels adequately. /s
  10. I am thorough. Also losing my mind Joebucks, lol. The possible reason I’m seeing two amounts (see my earlier post, don’t want to quote myself) is one presents with gratuities AFTER the discount, one presents with gratuities BEFORE the discount. When you first add the item to your cart, you are likely to see the gratuities discounted, and I still cannot check out online with gift cards. If you add to your cart, log out, and log back in, it shows the same discounted package price, but gratuities are added pre-discount (which is the way it should work from a fairness perspective, I’ll take either). I still cannot check out. A new problem has arisen for me. My first card with only $20.05 left on it now shows as invalid, both in the payment process AND when checking through Carnival’s “our gift cards” checker. Others are OK. That’s a battle for another day - I’m focused on discount drinks! So I think the error is some kind of internal audit check that’s automated. The pricing in cart doesn’t match a valid amount “Database Table” elsewhere. IT, accounting, and marketing will need to work this out. I’ll call before 4:00 Eastern to see if I can get something more resolute and post back here. Movtarget in NC
  11. This morning (7:30 eastern time) still showing as available to add to cart with 20% off acknowledged in cart, but cannot checkout, errors out. Will keep trying throughout the day, and try Cust service again this afternoon. Movtarget in NC
  12. I added it to my 11/7 sailing and saw the 10% off note before adding to my cart, but details in the cart were 20% off (415.60 for a 5-day for two + 93.52 Grats + 509.12). Tried to check out (with gift cards), came up with an error. Tried it a second time, same 10%/20% info, but total was different (415.60 + 74.82 Grats = 490.42), same gift cards. Errored again. Called the number in the error, punched through for fun shops/gifts queue, waited about 30 minutes on line. Customer service said everyone (other Cust service reps) reporting the problem, but she tried anyway. She came up with the 490.42 number, wouldn’t process for her, either. She recommends calling tomorrow. I took screen shots for both the totals I tried to check out with, so I have ammo if they get squirrelly on the retry. Offer good through Sunday 4/12. Movtarget in NC
  13. Yes. Thank you! I wast just wondering about buffering somewhere between $100 and $500 worth (I currently have enough to cover my final payment and planned costs, but no buffer). This made it an easier decision to get 4 $100’s @ $354.36 incl $2.36 postage. Movtarget in NC
  14. I’m booked on that $500 OBC offer. I fall into “we want you back” gamblers since my last Carnival cruise was in 2011. I am not a “heavy” gambler ($100/day budget), and I come home positive in about 1 in 4 outings. (Primarily CES in Vegas) I play craps, so it REALLY depends on how the boxman (banker) and pit boss rate you. I also participated in a Texas Holdem tourney on that 2011 cruise and finished high, but not the big winner. I think this supports the theory that the heavy offers are trying to attract KNOWN gamblers (of any amount), that haven’t booked against their VIFP players account WHILE on a cruise in a while. If you are NOT a gambler, think about running $25-$50 through on a slot machine for fun, and then see if in the future, you get some of the more generous offers. Especially if you take a cruise after that and don’t gamble at all. Might be worth the $25 gamble (pun intended) Movtarget in NC
  15. Doc Brown and Marty McFly should be able to help... I’m wondering when the next round of enticements will come for players club, or if I will see limited offers because I took them up on this $500 OBC offer. Movtarget in NC
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