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  1. Royal Caribbean now has a cruise that mimics the days of the Veendam sailings. They use the Empress of the Seas to dock at Hamilton and then go around to St. George's. 4 days of bliss in Bermuda and no dockyard. They moved this ship out of the Cuba market.
  2. No code but I emailed cruisenext@ncl.com and got a response quickly.
  3. Hello everyone, I have learned so much from the boards here that I wanted to return a little information. I feel that I got an incredibly good deal on a cruise that I just booked. First, I was able to do a double up offer and combine two certificates. Then as I was looking at the terms and conditions there is another promotion that gives you another $200 OBC for select cruises. Just as luck would have it, my cruise qualified. However, my PCC didn't enter it right and it wasn't showing on my confirmation. So a quick email got me the credit. Plus, I received 20 percent off for Latitudes and extra cruise points. I am amazaed at the deal. It might be worth checking out if you are going to Alaska or Asia. Just my two cents. https://www.ncl.com/cruisenext
  4. I just called as well about a booking I had for 2020 on the Pride of America. The Latitudes offer was added without having to rebook. However, I asked about the free airfare and was told that it didn't apply to POA. However, when I try a mock booking I can add a free night hotel pre-cruise and get reduced/free airfare as an offer. I am currently booked with prepaid gratuities. Seems weird.
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