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  1. Maybe you booked later??? We always pick up at the blue line and we cruise about every month. It is not a big deal and not a big delay...
  2. We use Carmel Car Service in NY . They are reliable and efficient.
  3. me too - anxiously awaiting to see if this is real or not!!
  4. Enchanted is one of the worst for smoke.....We are also going on the enchanted in August and we gamble quite a lot...It is difficult to stay in that casino even in the non smoking area but I heard they are changing Take 5 to a non smoking casino....Still the awful odor lingers. On our last cruise in May on the Emerald, there was a couple below us on the Dolphin deck that smoked all the time...I called them out several times and I also called guest services and security...They finally stopped......there are those that will never follow the rules.....I hope Princess does go to nonsmoking at least in my favorite place- the casino.
  5. Just walk up the hill in Bar Harbor and get a piece of the amazing blueberry pie at the coffe place next to the book store...it is the best. then do the Acadia National Park tour on Oley's trolley..
  6. First timers need to do the Greatest Catch excursion - it is awesome.
  7. Check out Viator for tours - we are going to Louisberg for the 4.5 hour tour. They will pick up at the port.
  8. On the Emerald now….everything is great….we go on the Regal more often…like both of them I would choose by the itinerary.
  9. Carmel car service is wonderful from LGA to port. We use them all the time.
  10. ON the casino comp cruises , I suppose we will still have to pay the port fees and taxes outside of that quote??? Just wondering...
  11. Take the mini with the balcony - we must have our balcony.
  12. They need to abolish the PVSA - it is outdated and serves no purpose today. I have had two trips ruined because of it.
  13. The beach loungers are jammed in there so tight - it's ridiculous. Doing a ship excursion to that place is a rip off. Better just take a taxi to Candado
  14. One of my favorite places - it is often booked out for private parties.
  15. Covid is definitely here to stay - just like the flu - the main thing cruisers can do is STOP jamming in to elevators - even more important than handwashing.....just wait for the next elevator and avoid being crowded in. That is probably the main cause of covid transmission.
  16. If you go to Squaremouth.com - you can shop medical insurance covering interruption, etc...Rates are much better than the Carnival insurance and costs the same or less.
  17. We do the same thing....use booking.com and recheck rates. Room for mid June is well under $500.
  18. We are staying there on June 14th and the room is $445. US. We booked via Booking.com...that includes all fees. If you check often, the price changes quite a bit - book early and it is no where near $1000.
  19. I am such a light sleeper - that sensor light would wake me up. If I need it during the day for the closet, I just turn it on at the wall switch....
  20. I always bring my own night lite and cover the hall sensor.
  21. We did the Panama Canal on the Emerald last year - it was great! Sailing the Emerald again on May 20th....nice ship!!
  22. We cruise a lot ----usually every month or so. Always pick up the medallion at the port. Never had to wait......very easy and one less thing to pack.
  23. I never have a problem with the Princess site going down in the evening...it could be your provider.
  24. Two weeks ago, at Eagle Beach, they were charging $35 for an umbrella and $20 for two loungers. Palapas are free if you get there early enough to get one. The guests from Amsterdam Manor across the street have first priority on them. Lately it has been very crowded.
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