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  1. Keith, Are matzohs available in the various venues for those who want it? Bob
  2. Dave, Thank you for posting the link to this most enjoyable blog. My wife and I followed your daily posts and appreciate the info provided and your great photos. Glad that you had such a great time on this cruise. Bob
  3. Ron and Rick, Deepfreeze63, Karen and John, Terri and Ray, (and anyone I may have missed), Wishing you a wonderful trip and very much looking forward to your reports. How great it is to have so many posters on one cruise! Bob
  4. It seems to me that this is the appropriate place to ask this question, as it does pertains to help using the website, specifically, whether or not I may pose such a question on the forum that you referenced, or any other forum. To be clear, I am not asking for any advice as to use of air consolidators here, I merely want to know whether such a question is permissible under CC guidelines. I did send an email to the community address, but have not received a response.
  5. I know that it is against CC rules to ask questions in regard to recommendations about Travel Agents. May I ask about air consolidators? Someone mentioned on a thread that they get good rates getting flights using air consolidators, and I would like to know if I am allowed to ask what consolidator that they use.
  6. boblerm

    Beach Limerz?

    rbain, you will not be disappointed, have a blast! Bob
  7. I agree with Ontario Cruiser about the quality of this beach, I was actually quite surprised that there wasn't more people there. I have been to other beaches in St Lucia that were much further from the port, much more crowded, and not nearly as nice. Hey, come to think of it, maybe we should keep it a secret, by spreading the word, it may become more crowded!😮😀
  8. Marty156, just to be clear, my refund was for my deposit to Scenic, and my non-refundable expenses, namely my airfare and insurance policy that I took out, it was not a multiple of my outlay, it was 100% of my outlay. I wish you and the others in the class action suit luck I was not aware of this when I booked my cruise on the Eclipse, but your experience gives me pause about booking with this company going forward.
  9. Dave, thank you for providing a link to your blog and for your most enjoyable reports. We will be taking our first Uniworld cruise next month on the rivers of France on the Joie de Vivre and the Catherine. Your food photos give me the impression that we will enjoy our cuisine, I hope they taste as good as they look. Your experience in regard to your "adventure" in your Bucharest to Milan flight and the way that the Uniworld rep helped out was very reassuring. Enjoy the second leg of your cruise! Bob
  10. Any recommendations on consolidators or hints as to how to use them? (Or is it a no-no to ask about this as it is about travel agents?😨)
  11. Keith, this fish preparation looks amazing. May I ask what it is? Did it taste as good as it looks ?(I'll bet it did!😃) Bob
  12. Hi Westbank, sorry , I cannot give you the name of a specific restaurant, there are several food stands right there, in this picture they are on the top left. We did not eat there, so I can't give you any feedback, but I think it is safe to say that if you are looking for gourmet fare, you will need to look elsewhere.😏. I don't know that there are any such establishments nearby. BTW, in this photo, the building right behind the foodstands, just across the street is the airport building that has free clean restrooms. Bob
  13. My experience has been that you should let the server know what your preference is in terms of service pace. If you want to finish by a certain time in order to make a showtime, say so. If you want a nice leisurely meal with time between courses, say so. Otherwise, you are likely to be served at a pace that is convenient to the kitchen, which may not be what you want.
  14. I am absolutely loving your reports! Please do enjoy every moment of this wonderful trip, and any updates that you can give us will be greatly appreciated. Bob
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