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  1. Here's how I can always tell that the cruise is just about over - I can now walk from forward and aft elevators directly to my room without first wandering off in the wrong direction for a bit. For me, the best way of mitigating end of cruise blues is to have (at least) 1 in the hopper. We have 2, the Splendor Panama Canal in March, with 40 CC illuminaries, and the Mariner in June, Alaska. Tomorrow we have an overnight in Oslo, flying home next day. Will catch up as time allows. Cheers, Bob
  2. That would have been quite the hike! Glad I took the bus!😁
  3. Here’s a little bit of a fun fact in regard to tour guides here. Of the 8 guides we had in Norway, only 2 of them were Norwegian. Of the others, there were 4 gents, from the US, Germany, Spain and Italy, and 2 ladies, 1 from Argentina, sorry I can’t remember where the other was from, but it wasn’t Norway. In chatting with them, we learned that they are able to earn more as tour guides in Norway than in their home countries. This is because while nearly everyone here speaks English as well as Norwegian, not than many speak other languages, so there is a great demand for tour guides that speak other languages. The 6 guides that we had fell in love with Norway and decided to stay here, of the men, 3 of them also fell in love with Norwegian girls. Incentive indeed.
  4. I have another request, more like something that I just would like to bring to people's attention. On our tour, at one point the guide stopped to take a count, and found that 4 were missing from the group. Someone remarked that they think that they had decided to go off on their own, the operative word here being "think". The guide said that he was responsible for his guests, and clearly took his responsibility seriously, he did not feel comfortable just assuming that they were not just wandering or using a restroom. After about 10 minutes of standing around, we proceeded. In truth, there was virtually no chance that one would not be able to find their way back to the ship, but still. I know that CC members and readers tend to be sophisticated travelers, and that this is pretty much preaching to the choir, but please, if one is leaving the group, one really needs to inform the guide.
  5. Yesterday I went up to la Veranda for breakfast and was surprised to see that champagne and caviar was being served. Can it be another Sunday already?? Our port is Haugesund, Norway. Our tour was in the morning, a city walking tour. The weather forecast was for rain, but it held out until the afternoon. This was by no stretch the most awe-inspiring place we have visited, but for me it was by far the most charming. The town hall is an award winning “most beautiful in Norway”,but is closed on Sunday. I imagine the beauty is in the inside, the outside is nothing to write home about. There is a statue of Marilyn Monroe here. “And why is that”, you ask? Great question. For some reason, which is unclear to me, the residents here thought that her father was from here. So they put up statue of her. Turns out, he was not. But they decided to leave the statue anyway. Wouldn’t you? Vår Frelsers church.
  6. The evening production show was “Paradis”, bringing to the stage Parisian nightlife. I am beginning to feel somewhat foolish in discussing the production shows. After all, I keep saying “this is the best….no, no, this is the best…, yada yada yada, blah, blah, blah”. How can I be expected to be taken seriously? So let’s just say, hypothetically, that considering the voice talent, dancing artistry, stage presence, chemistry between the performers, personalities, attitude, choreography, staging, scenery, costumes, special effects, lighting, sound, that I thought that I have just witnessed the new standard by which cruise ship entertainment should be judged? Should I actually say that? Heck yes, because it happens to be true. When the show ended, as I looked around the showroom, I could not find anyone sitting down. Even those who lacked the energy the previous evening were up. I looked to the person on my right, he said, “that was the best show I have ever seen on a cruise ship!” The person on Jeannie’s left said “I have seen this show 4 times, and just keeps getting better and better!” So maybe I’m not all that crazy after all.
  7. Sailaway from Flåm We have visited Chartreuse twice before, and based on that experience, we have considered it to be our least favorite Regent restaurant. (Mind, that is a little bit like saying that Ringo is my least favorite Beatle. Great as he is, I just consider the other 3 to be greater.) However, based on our experience of that night, we just may have to go back to the drawing board. We were seated at a primo banquette table, with quite a nice view of sailaway As students of the Regent forum and having read lots of opinions about what people tend to enjoy here, I started with Beef Tartare, Jeannie had the Beet and Goat Cheese Salad. We both then had Fish Soup, and, what for me is their strongest dish, the Rack of Lamb Even a confirmed non-dessert eater like myself (groan), to not order the Floating Island is not even an option.
  8. I have yet another complaint! Well, not so much of a complaint, but a bit of a disappointment. No Beatles dance party, or any other type of dance party. We really enjoy these. I hope this is not a new trend. I have a request of my fellow CCers, please on your comment cards mention that you hope that they keep them, or bring them back as the case may be. Thanks!
  9. Oh no!! That is not what our tour guide told us! Here is the story that we were told- the Huldra is a beautiful woman with a cow's tail. She tries to seduce a man into marrying her, upon which time she loses her tail. However, she then becomes ugly. I guess you can't have everything
  10. Gerry, Jeannie has a much better memory than do I, and says that Joel told us that he is from Geneva. Jackie, he will be on until November 12, so I do not think he will be there when you come on.
  11. Flåm Our weather luck ran out today as we arrive here in the rain. We had an afternoon excursion on the Flåm Railway. As afternoon approached, the weather changed: it started raining harder. Oh well. In truth, while we would have preferred a brighter dryer day, our spirits were hampered little, as we still enjoyed majestic views, albeit with some clouds and fog added in for special effects. The weather cleared as we reached the summit. The Huldra was out in all of her glory. For an interesting comparison as to how this area looks in glorious sunshine, I refer you to the wonderful photos provided by @flossie009 in her report. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2682585-narratives-from-navigator-in-norway/page/2/
  12. Gerry, I confess that I do not know what any of this means, but I shall query Joel when I see him. If I don't see him, I'll just spill something and he'll come running.😁 Thank you!
  13. He is a delightful young man. News flash : I am getting ready for dinner tonight and have just become aware of the fact that NORWEGIAN ATMOSPERE SHRINKS CLOTHING! Caution advised! 😏
  14. Briar14, thank you, so glad that you are enjoying. I believe that I have a new favorite Regent team member. He is a charming young man named Joel from (Gerry, you will be happy to hear) Switzerland. Here’s how we got to know each other- On our first Sunday Champagne and caviar breakfast, one of us, I won’t tell which, spilled a mimosa all over the table. A staff member came by to clean up, and afterwards looked at him (or, …perhaps it was her, I’ll never tell) and with a deadpan look and serious voice said, “Sir, I can overlook many things. But the waste of perfectly good alcohol? Unforgivable!” He went on with several more quips that pretty much had us in stitches. For the next several mornings, every time that he passed our table he gave me, um..err…I mean the offending party several barbs. Later in the week, in Sette Mare, the very same offending member of our party had another little mishap. Without going into details, let’s just say that it involved a menu and a glass of prosecco. (In his or her defense, truly the menus in Sette Mare are way too large. ) The next morning, the other party member squealed to Joel, who immediately replied, “Sir, you leave me no choice but to alert the staff to be following you around with mops”. Last night we dined at Chartreuse, and as luck would have it, Joel was our server. He approached our table and with a deadpan look and voice said, “Sir, may I recommend to you tonight a special dish prepared just for you: a beef tenderloin smoothie. It requires very little use of hands.” When he brought our first course, without saying a word and with a serious look on his face put down my dish (OK, OK, I confess. It was yours truly) and moved my wineglass to the opposite side of the table. I believe I have found a kindred spirit. Joel, Danke und alles Gute. Bob
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