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  1. Me too! But in truth, the JdV isn't all that bad.
  2. Day 11 May 27 Macon, Beaune Today we took a little detour on the river Saone (not to be confused with the river Seine), and which is a tributary of the river Rhone.😶 Our excursion was "Burgundy Vineyards, Wine Tasting, Beaune and Hotel Dieu. We started with a drive to the Chateau de Meursault, a large vineyard in the Burgundy region of France. Here were given a tour of the wine cellars, and here I learned much more about the wine production of this region than I ever wanted to know. Did enjoy the wine tasting, however. We then went to the medieval town of Beaune. If you have been following this report, then I most likely do not need to tell you the name of this church. We started with some free time to explore, and had lunch on our own in a lovely French bistro. We had chicken salad and bruschetta. Was not expecting such a large portion. The bulk of our time was spent touring the Hotel Dieu, or Hospice de Beaune. It is a former hospital, now a museum, founded in 1443 by the Duke of Burgundy to care for the poor. A very historically and architecturally interesting place. The Last Judgement by Rogier van Weyden Back on board, we had the Captain's welcome reception Here is the evening's dinner menu Eggplant, tomato and peach salad, seared scallops and prawns Veal tenderloin, linguini clams and mussels
  3. Bob, very much appreciate your kind words.
  4. Let's take a little tour of the SS Catherine The Van Gogh Lounge Can you guess the name of this venue? If you guessed Leopard Bar, you are correct. (Or, more precisely "Bar du Leopard".) Pool (the water is not laden with algae, the green color is from lighting) Gym (not nearly as big as it looks- optical illusion due to mirrors) Our room was very similar to the one on the Joie de Vivre, but oh so easier on the eyes They call this an "open air balcony". In truth, if one is thinking in terms of a veranda on an ocean ship, it is nothing like it. The top half pulls down, and there is a net that you need to put up so that insects do not invade, as there is no way of closing it off from the rest of the room. The bottom is fixed (thankfully, as there is no railing.) So like the "french balcony" on the JdV, to me this is another Big Window. Still, a very lovely, comfortable room.
  5. Day 10 May 26 Transfer to Lyon and Boarding the SS Catherine Today we bid farewell to some friends that we made on the Joie de Vivre that were daparting. There was a group of about 40 of us who were continuing on to the Catherine. We were bussed to the Paris Gare du Nord train station to take the high speed TGV train to Lyon. The ride was a pleasant and comfortable one. Another cruise, another toast? Why not? We spent the day unpacking, relaxing, and getting to know the ship. We set sail to Macon at 6PM. Dinner menu We both had Asparagus salad, potato leek soup (no pic) and sea bass. First 2 courses were great but bass just ok.
  6. Absolutely no hijack, your post and pics are very much on point and much appreciated! Bob
  7. HappyTvlr, I spoke to several people who took the golf excursion, and they were very pleased with it, said that there were fabulous views from the course.
  8. Day 9 May 25 Paris We are back in Paris on our final day aboard the Joie de Vivre. We had a "Paris City Tour" excursion today Yes, we have seen these sites before, some of them multiple times, however somehow the phrase "too much Paris" just does not compute! Arc de Triomphe St Augustine Church Church of la Madeleine Louvre Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel Place Saint-Michel Pantheon (buried here are Voltaire, Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Émile Zola, many others) Les Invalides This was mainly a bus tour, with 2 stops. The first was at the Trocadero, where one gets the best view in Paris of a site that I don't think I can ever tire of seeing and Luxembourg Gardens. Not much in the way of flowers, but still a beautiful place to walk around. Spent the afternoon relaxing and packing, as we have to leave the SS JdV tomorrow😕 but we get to board the SS Catherine!😊 Dinner menu I had escargot, salmon cake and quail stuffed with foie gras. Also had the cream puff (did I say that I rarely order dessert?😮) I thought the meal was excellent, Jeannie had the salad, barley vegetables soup and char, and thought it was just ok.
  9. The general consensus is that it was a muskrat, but no one seemed to know for sure 😊 Glad to hear that you are enjoying!
  10. Totally agree, cannot imagine what they were thinking. Hope people have been, and will continue to mention this in comment cards.
  11. Day 8 May 24 Mantes La Jolie, Versailles We set sail from Rouen late last night, and arrived at Mantes La Jolie at 10:30AM. Our tour was at 12:30, so we had a bit of time to poke around the town. Can you guess the name of this church? Give up? It is Notre Dame de Montes La Jolie. Whoda thunk it? Our choices for excursions this afternoon were the Palace of Versailles including secret apartments, or Versailles Gardens and Queen's Hamlet. We had visited the palace previously, so we chose the hamlet excursion. It included a visit to the Petit Trianon, where Marie Antoinette resided when she couldn't stand living in the palace (who could?), it's associated gardens, and a small village that she had built so that she could hang out with her best buds. Shortly after entering the city of Versailles, we were greeted by a statue of Louis XIV This church is called.............. wait for it...................... Notre Dame de Versailles. Our bus parked at the Grand Trianon, which we did not visit We walked down a path to the Petit Trianon We walked around the beautiful gardens to the Hamlet Then we toured the inside of the Petit Trianon We were very pleased with this excursion, lots of walking. Dinner menu Caviar, Lobster Bisque, and Sole Meunere. We often skip desert, but couldn't resist the Baked Alaska (at least I couldn't) Entertainment was by Chanteuse Joie de Vivre We got some dancing in, just in case we didn't do enough walking today😊
  12. I am indeed in luck. He is also slated to be CD on my Splendor cruise next March. 😊 Thanks for the info! Bob
  13. Thank you JP and Chris. I think a week in this area would be great, there is indeed much to see!
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