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  1. mariamherrera

    carnival conquest santo domingo

    thank you all! It turns out it is a brand new port and our cruise is the first stop there! How exciting! i'm glad we get two stops in the D.R! happy cruising every one!
  2. mariamherrera

    any JW's here on cruise critic?

    I don't know a tour company off hand but i do know a brother and sister in Jamaica! I could ask them! the brother works at one of the fancy resorts so I'm sure he has the inside scoop.
  3. mariamherrera

    any JW's here on cruise critic?

    not sure if you still need it but i have used a tour company ran by brothers and sisters in belize! we had the best time! and we got to see their assembly hall and where the missionaries live plus we got to feed wild howler monkeys in the jungle! it was a little sample of paradise! let me knwo if you need their contact info!
  4. mariamherrera

    any JW's here on cruise critic?

    me and hubby just booked for Carnival conquest Nov 26th 2016- excited about the stops in Dominican Republic as hubby has a dear friend who is a missionary there! Hope there will be other friends on there as well!
  5. Me and hubby are getting ready to book a cruise for Nov 26, 2016 and under the port of santo domingo you are unable to click on it to get port info or see excursions that would be offered.. anyone know why that would be? Have they just not released the info yet or will people not be allowed to get off the ship there?
  6. mariamherrera

    Belize and Roatan?

    I am a JW taking a cruise with a stop in ensenada Nov 10th! I'd love to hear more about your tours!
  7. I've never been on a shorter cruise and I've also never been on any other class of ship other than spirit class! we just decided to do a quick little get away last minute so are taking a 4 day to catalina and ensenada- is their an adults only area on the inspiration like on the spirit class ships? anything majorly different? have you sailed it have you enjoyed it?
  8. mariamherrera

    any JW's here on cruise critic?

    Hi every one just checking into this thread! Me and hubby are now trying to Pick a cruise for November 2013 any one plan on doing any cruises around that time! to those who already sailed on their cruises how did they go??? keep in touch every one!
  9. mariamherrera

    walk on rates ?

    has anyone ever just booked a cruise very last minute? me and hubby are going to be going to Florida for vacation for two weeks.. we leave on Monday.. we aren't sure but we were thinking of taking a little short cruise while we are down there maybe a 3-5 night there are plenty of cruises going on in the time frame we will be there but booking a cruise is something we've never done with such short term notice I was wondering if rates happen to drop a day or two before a sailing or do they raise? We could book it now about a week and a half from now but thoguth I'd check to see if they ever offer last minute deals or even walk on deals?
  10. mariamherrera

    Does someone else's dinner attire affect you???

    nope not in the slightest... I mean personally I think it's just respectful to dress up at least a little... but that's my opinion me and hubby DO dress up on formal night he in a nice dark suit with a black tie and me in an evening gown type dress. and for every other ngiht in the MDR I still try to "dress up a little" To me it's no different then going to a nice restaurant in the town we live in I wouldn't wear sweat pants and tank top there so I wouldn't in the MDR even on non formal nights- now if I was driving through burger king then yes I would dress like that hence why there is the option of the buffet on lido for people who want to dress casual.. however with that being said I couldn't care less and really don't notice it when people aren't because I'm too busy enjoying my food and spending time with my husband. I also know ahead of time that carnival is relaxed about dress code if I want a more upscale experience I'll cruise a more upscale cruise line.. so far I have never cruise any other line because carnival has fit my needs and I can still make it dressy if I want. For my 10 year anniversary me and hubby are thinking of doing a REALLY nice cruise either a panama canal or Mediterranean type cruise and we would like that to be a more upscale experience so thinking of goign celebrity or princess ...
  11. mariamherrera

    a couple questions about the Dream

    thank you every one! this helped a lot!!! :D
  12. Sorry I've been trying google and searching past threads and cant seem to find all the answers anyways I'm wondering 1. in the cloud 9 spa I thought I had read somewhere that a few of the things you can use for free is this correct? if so what areas are you allowed to use? 2. I saw the price for the weekly rate$250.00 per couple are you allowed to just get a daily pass? if so how much is it? 3. I thought I had seen something about a special lunch menu you can order off in the serenity area? is this true and if so is there anywhere i cna view the menu... 4. Is the cantina (burrito bar)open every day 24/7 and the same for the pasta bar? OK I think that's it.. thanks in advance! :D
  13. mariamherrera

    Look what my talented nail tech did!! Woot!!

    your nails are amazeballs!!!! LOVE it!
  14. mariamherrera

    Higher vs. lower deck and seasickness

    My first cruise I was on deck 8 mid ship. And puked the first two Nights... My second cruise I was deck 5 and mid ship and felt fantastic my entire cruise. You wouldn't believe the difference in how much better you feel being on the lower decks. It is better for sea sickness I'm living proof of that. From now on I plan to only book deck 6 and lower. My no cruise will be the dream and I'm going to try a Cove on deck two. :)
  15. mariamherrera

    You Choose; Interior, OV, Balcony, or Suite?

    I'm a balcony person with out a doubt. I've only been in an extended and in a suite so I don't even think I could do an ocean view, definitely not a inside for sure... I don't cruise unless we can afford a balcony, but for us it's a huge part of our cruise, we often read our kindles and just lounge there when we don't feel like being around a crowd. It's a time for Solitude and romance and to us it's just important, too others its not, you need to do what's best for you though! :)