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  1. We didn't have the "official ones", but oh my - those little custards are GOOD!
  2. No, just across the passenger hallway at the aft. You can go from port to starboard or visa versa. It’s stainless steel, so a fire break? just saw Michelle’s response...she covered it more eloquently than I did.... 😎 Joe
  3. 9) If you were in 7315, 7312, 8323 or 8314 was there a white box on the balcony (there appears to be something in picture below)? Did you balcony seem larger than other SV's (if you saw any others)? We were in 8314 - no white box. I suspect what you are seeing as a white box is actually the result of a shadow from the overhang of the balcony above, against the bulkhead. The balcony for 8314 is definitely larger than 8312. We were originally in 8312 but after scrutinizing photos (like the one you posted above although this one is better than what I found!) I determined that 8314 had the larger balcony. 8312 is narrower at the balcony rail than at the bulkhead. I peeked discretely to prove what I thought was the case from the photos. I always thought I preferred bed by the bath and agonized over the move to 8314 - in the end we loved it! Especially that extra room from the side of the bed to the balcony door. One other thing to mention about the balcony doors - on Edge those with a standard balcony door only has an "opening/locking" handle on the inside. None on the outside. I heard reports of people getting locked out on the balcony when their travel partner went inside and through habit, swung the handle to lock the door. Also when the seas are only moderately rough, the door will open and close with the roll of the sea if you are on the balcony. BAD design! Joe
  4. We had no noise issues in SV8314 from Eden. In fact when we were in the room we heard no noise from anywhere. Cabin was very quiet. We could see the lights from Eden on the ships wake at night which was quite pretty (and unexpected). We would book an SV on Edge class ships again with no concerns. Joe
  5. I believe you are correct. She is a cutie. We also met Benjamin (and his Mom) the son of the F&B Manager. The staff in Eden all seemed to love Benjamin. Joe
  6. Date of Cruise: 4/28/2019 (Transatlantic) Ship: Edge Cabin #: 8314 Deck #: 8 Cabin Category: SV Cabin Location: Aft Bed Position: Near Balcony Balcony Type: Standard open aft with glass balcony wall which is angled. Balcony/Window Size: Large. I also believe that the two center SVs (8314 and 8323 on deck 😎 are wider that the other SVs due to the fire wall that separates them (in our case the fire wall was between 8312 and 8314. Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: None Balcony Overhang?: Yes, approximately 50-60% of the balcony is covered by the balcony on the deck above. Magic Carpet Issues?: No - stateroom is no where near the Magic Carpet Noise Issues?: None, very quiet and surprisingly very little vibration. Most pronounced when aft thrusters in use during docking. Wind Issues?: No Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: Not a connecting stateroom, but balcony can be connected with 8323 Advantages/Problems/Comments: Approximately 3-4 feet longer than a standard stateroom. So there was 3-4 feet between the side of the bed and the veranda door. Balcony does get soot from the funnels, not extensive, but you would need to wipe down the chairs and railing to ensure it doesn't stain your clothes. Balcony is large enough for a lounger. I did notice that 8323, also a SV, did have at least one lounger. I suspect it was a special request. No traffic outside in the hallway. There is a swinging door (with round window) in the hall between 8314 and 8323. Would You Book It Again?: Yes, definitely. Photos or Photo Links:
  7. Absolutely! Cannot wait to get on board! Joe
  8. We had a great experience on EVA Air although it has been a few years. Their premium economy is quite nice! Have a great crossing. Joe
  9. We have used Carrie V. too.... 🙂 Have a great crossing! We are in final throws of packing for our departure to FLL on Friday and EDGE! Joe
  10. Thank you for sharing the pictures and your comments. We are staying there next Friday and Saturday before we board Edge for the TA. Originally had booked the Riverside, but cancelled when ES had a nice sale.... Got ours for $171 a night. Have a great time! Joe (and Jeff)
  11. For us, there would be no choice. Murano.... We usually dine there a least two nights on a cruise. Joe
  12. Thanks for the review! We are looking forward to our cruise in April. Joe
  13. Hi Connie - We are! Closing in on a month until we leave! 🙂 Look forward to meeting you and hearing about your adventures. Joe
  14. Another recommendation for the Harbour Grand. We have stayed there twice. Stunning views of Hong Kong Harbour. Steps away from a Star Ferry terminal too. In a more residential area - which gives you a different perspective. They also have a shuttle to the Kowloon area that drops off right by the Peninsula Hotel. Joe
  15. We will be on for 15 nights for the TA in April. Happy to report back in May. Since all Edge sailings to date have been 7 days or shorter, there is no first hand knowledge. Joe
  16. I nominate this for Review of the Year! 🏆 Boarding on 4/28 for the Transatlantic.....your comments make me even more excited. Thank you BrendaJ! Joe
  17. We have had Eagle Creek ones for years-still going strong. I just added various sizes of eBags to our collection. Will be using next month for our Transatlantic and post cruise week in Edinburgh. They provide great organization and allow you to find what you need without rooting through the suitcase for pre and post cruise stays. i also highly recommend the Eagle Creek Pack-it garment folders. They have great compressing abilities for shirts, pants, etc. without excessive wrinkling. I find most wrinkles “go away” just by hanging the items once on the ship. Joe
  18. As others have noted, clothing plans should account for layers. And a good rain coat. Fleece vests or jackets too. They are nice and lightweight and easy to stuff into a napsack when it's gets warmer. Good pair of all terrain shoes, like the Merrell Moab 2. Some highlights from our trip (we did one way Vancouver to Seward on Millennium): 1. Vancouver: As others have noted, a couple days would be best. Granville Island Market - also the Art Galleries, Stanley Park, Whistler. Take the ferry or float plane over to Victoria... If you do get to Victoria the Royal British Columbia Museum if very nice, tea at the Empress. Vancouver is very cosmopolitan, Victoria very British. 2. Ketchikan: Easy to do on foot from the ship. Take the local bus out to Totem Bight State Park to see the Totem Poles. 3. Icy Strait Point: Nice to wander around ISP, but highly recommend walking (or taking shuttle) into Hoonah to see real Alaska. Not much to see, but it's definitely not geared to the cruise traveler.... When we were there, a group of men were carving a native wall panel in a garage off the main street - amazing to see. Also many whale watching options from ISP. 4. Juneau: Alaska State Museum is nice. We haven't done it, but if there is an excursion to helicopter up to a glacier and see the sled dog camps, do it. Friends have RAVED about it..... Only omission on your itinerary is Skagway. It was one of our favorite stops..... Get a good pair of binoculars. There will be so much to see while you are cruising - especially along the inside passage. Joe
  19. So very to hear of Carol's passing. Although we never had the opportunity to meet, I have had the joy of following along on your travels for many years. The smiles in the photos always portrayed the joy you had being together. Take care of yourself. Joe
  20. This thread also talks about the importance of asking the booking code the agent is using to quote airfare.... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2639360-psa-when-booking-flights-through-celebrity-make-sure-to-check-the-booking-code/?tab=comments#comment-56895028 Joe
  21. Thank you for sharing all the photos. Especially the SV.....we have one booked in April. Joe
  22. This is really great information. Thank you for sharing. I googled Fare Rules for Delta (our regular carrier) and found the chart on the same website. Joe
  23. Wonderful words to live by. Left me with a big smile on my face. Bon voyage! Joe
  24. Have a great trip Paul & Edward! Always fun to follow along on your adventures. Especially looking forward to hearing your impressions on Edge. My husband and I board Edge in 64 days for the Transatlantic. 😊 Joe
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