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  1. Thank you for sharing your impressions! We are anxiously awaiting our transatlantic cruise on the Edge in April. Joe
  2. Based on deck plan it should be bed by the balcony. The widest part of the stateroom (jut out) is where the bed is located. We have always preferred bed by the bath on the S class ships. Joe
  3. Highly rated Comfort Suites in Dania Beach is showing $134 a night for April 5. Joe
  4. Suzy - Agreed! It was just a bit concerning, with the initial reviews, considering what we are all paying! I was super excited seeing the ship come to completion.....Glad to hear the kinks are being worked out! We will surely benefit... Now I can get back to being excited again.... But then I'm always a glass half full kind of person.... 🙂 See you on board! Joe
  5. Thank you for the upbeat review! I was growing concerned with the lack of positivity (save for vtcruising)....we are on the transatlantic in April and have 15 days on board..... I'm feeling better now! Joe
  6. Super photos Anne! Very much looking forward to experiencing Edge in April for the TA. Joe
  7. We have gone back and forth. That said....If I can make it happen, Oceania is always our first choice. I love the R-Class ships, in fact our first cruise in 2001 was on the R5 (now Nautica). We have never sailed on the O-Class ships. I was blown away by the beauty of the Solstice class ships on Celebrity. We are heading out on Edge in April for the TA, we will see how I feel after we get back. It's been nearly five years since we last sailed with Celebrity. Did a 20 night cruise on Oceania for our last one (also on Nautica) and it was pretty close to perfect! We are doing Edge, because the ship looks beautiful and interesting to us. As another noted, Edge prices are close to Oceania! Even though we snagged a good group rate on this TA nearly 2 years ago.... Joe
  8. Bill - Yes they do and they are very, very popular, Leslie Jon, your Cruise Director, does a great job with trivia! enjoy.... Joe
  9. I don't mind doing my own homework and doing regular price checking for price drops (or better categories) so I have almost always used a high volume agency - but generally one that has a brick and mortar setup. I recently found a more full service agent through one of the "cruise bidding" websites and use her when she can offer me a better deal. I haven't had any issues that I couldn't resolve with the high volume agencies and have saved several thousand dollars over the years (or received OBC and other perks). The first high volume agency I used assigned you to an agent - she was great - I recommended all my cruising friends to her and she even traveled with us a couple times. But she is now retired and the agency wasn't interested in getting us connected with an agent that knew we were a group of travelers who books lots of cruises and expected some good service so we all left for other agencies. Joe
  10. Wishing you all a grand adventure! I've followed the Live threads from the ATW cruises the last few years. Dreaming of our own "retirement gift" in another 5 or so years.... 🙂 Joe
  11. Hey Wayne - Good job on that. I'm pretty good too with checking all kinds of different routings, especially for getting to our place in France. But we are pretty spoiled with the nonstop Portland to Amsterdam (and return) run on Delta.... Enjoy your crossing! Hello to Margaret. It's been 14 years since we did the Constellation crossing! Yikes! Joe
  12. We also had good luck in finding an agent that offered additional OBC and prepaid gratuities through an on line bidding site. She would up being a very good agent too. Joe
  13. FYI - although Toulon is listed as the port, the larger ships actually dock in La Seyne-sur-Mer. It is across the harbor from Toulon. My vote is for Aix-en-Provence. Did it from Toulon on a November TA. Lovely fall weather. Joe
  14. I did. I was able to go from an Ocean View to a Sunset Veranda a few weeks ago for the April transatlantic for very little money. I'm part of the group from the big NH cruise agency. Joe
  15. Will definitely be following along on your journey! Very much appreciate the time you put into your live reviews..... Joe
  16. I do too. I called X today and the rep thought it might be due to it being a transatlantic that they are not offering it. Anyway, I'll keep checking! Fingers crossed. Joe
  17. What a great behind the scenes tour! Thank you for sharing the details. It's not listed as available on our April transatlantic, only the backstage tour is available right now which is not nearly as enticing. But I will keep checking! THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful experiences with all of us - and all your ENTHUSIASM for all things EDGE. Joe
  18. hcat - Your husband's photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing! Joe
  19. https://pevvesseltraffic.broward.org/webx/ Yes, going to Nassau. Joe
  20. JoePDX


    I think she is a fantastic choice - along with Celebrity's decision to partner with the Malala Fund. 😊 Joe
  21. According to Port Everglades schedule, departing at 9:00 p.m., back on 12/6. Joe
  22. Menu looks amazing. Will save that for next time we are in FLL. Thanks for the tip! Joe
  23. I second that. We have had some pretty spectacular experiences on Oceania. Plus I love the R-Class ships! Joe
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