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  1. We are at Elite + and haven’t sailed since that milestone due to COVID. Now I don’t book concierge unless the price is right and the location ideal. Would rather have an aft veranda cabin. Zenith is a level I will not be likely to reach. Was looking forward to extra perks as Elite +. The best remaining perk for me since AI started is the laundry.
  2. We have been sailing mostly Celebrity for past 10 years and reached Elite+ just prior to shut down. Doubt we will ever reach Zenith. Our Cruise a few months earlier was a Baltic on Royal due to great price difference. Was on a smaller ship for 12 days in August and very few children. Could be as cruise was late august and many schools are back in session. We are doing a TA in April on Royal and stuck with it even though with AI price was just a bit more but following cruise was half the cost on Royal. However, Not sure I would sail a small Royal ship again due to an abundance of smoking in casino which permeated much of that floor. Smoking policy is a huge plus for me on Celebrity.
  3. i have JS 9640 on Odyssey. Anyone have answer as to bath layout. Never had a JS so not familiar with this. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the review and photos. We will be B2B on the April TA and the 9 day Greek Islands on the Odyssey. First time on a mega ship but have cruised on Royal a few times. Like you, we avoid the casino due to smoke. When we sailed the Brilliance in 2019 the smoke permeated the areas outside the casino. This was a European cruise so maybe more smokers and a smaller vessel. Was that the case here or was it confined to the casino? Also, we like eating outside the Windjammer. Is there any outside dining on the Odyssey?
  5. Looking forward to your posts. We sail on silhouette in December. Will be 2 years since out last cruise as we had to cancel our March 2, 2020, cruise due to health issue of DH. He has recovered and hope we get to sail. We will be in Bonaire and have reserved a cart. Been to Bonaire a few time but first with cart. Have a great vacation. Gail
  6. You always have great advice and knowledge. We have been to Santorini and took the city bus. The route along the mountain side was unnerving to me. Was told by someone, who had been before, to push your way onto the return bus. Otherwise you wouldn't get on and she was correct. My DH who wants to be polite was hesitant to do so but he fell in with the plan. Your comment about the boat at the tender pier interests me and I will have to look into that when I hopefully return in May, 2022. Last time there was November, 2008. Gail
  7. I feel dress is same on Mediterranean cruises as others on Royal Caribbean. No suit is necessary for men in main dining. I have found that to true on dressier nights also. Nice shirt is sufficient. As for tours, the royal excursions do seem high. Look for info under the ports of call or on TripAdvisor to decide if you want to do it your own or if a tour is better. we did this cruise in November some years ago and maybe a light jacket is that was needed. check the Rome boards for hotel info. W
  8. We did this a few years ago. Your luggage travels on the bus with you. It was a bit chilly that day but enjoyed it. Didn’t see much wildlife though.
  9. Another in favor of Spain Day tours. We did their tour to Alhambra. Early start but so worth it. We also did one to Montserrat when we left ship in Barcelona.
  10. About building a new cruise port - how long has the flood gate issue been going! Still haven’t gotten that working. Some say due to Italian bureaucracy.
  11. On our last time cruising prior to COVID, there was some issue departing ship in Miami. Walkoffs did not begin until 8:30 am. Our scheduled 8:15 departure got us off ship at 9:30. Fortunately, we had a noon flight. First time we had been delayed like that.
  12. Was looking at those for an edge cruise. Would be interested in photos and review after your cruise.
  13. We bought this for our cruise on Brilliance. We are Diamond (thru Celebrity status) and did not know the Diamond Lounge has complimentary coffee (Lattes also) that you make yourself. Had not been on Royal for quite a while. Took 2 punches for most coffees at the cafe. Was not that great IMO. Did not have a beverage package. We are sailing again in April/May on Royal and will enjoy the coffee in the Diamond Lounge - hoping it will be open for self serve along with our complimentary drinks.
  14. In over 20 cruises, never sailed in a suite but would like to try it. Have to have at least a veranda.. We booked on Royal Caribbean Odyssey in a JR Suite for next April as cost was low. But, does not come with perks so to me it is just a larger cabin.
  15. It’s seems Venice got what it wanted but to the nth degree. After visiting Venice via cruise a few times, we knew we wanted to stay a few days which we did a few years ago. Just discussing with my husband that I want to go back and vacation in Venice.
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