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  1. When not cruising in Concierge we make our way to the Mast Grill for a great lunch. (But not if raining)
  2. We booked the same cruise with the Thanksgiving promo also. Got a great price. Astounded to see how the cost is fluctuating. Have not seen as low as we paid for Veranda but cost is all over the place. Prices for TA's, and other cruises, may drop considerably after final payment date or even before. Our last 3 TA's all dropped before final payment. The April 2019 dropped $700 before final payment. Others dropped and I was able to snag an upgraded cabin at the same cost I paid. This was prior to perks being offered on TA cruises.
  3. We sailed the Reflection in April on Transatlantic. First time on this ship but not on Celebrity. Really enjoying your honest review. I will make note of your wine comments to open up my tastings on my next cruise - hopefully in 3 weeks (but that is another story) I am glad you enjoyed Lawn Grill. Ate there on Silhouette in December and was very disappointed in filet as compared to when we ate there previously. Had great meal in Tuscan. Have you attended any of the shows or entertainment?
  4. Do try the World Class Bar! When we have the Premium Package we spend time in this bar. We are on the Reflection March 2.
  5. Have not seen this. Paper bag on silhouette in December
  6. Is onboard booking refundable or non? If my DH's back issue is cleared up we will be sailing on March 2. Thanks, Gail
  7. Was on Royal in August after a long absence. We were given Diamond status on Royal and had no drink package. I was impressed with the Diamond Happy Hour as compared to Celebrity. A longer time and much larger drink selection. Other status perks did not compare to Celebrity.
  8. What is their smoking policy? I find Celebrity's very limited smoking areas are good for me - a non-smoker. I like RC but the smoking in the Casino was very bothersome for me as you have to pass through on the ship I was on and wafted to nearby areas.
  9. We do select dining with reservations at 8:15 pm. Sometimes a short wait but mostly not. Was on one ship recently - can’t remember which S ship - and hostess was incredibly frazzled the entire long cruise. Was on silhouette in December and hostess was so good. Did notice a few cruises ago that diners were seated in same area the entire cruise. We were okay with that. If not we would have requested another locale.
  10. I am considering booking the Edge in 2022 but only because of the itinerary. It is a partial transit of the Panama Canal. I don't know how I would feel about the IV vs traditional veranda. It seems that the only darkening shade is the outside window. So if one person wants to sit out with the window open there is not a curtain for the folding doors. Is that correct and did it bother anyone? Thanks for any comments.
  11. What about the Oceanview veranda rooms on Edge. Trying to determine from photos if they are traditional verandas or also a tucked in style veranda similar to the Infinite veranda. I like the verandas on S class where you actually get sun. I do realize there is some obstruction on these verandas. Anybody stay on one of these?
  12. Same for me. Sailed on my birthday and went to Murano the next day. Also don’t go out for my birthday if on a weekend.
  13. We visited Alicante in October, 2018 and had weather like yours. Our Celebrity ship docked right in town and we walked to meet our Free Walking Tour Guide. Really enjoyed it.
  14. I really want to do this sailing but concerned about the long flight from the US. As for Tea - I find that the Trans Atlantics draw a big crowd and our Caribbean cruises have been drawing a much smaller crowd. On a recent sailing - we and a few others were told to go to Blu - but tea was actually in MDR. Crew member came up a few minutes after 3 to tell us we were at the incorrect place.
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