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  1. Ouch! Well, if we didn't have FTTF we would have reported at our appointment time. We aren't savages after all. 😛
  2. Right. Of course, it depends on the ship, departure port, and whether any delays are taking place due to weather, Coast Guard inspections, etc. We have had FTTF many times over our 11 cruises, and have always been able to board as early as possible.
  3. Thanks for the replies, we got off the ship yesterday. We ended up leaving the hotel right before 11AM, dropped off our luggage, paid for parking, in the terminal by 11:15, and on the ship by 11:45am! It was super fast and smooth. We did enter on Deck A but didn't really see any delays in boarding. I bet their email was taken to heart by most people since the port was not very busy.
  4. That's a crazy upgrade price. Even if it were cheaper, I would keep the aft balcony. Having the ability to see the full view of the scenery (especially on an Alaskan cruise) is great!
  5. I would! Our passports expire in August, but I am getting them renewed in the late spring. Passports are the safest way to exit and return to the country.
  6. Yes, we are. We are staying in the Inner Harbor area and will drive over Sunday morning. Appreciate the answer, was originally thinking around 11:00am or so, but will plan heading over to the port around 11:30am. Was reading in other reviews how the parking lot does not permit any parking until the lot is about 2/3's empty from the previous cruise. Was hoping that this port isn't unusually strict for even FTTF cruisers that want to arrive early and board in the proper order when permitted.
  7. We have cruised with FTTF previously and arrived as early to the port as possible. Received an email this evening about the boarding appointments being delayed by an hour due to having to enter the ship using a ground level gangway. Our original appointment (which I was going to ignore due to FTTF) was 12:30 and now they are saying 1:30PM. I believe we can ignore that and go to the port earlier (depending on when Pride is back and ready for passengers) since we have FTTF? Hoping someone can confirm that has been through the same circumstances. Thanks!
  8. We purchased on a couple of our 7 & 8 day cruises. While we didn't regret it, I felt it was a challenge to "break even" especially with a port heavy cruise. Moving forward, we are doing "drink & pay as we go" so we have the flexibility to not drink a day and not feel bad about it. We budget for expenditures on board in any case and based on past spend for drinks, we will spend less than a drink package (we really do not drink pop or the fancy coffees that often).
  9. Speaking of "snoots," I was very shocked when we branched out and sailed on RCCL's Freedom of the seas (have been on 9 Carnival cruises) and saw some couples wearing name tags with their "Diamond" status on them, really?? It was obvious that they deserved "better treatment" given their status and interaction with the ship staff and other pax. Had a good cruise, but we definitely enjoy our Carnival cruises to a higher degree (and we are a couple in our 50's).
  10. We have FTTF for our upcoming Pride cruise but am not sure what time to try and arrive at the port. It does show FTTF as our boarding group from 12:00-12:30PM. Normally for our "warmer" cruises we try to arrive between 10:30 and 11:00am at the ports.
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