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  1. We were on the Pursuit in late April and absolutely loved it! The Azamazing evening in Trieste was superb! Captain Antonio is just awesome! We are counting the days until our next trip (bit to go) in August of next year. This is on the Quest for the Scotland intensive. Really looking forward to this trip. Enjoy your travels everyone!
  2. Thank you for this information! We will be in Vienna in December and this looks like an experience not to be missed. We also stop in Passau and promise not to be the “ugly tourist “. A few of the restaurants mentioned look wonderful!
  3. I had been watching a March 2020 Auckland- Sydney voyage. For a category 5 OV the single occupancy price increased over $2,500 under the new “promotion.” Just crazy.
  4. HGC - your photos are stunning! I’d love to get back to Norway someday. One of my favorite trips of all time! Thanks for the great “live from” thread.
  5. We have suggested exactly that in both onboard communications and in voyage reviews here on CC (most recently on the Pursuit). The water bottle issue could easily be fixed by installing a few refill stations that are everywhere now. Azamara cannot claim to be environmentally friendly whilst still introducing thousands of single use plastic bottles each week.
  6. Thanks for the super quick and informative responses- Lottie, thanks for the link to the other thread!
  7. Greetings- I have been considering a 2020 voyage on the Journey which is being marketed as a Perry Golf cruise. As I am not a golfer, I am curious how much of an impact a themed cruise has on the public areas of the ship. For example are there cocktail parties, meetings, etc., that block off areas of say the Living Room? Since the Journey does not yet have the wonderful Den, I would be hesitant to book a cruise with limited access to certain other spaces. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. The voyage I priced yesterday (5/31) is now about $300 less expensive (nowhere near 30%) but gone is the $500 OBC and free WiFi offered under the last promotion. The pricing debacle continues.
  9. Hi we are recently off the Pursuit and absolutely loved The Den! Our next trip is on the Quest and look forward to spending time in The Den. Is there any update to the dry dock for the Journey? Are they still planning on removing the casino? Thanks
  10. We are just back from our Rome to Venice voyage on Azamara. We used RomeCabs for our transfer from FCO to our lodging in Civitavecchia. After a long overnight trek involving 3 airplanes, our driver, Savino, was a welcome sight. He met us exactly where the emails said he would be, and within a few minutes we were on our way. He drove very safely and before we knew it, we were pulling up to our destination. Highly recommend RomeCabs when visiting this beautiful country.
  11. Good info on the Pursuit- thanks! We are joining you for the Italy intensive voyage.
  12. Agree wholeheartedly. It also makes no sense to pay for premium spirits when they will be mixed with Royal Club. I like to bring on a few special bottles of wine, but will not lug tonic water on board.
  13. I escalated this question today directly with Azamara. The Quest advised they will be berthed at White Bay in Sydney & that arrival time in Napier will be 1:00 pm. Whether or not a correction of documents is sent to all pax remains to be seen.
  14. Bonnie, if you are out there, we could really use some clarifications. Others on this cruise have also advised their docs state OPT as the embarkation point, as do the CSRs and their supervisors. Yet, the Port Authority still shows White Bay. To add to the confusion, our port call in Napier on Feb. 18th was scheduled for 1 pm arrival, yet the Napier Port shows arrival at 4 pm. Many of us have booked private tours leaving soon after a 1 pm arrival. Calls to the office yield no clarity. We went through this on our last AZ cruise and it was with much trepidation that we booked this trip and another in April. The itineraries always sound so good but this ongoing confusion and misinformation just doesn’t make it worth it. We like the demographic and, yes, the staff is nice, but things like poor & ridiculously expensive shore excursions and the never ending included drinks saga make this whole experience way too much like work.
  15. Thanks, I understand the ship may move but it still makes it kind of hard to book transfer arrangements when you don’t know the destination. I trust the NSW Port Authority info way more than anything I get from AZ. I would love to be proven wrong.
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