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  1. amypet, If you scroll down a little further on Cruise Critic there is an entire thread dedicated to travel insurance. We always purchase travel insurance and never buy from either the cruise line or travel agent. Shopping for the right policy is a chore which, in almost every case, must be completed within two weeks of the initial booking (deposit.)
  2. We were supposed to have been on O in Alaska right now so I can't address how they handle the great state. One of the things I did like about our O itinerary was the longer day in Sitka. The stop there was longer than any other itinerary I checked. You will get better cuisine on O, especially compared to Princess. And for the most part the ships are smaller which is another plus for us. Even though HAL and Princess are the most experienced Alaska cruise companies we avoid both lines. RCI and Celebrity also offer land trips. What I would highly recommend is a southbound iti
  3. Jeans are fine in Blu. The only time I have witnessed the maitre 'd refuse entrance was for a passenger with holes in their jeans. Regular jeans and any collared shirt, turtleneck or dressy pullover are perfectly appropriate.
  4. Lucky you, We were supposed to board an Alaska sailing today. There is lots of great Alaska information on the Ports of Call forums. I'd definitely suggest you plan a whale watching excursion. The last time we were there you could not get this excursion from Hoonah (Icy Straits) but I think you can do one there. It's a great stop for wildlife but if you want a little more "cosmopolitan" day think Ketchikan or Juneau. Think layers when you select your wardrobe. Shoes and outerwear should be waterproof, not water resistant. Waterproof clothes gave us the freedom to saunter o
  5. Celebrity DID have trivia. Who knows what the future brings?
  6. susiesan, I follow your posts on the Oceania board so I think I am getting to know you a little..... I was a committed Celebrity passenger until my DH and I tried Oceania. I have sailed on all four of the Millie class ships many times and have fond memories of the Connie and Millie. However our last cruise in one of their larger ships left much to be desired. The MDR neither provided the ambiance nor the cuisine that was up to par. It was the first time since the Aqua class was devised that we dined in the MDR and we were not happy. We decided that if we could not be in an Aqua
  7. alcpa1

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    I am not a beigy brown gal but that won't stop me from looking for great itineraries.
  8. Pre Covid we would often get offers from X for special pricing. We haven't gotten any for our next X cruise but that may be because it is a holiday sailing. I don't know when you are sailing but keep an eye out for an offer.
  9. St. Maarten is easily driven especially with a GPS. I know at one point the French side was closed to border crossings but surely it is open by now or will be by the time you sail. FYI, it's almost impossible to find "border" markings so I wonder how the closures went.
  10. You've had some great advice. I suggest April. The weather will be better, milder, more invigorating.... The crowds at many sites will be larger than a November sailing but far better than the hoards in summer. Factor in travel insurance. Do not purchase it from the cruise line and be wary of what your travel agents offers. There is a travel insurance thread on Cruise Critic. The insurance must be purchased within two weeks of booking/deposit. By the time you cruise excursions should be available for self booking. You may want to combine your O Life allotment with a few self bo
  11. Long time Celebrity sailor here...... The only thing I thought was better on the X is the Indian fare. Their curries are much better. The sole in Jacques is indeed memorable and I could dine on the watermelon and duck salad daily. We had a few issues with the beef in Polo but the lamb shanks were even better than Blu's. The best thing about a longer O itinerary is having so many choices at every meal. Can't wait to get back onboard!!!!
  12. On the Silhouette the cabin sizes will be the same. There are some cabins, particularly on the slants with larger balconies. I know someone will fill you in on specific areas or cabins for balcony enhancements. The differences between the two categories have more to do with amenities than cabins. For example Aqua class cabins have a dedicated restaurant, BLU. It serves breakfast and dinner daily. You get free admission to the Persian Gardens. The breakfast room service menu is more extensive for the Aqua class cabins. There are other goodies in Aqua but those seem to be the most appreciat
  13. Just to add to the confusion....... There are layers of travel agencies and their relationship to cruise lines. The Connoisseur Club Consultant is the most often recommended venue on this forum. It's true that they have a knowledge of the Oceania experience. There is also a level of Preferred Agencies. Our particular agent has sailed on Oceania for quite a few years and is also familiar with the fleet, staff, and itineraries. Her pricing and perks have met or exceeded the Connoisseur agents that we have also worked with. The difference is that she has known us via the internet f
  14. It seems as if it were yesterday when Antigua accepted so many from devastated Barbuda. They are such welcoming people and we always look forward to returning to one of our favorite islands. We hope the volcano is short lived and the residents can return to northern St. Vincent in safety. Now if they can just keep Mt. Pele on Martinique from erupting life after Covid can return to normal and we can all be graciously welcomed asap.
  15. Back to the original query as per St. Petersburg. You will see much glamour in the palaces and if you are considering Peterhof just spend your time in the gardens. The palace is lovely, of course, but the gardens are even better. Two days in St. Petersburg is not nearly enough time so concentrate on those sites that you have researched here on the Ports of Call forum, Trip Advisor, guide books, google etc. All of the recommended tour agents can tailor a tour to your liking. Some of the sites that I am sure will be on your list are concentrated in a small area with Catherine's Palace
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