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  1. Great videos ! I'm sailing on the Sunshine in February, can't wait .. Thanks for sharing :)
  2. We are doing this itinerary in 3 weeks on the Miracle - it will be our first time to a few of these ports - since we love having a cabana whenever we've been to HMC, we decided to book a cabana at Mahogany Bay - really looking forward to that - the pictures I've seen are amazing.. Can't wait !! 22 more days :D
  3. We will be sailing February 10th on the Miracle. This is our 10th Carnival cruise, but first time on the Miracle. We've been on the Pride 3X and we love that ship and the layout.. I think my DH will miss Guys and Blue Iguana and I will miss the Dive-In theatre but we are excited about the itinerary, know we will like the layout (same as Pride) and most of all just happy to get away from all this cold cold weather !! I'll check back in here when we get back and let you know how it was...
  4. Kel040

    Question for Canadian cruisers

    We sail in 23 days !! (can't wait). I have always booked directly through Carnival ( 10 cruises so far) - I find the cruise online and then I call the 800 line and book it - sometimes they find a better rate than what I have found and if they find a higher rate, I am still on the page and walk them through the steps I did to find the same lower rate !! :) I pay on my CIBC credit card that includes travel / trip insurance insurance too !!
  5. Kel040

    Question about Carnival Miracle???

    very good... thank you :)
  6. Kel040

    Question about Carnival Miracle???

    We will be sailing on the Miracle next month and I was also wondering about the spot they showed the movies, did you find it busy and did the theatre fill quickly ?? thanks :)
  7. Wow ! Good for you !!!:D What a great experience for you ! I would love to have the confidence to try something like that ! The best I have done on a cruise was the thriller dance class - I've been to 4 thriller classes and still can't get through the whole thing without messing up !!!
  8. Kel040

    High winds=danger?

    LOL, Love the lanyard tip !
  9. Kel040


    When I have a cruise booked, I am really excited !! When I come back from my cruise I'm really excited to tell everyone about it and share my experience - who better to share my excitement and experience with, then other cruisers !! Whether it is just a quick blurb or detailed account of that experience - I just love that I have a place to come and read about others experience and also can share mine with them... the added bonus is picking up useful tips I can use from my next trip !! Thank you to all those that write reviews and to those that read them. :D
  10. Great start - we will be cruising the Western route in February on the Miracle - looking forward to the rest of your review :)
  11. Kel040

    Calico Jacks/Public beach??

    Great info ! thank you for such a detailed post of your experience ! :)
  12. Can we invite 2 guests to join the 4 of us already booked in a cabana ?? I've been searching through the different HMC threads and can't seem to find anything. We do not need extra pop snacks or water, what comes for the 4 is plenty for the 6 of us, but I was wondering if there is any rules (or charge) regarding additional people in the cabana ?? Thanks in advance Kelly :)
  13. [COLOR="Black"][SIZE="3"]Hi All ! My DB and SIL will be joining us on their first cruise ever this October on the Pride. I want to put together a collage of pictures for them so I'm looking for some of your favorite PRIDE photos. I have some but needed more.. I also wanted to be able to zoom in on our balconies - they on starboard side and we are port side.. Also, whats photo etiquette - can I use photo I find in reviews ?? Thanks in advance ! [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  14. Here’s my short review of our short (4 night ) cruise. We sailed on the Victory out of Port Canaveral on April 10th. The last few cruises we were on were 6/7 night cruises but we had chose this one, mainly because we hoped that some other family members were going to join us and it fit right into our 2 week visit to see them all in Florida. Unfortunately no one was able to come this time, so it was just myself (57) and DH (a very youthful 72). :) The drive south was uneventful and we made pretty good time. Long gone are the days when we used to drive straight thru. We usually drive till dinner time and the check into a hotel for the night. The first day (April 2nd) we drove from home (Niagara area, Ontario) leaving about 6AM to Orangeburg South Carolina arrived about 7:30 PM. We stayed at the Fairfield Inn. The next day we left about 7AM and arrived at my SIL’s in Micanopy FLA about 2:30 in the afternoon. We stayed there till Saturday April 9th and then drove to Stuart FL and stayed over night with relatives there for one night. We left Stuart at 8AM – stopped for breakfast and drove to Cape Canaveral. We arrived at Cape Canaveral about 10:45am. We had purchased FTTF and we received an email stating – “Also, and most importantly, if you have flexible travel plans, to ensure a smooth embarkation experience, we suggest you arrive at the cruise terminal for check-in between 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM.” Happy to see the 11:30am checkin. Here was my first glimpse of the Victory ! I love that first sighting of my future home for the next week (or 4 nights in this case).. You think you’re excited when you are on the way – well actually seeing the ship is the best feeling of all - with this being our 7th Carnival cruise I can honestly say the feeling is just as exciting as the first time ! HELLO VICTORY ! We pulled into the luggage drop off area and a porter helped get our luggage from the car and I walked over the entrance of the terminal and my DH parked the car. Parking was $ 75.00 ($15 per night) they took cash or credit. The porter saw that we had FTTF tags on our luggage and she added a different FTTF tag, then directed me to where we would enter the terminal. TERMINAL Inside we first went through security - no line up at all. DH had forgotten to leave his pocket knife in the glove box of the car and he had to empty his pockets into that bowl (looks like our dog’s food dish, LOL) … uh oh..:eek: