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  1. As an aside. Which dining room is assigned to club class on the Regal.Thanks
  2. In this case there is a slight step, about 4inches as you get into the shower. Unless you have an handicap suit where the shower and tub are replaced by a wet room.
  3. Finally got the FCC for a fully paid for cruise we canceled, sail date 30th May 2020. We had the the monetary part back just after we canceled it. We have also had the deposits back for 4 cruises which Princess canceled. Now dare we book something for late next year so as to use the FCC of about 2 grand ?
  4. I'm still waiting for FCCs to show up in my captains circle account for a sail date of 30th May.' anyone had FCCs going back that far?
  5. Had that facility on the Sapphire out of UK a couple of years ago but I believe the new health restrictions will have them removed,
  6. Why bother to make advanced bookings. We normally just go to the restaurant as soon as we have settled in, after boarding and book. We have ,on all of our many cruises, never had a problem.
  7. Sign in to Princess web site then top right go to My Account which gives a drop down menu where Future cruise credit is listed. I'm still waiting for mine from 30th May cruise date.
  8. Hope that there will be a controller outside every group of elevators, marshaling people into them. "watch my wheelchair". Has cruising finished for lots of Princess passengers ?
  9. Well https://www.healthygateways.eu/Portals/0/plcdocs/EU_HEALTHY_GATEWAYS_COVID-19_RESTARTING_CRUISES.pdf?ver=2020-07-01-115942-557 was quite a read I guess that a fair proportion of Princess passengers will fall into the section .2.High risk groups As long as the pandemic continues, special precautions may be applied to passengers and crew belonging to high risk groups. Passengers in high risk groups including people over 65 years of age or people of any age with underlying medical conditions (chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases and immunocompromised individuals) should be advised to visit a doctor for pre-travel medical consultation to assess if they are fit to travel. Activities and services on board cruise ships could be organized according to age group, so that older individuals are separated from other age groups. Crew members in high risk groups could work in positions where there is little or no interaction with other individuals. Moreover, advanced respiratory protection may be used specifically by crew members belonging to vulnerable groups. Us 2 included.
  10. Hi pines I had an email from a Princess rep a couple of weeks ago with the promise that he could extend the FCC another year. Try talking to them and get the customer service person to confirm with their supervisor ( shout loud)
  11. I had a bunch of full deposit refunds about £2k to credit cards today covering 4 cruises sail dates between AUG 2nd 2020 and Nov 6th 2020 which Princes canceled. Well done for that Princess, but I'm still waiting for promised FCC for cancelation charges for a cruise sailing date May 30th 2020 . Anyone been waiting for FCC to show up in their captain's circle account from that far back ? 😬
  12. I booked direct with Princess. It's been a long wait and still waiting.
  13. Has any one who has booked a cruise in the UK had a refund and or FCC since canceling it due to the pandemic? In march Princess issued a notice which included a paragraph regarding people with pre existing medical conditions being denied boarding. Subsequently that paragraph was deleted. Upon reading this I canceled all 5 of our cruises for this year. The first cruise which was to have departed on 30th May which had been paid in full was partly refunded to my credit card with a promise to put FCC to my account,( some 25% of the cruise cost) This FCC to date hasn't happened. The other 4 cruises between dates 02 AUG and 06 Nov were canceled with the promise of refunds of the substantial deposits to my various cards again to date nothing has happened . What are your experiences ? Thanks, but as I say only UK bookings.
  14. Having read that NCL is doing a refit of their aircon filters, I wonder if Princess is also going to do the same ? It's always been a concern of mine that the aircon system could be the route of onboard bugs.
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