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  1. Doesn’t sound like you will get more than 2 hours max but probably less. If you have 7-10 people you could do a private charter and have the whole day there. We did that through ocean magic Mitch last year and it was great.
  2. Jost van dyke! We chartered ocean magic Mitch and Kate. Took us al over then to Jost. Had a party of eight and cost us less than cruise ship with almost double the time.
  3. The last time we did southwest we paid a little extra for automatic check in.
  4. We have done this excursion twice with NCL a while back. It was awesome. Back when we did it the excursion was 6 hours with at least 4 hours on the beach. How much time do you get now on the beach?
  5. Just looked at the Soggy Dollar Bar webcam. Looks like a small cruise ship just anchored. Should be full of action today.
  6. Yes. The chair vendor guys were fighting for our business. All we wanted was to sit on a beach and swim in warm water. We did not want an all day event but only a few hours. This worked great for us. Cheap trip off the ship.
  7. I wonder why ncl is selling a cruise to the Caribbean from New York when according to this schedule it will be in dry dock on the gem.
  8. I guess my issue was that we had been on the Dawn out of Boston so many times before and loved the food. I then got on the Gem with the same menu but the same dishes were so much different in taste and presentation. You would think same menu same taste but no. I was spoiled by the much better food on the Dawn.
  9. Last fall we just walked over to the water taxi. Took it for $7 round trip to great bay. Rented 2 chairs and umbrella for$20. Swam for a few hours in the warm water and ferried back to the ship. The day cost us $34. Were back on the ship for late lunch and empty pool. Will do it again when back there.
  10. I think the hard part of this to deal with is that NCL just jacked up the prices the sat before thanksgiving and thought no one would notice. If they had gradually increased prices over weeks or months and then offered 30% off people may have thought they were getting a good deal. Just another FDR blatant slap in the face to NCL customers. Just like him right out saying he is going to suck more money from every cruiser. Just obnoxious.
  11. True. The only reason I booked a sailaway is because it was last minute(4 days till sailing), great price and first solo cruise with no solo supplement.
  12. I am platinum and booked an inside sailaway for the 1st time. Got the worst cabin ever. The farthest forward on deck eight on gem. It was horrible during rough seas. Met others that booked sailaway after me with no latitude status and they got great cabin assignments. Who knows???
  13. Never had more than an hour for dinner in MDR but that has been on the smaller ships. That is why I like the smaller ships like spirit, Dawn and Gem. No lines. No waits and faster service.
  14. It is sad that some inexperienced cruisers will now book at these rates and not know to keep looking for price drops after Friday.
  15. I am platinum but even if I had no latitude status I would not pay for this. Not worth it in my opinion.
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