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  1. I am done with Ncl’s supposed great sales. Looking at other cruiselines to see if I can find a better deal. Have only cruised NCL . Do not know anything else but now am looking at other lines to get my money’s worth. Platinum but NCL does not seem to care if I leave them. They only seem to care about new cruisers, NCL you need to keep your frequent cruisers.
  2. The Gem definitely needs a refurb especially the pool deck. I laughed when I got on her and saw those pineapple lights still around the pool deck.
  3. Have done this cruise several times. During sea days they have a lot of trivia, crafts and multitude of other activities. We prefer to relax outside and listen to the poolside music or watch the pool games. In Bermuda we love to to Horseshoe bay and swim. There are shuttles right off the ship for $7 each way. NCL has a free ferry right at the dock that will take you to St George. Lots of shops and a vigorous walk to tobacco bay beach. The dockyard area off the ship is also nice to walk around. Many tours offered. No need to book with cruiselines. Public transportation is easy in Bermuda. Bermuda is not like the Caribbean islands. It is very safe to go off on your own.
  4. When we discovered the safe was shut by previous guest I went to guest services and was told someone would not be able to fix the problem until the next day. I was not thrilled about this. Went back to the cabin and told our steward and he got on his radio and the supervisor was there in 5 minutes ti fix it. He was a great steward.
  5. On the Dawn last year our safe was left closed by the previous guests with their code. A supervisor came up and put a security default code in and it was opened and working in minutes.
  6. This is a 4 night cruise with tons of cabins in all categories. I would wait and watch. Could be some last minute deals. Last spring I kept watching a 7 night cruise to Bermuda. I ended up booking it 4 days before the cruise and paid $260 total for everything for an inside cabin for just me.
  7. When I was on the gem last spring my safe had a lot of numbers not working. Had to set my code to 5555 cause of this.
  8. I have been on the Boston to Bermuda cruises each of these seasons. May was beautiful weather but the water is too cold to swim. Summer was loaded with kids and so hot and humid it was very uncomfortable to do any sight seeing. In the fall the weather was perfect and water warm. I loved fall best but it was still loaded with kids and we left early due to two hurricanes coming in. It is the best for being safe to wander anywhere.
  9. My last 14 night cruise I had no idea I had 5 nights dining. Thought I only had 3 nights. Lol. Just wanted the OP to know how many dinners he might really have.
  10. Maybe because they are in the summer when kids are out of school so very popular with families. Love Bermuda cruises but hate all the kids. Not that I don’t like kids but they take over the ship on these cruises. This is why I try to choose fall long cruises.
  11. It is against cruise critic rules to post to sellfuture cruise credits. Last year a nice lady posted that hers were going to expire in a few months and was giving them away. I got one and took a last minute spring 7 night cruise to Bermuda for a total of $260 after cruise credit. That woman was awesome.
  12. The Joy has a 7 night eastern Caribbean cruise 1/3/21. The concierge family inside has 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. A family of 5 would run about$5700 total for the week. It also has a virtual balcony window in the sitting room. It comes with all perks.
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