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  1. Did one sailaway inside and got the farthest forward cabin in the corner of deck 8 on the gem. The 1st 24 hours were rough seas and the cabin was unbearable during that time due to cabin rocking and bouncing and the horrible scary loud bashing of waves on the hull. I have been in cabins mid and aft in much,much worse seas and never experienced anything that bad. Will never get a forward cabin again.
  2. We have done both insides and balconies. We prefer the insides now because of the savings and we get out into the public areas more.
  3. If you are looking at a true aft facing balcony then go with deck 10. Balcony is deeper and you won’t have noise issues. If you go for a side view balcony deck 11 has 4 category BA balconies. The balcony is deeper than the regular ones, has overhang to protect some from the sun and rain and they are right next to the stairs and elevators. Very convenient location midship. We had one for our 14 night cruise on the Dawn last fall and loved it.
  4. Sorry but I am nor doing laundry on vacation. We usually take 14 night cruises and pack for 14 nights. We are platinum so get 1 bag of laundry free each per cruise but usually use that for our favorite clothing that we want to wear again. Yes we end up with 2 suitcases each but it is worth it not to have to worry about laundry on a cruise. I like to have a lot of choices on what to wear.
  5. I choose not to tip extra unless service from a particular crew member is exemplary. On top of the “service charge “ you are also charged 20% gratuities on beverages and specialty dining. I feel adding all this together I have tipped enough. Heck, I don’t even get towel animals or ice without asking anymore.
  6. It depends on where your going. Caribbean no. Alaska yes.
  7. We are also in our 50’s-60’s. We have sailed the Spirit, Dawn and Gem. Love the smaller ships. Much more personable service, no show reservations required and never has felt crowded. The 14 night cruise usually have little to no children which makes us happy. You will enjoy this cruise I am sure.
  8. We booked an excursion to DePalm island I Aruba through ncl. We had been there thru ncl once before and had a great time. This time they were having employee appreciation day. A lot was roped off for employees and their families only. Very very crowded. Long lines for food or drinks. When we got back to the ship we nicely explained our displeasure and 50% of the excursion was credited to OBC.
  9. Our last cruise with ncl there was a specialty dining reservation table set up in the terminal before boarding. Made all my reservations there. All times were opened for 2 people.
  10. Oh! It was my first solo cruise. Lol!!
  11. Boston to Bermuda. Atlantic Ocean.
  12. Have ever stayed on deck 8 forward in bad weather? It is not fun. The 1st time was an oops bad choice swore we would never do it again. This time was a sailaway interior assignment. Won’t do that again either. The people in cabins near me were being moved to different cabins the next day. I chose to stay because the worst was over.
  13. I got assigned cabin 8007 on the gem this spring. Not a bad cabin unless you have rough seas. It then turns into a nightmare. The sound of the waves hitting the hull every couple of minutes is loud and scary. The cabin rocked so hard that I could not walk one step in it without holding on to furniture. Could not take a shower when it was rough ( too dangerous). Had to keep shampoo, lotion etc in a drawer or they would fly around. I have been on many cruises with rougher seas but never felt it as bad as that.
  14. Does a ship that size feel crowded. Considered trying the mega ships but still hesitant.
  15. I am a smoker and wish we could smoke on the balconies still but we can’t. This is why we now book insides. Save a lot of money since I can not smoke on the balcony. Do not see the reason to book one otherwise. We now have great vacations on insides and save a heck of a lot of money. Never thought to break the rules but think it is rediculous to restrict smokers from smoking on the balconies.
  16. I sailed the gem this past spring out of Boston to Bermuda and found the food ok but not nearly as good as the Dawn was. Thought it was just me but since have known many people that have sailed this summer and it is the only complaint they had. You would think it would be the same fleet wide since they have the same menus.
  17. I used a cruise certificate in April and booked the cruise 4 days from sailing. Not sure that 6 month rule is true.
  18. I took my first solo cruise in April. I have done ten cruises with my hubby or parents. Always wanted to try a solo. It was great. First day I was unpacking by myself and thought “ what the heck was I thinking?” Then I had my first dinner in the dining room alone and was totally fine. After that I met people on deck and had a dinner partner each night. Had no idea there were so many solos on cruises. Loved doing what I wanted or did not want to do whenever I wanted. Learned that I loved to read again. I had a wonderful relaxing cruise and you will too. Now I have to figure out how to do another solo cruise without the hubby without him getting upset! LOL😼
  19. And your close to the mid ship elevators and stairs which is very convenient.
  20. NCL has been having a lot of computer glitches. I would call and check. One ncl cruise I booked eight nights out of seven dinner reservations. Looked fine in my ncl account. Got on the ship and only 1 reservation was showing. Had to rebook the other 7.
  21. Cruises that are not selling can drop really low close to sailing. I wanted a last minute getaway by myself this past spring. I watched the ncl cruises to Bermuda pricing everyday. I booked on a Monday and left on that Friday. 7 day cruise with no single supplement. Inside cabin sailaway. $250. I was happy. It is just the chances we take with booking early or last minute. Have my eye on a 14 night Caribbean cruise this fall that is not selling well at all. We will see!
  22. I read the terms and conditions of this offer and it does not mention this situation.
  23. Has anyone experienced this yet? If my same day flight arranged thru ncl is late does ncl wait for me or pay to get me to the next port? Or am I just out of luck and on my own?
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