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  1. All I meant was that the prices of these cruises keep increasing but the service keeps declining. Towel animals are no big deal to me. No coffee maker isn’t a deal breaker either. The no ice was a pain. First night I get back to my cabin, change for bed and then go to fill my thermos for ice water during the night. Guess what. No ice bucket. Never had that happen before. Had to get dressed and walk from front of ship to the back to fill my thermos. Was never informed asking for ice bucket was an option. These decreases are obviously so the cruise line can have less room stewards and give them more cabins. We also had very rough seas and all the stewards in the halls kept making it a point that most of them were sea sick. Thought that was odd info to continuously share with guests. I did not have the drink perk and thought the prices of drinks now were outrageous. Just got a different vibe this cruise that wasn’t as pleasant as prior NCL cruises.
  2. We have always used our debit card on NCL. Last month on the GEM I used it and my final bill was $1,000. Ncl put another holdings of $750 on my card. Never had that happen before in 10 years. My bank doesn’t put holds on to the account so it was NCL. Won’t do that again. NCL has become quite the money grubber lately.
  3. In an inside cabin by myself on the Gem. No towel animal ( which is fine) no coffee maker, and no ice bucket. Felt like the lower class cruise ship passenger. I now am learning from cruise critic that this is now the policy for inside cabins. Talk about going back to the old time when the low class passengers were called steerage. That is how I felt on this cruise. Some of the cabins were still getting there rooms cleaned at 2:30 in the afternoon. NCL has really taken a down turn with all their cutbacks and price increases. Without towel animals, coffee maker and ice bucket what does my room steward do for me? Nothing other than give me towels and make my bed. For the price they are now charging I have to look at other cruise lines. The service is no longer there.
  4. Yes you can. I believe you can purchase 3 meal or more packages. We find the main dining rooms more to our liking so only use our 2 platinum specialty meals and don’t purchase more.
  5. Unfortunately there are people with no public social skills on cruise ships. They do not know how to appropriately act in public places. Are they rude? Yes. Are they obnoxious? Yes. Do we have to tolerate them? Unfortunately yes. The cruise staff are taught to not confront an obnoxious guest unless they are endangering others.
  6. NCL is doing away with the towel animals. Had none last week on the Gem.
  7. I am 55 and just got off my first solo cruise. I am not in the same situation. My husband had no time available off of work but I did. Found an incredible deal to Bermuda out of Boston for 7 nights on NCL. Booked 4 days in advance. Always wanted to see what it was like to travel by myself. It was great. Did whatever I wanted to or nothing at all. Found a dinner buddy for some meals but was fine eating on my own. Very relaxing cruise. Will do it again in a minute. Still like having my husband with me but did enjoy doing it on my own also.
  8. Last week the public ferry docked at the same place as the ncl ferry. Not a lot to see in st George. I walked to tobacco bay. It was nice but a lot of hills to climb.
  9. Just off the NCL Gem Friday. On I think Sunday or Monday night about 9:45 pm two custom agents came up to the Bali hai bar. They asked for mens room cards and ended up arresting a young man sitting at the next table. We assumed it was drugs in cabin found. Felt really bad for him. Didn’t see him or his family again.
  10. Just off the Gem Friday. No major construction just minor maitenence as usual. No areas of the ship were closed.
  11. Just off the Gem. Never saw a kiosk. They had someone set up to take reservations in the buffet. Also you can make reservations using your tv.
  12. Just off the Gem. Only saw or heard of one person winning on the slots. He won $1,287 the last day. Others all reported the slots were not ever paying anything out.
  13. Just got off the gem yesterday. Had a sail away inside cabin. First time in this class of cabin. No towel animals, no coffee maker for steward to replenish and no ice bucket for him to refill. Only thing he did was make my bed or turn it down or replace some towels. My cabin is always left spotless by me. I know they work very hard and I appreciate that but I do not feel I get any extra service to warrant an extra tip over what I have already paid anymore. Always used to leave extra tip but NCL doesn’t give the room stewards a chance to do anything extra for the guests. Go ahead and flame me!
  14. Just off the gem today. I was in an interior sail away. The ride to Bermuda Friday night and Saturday was really rough and my deck 8 cabin forward was very rough. The sounds and shuddering of the waves hitting the hull made it impossible to sleep. Other than the first 24 hours the cabin was fine. No drink package with this cabin. Drinks were outrageous prices for paying guests.
  15. Just off the gem today. Mimosa was $13.14 after gratuity. I thought that was outrageous. A gin and tonic was$15. Soda $4.14. Also the price of drinks varied from bar to bar.
  16. Just off the gem today. No towel animals.
  17. I know. I am platinum and got one of the worst assigned cabins even though there are a ton of desirable insides that are not going to sell before Friday. O well! At least I wasn’t assigned a broom closet as I could have been at this price, I am happy. More to spend in casino! LOL!
  18. I am sailing Friday on the gem in a sail away inside. Got assigned a cabin the farthest forward on deck 8. Not a good location but the savings was incredible. $299 for solo. The cheapest inside cabin with a perk was $998 for solo cruiser. That would come to $1136 with beverage package gratuity. I will not spend the additional charge of $837 for drinks, so I will live with the undesirable cabin. Used a cruise credit that was gifted to me by a wonderful lady on this forum. Total cost of cruise $262. Can not beat that.
  19. Just booked this yesterday. Great deal. Today it is down to $249.
  20. Thank you. That was a nice response. Makes me feel better.
  21. I just booked my first solo cruise on the Gem out of Boston to Bermuda. Last minute. Husband has always gone with me the last 7 cruises. Couldn’t pass up the price. Now I am thinking I am crazy. What will I do with myself for 7 nights? Looking forward to it but a bit nervous that I will be lonely and awkward. Anyone have experience with this situation?
  22. Sorry! Misread thread. Thought you were going from balcony to mini.
  23. Sorry but you get nothing more than the balcony cabins you get more bathroom space and maybe more balcony space.
  24. You will each get one bag of laundry free to use whatever day you want. You do not have to wait for the laundry deal like others.
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