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  1. Very interesting report. Glad you enjoyed the trip. We loved Seaside. Ken
  2. Yes, 110-120 volts as per US standard. Most people bring power strips and adaptors. Careful to bring a transformer if using 240(EU) sockets to charge your 110-120 gadgets.
  3. Have you tried https://www.msccruceros.es/es-es/Homepage.aspx ? Your device may be configured for the US. If you try https://www.msccruises.com/en-gl/Select-Your-Country.aspx you can select country. Ken
  4. Hi Kevin. We sailed out of Copenhagen in August, although not on Poesia, we have 8 MSC cruises behind us. 1) I am taking the 22 day Greenland trip. It arrives back in Copenhagen at 8am. Is this enough time to catch a 12:15pm flight from CPH? How often is arrival late? How long does disembarkation normally take? I don't know how often they are late but, in our experience, not often. The ship will likely dock earlier than schedules. If you grab a taxi asap, no later than 9.30, you should have enough time. CPH is a large airport so you may have a long walk to gates. 2) Is it fair to assume late dinner will be mostly Europeans and younger people? Difficult to say. On such a long cruise, I think you will have more older cruisers and not so many young people. 3) I know this is a new sailing, but in general on the Northern European sailings, what percentage of passengers are American? (asking for curiosity...would actually prefer this to be a lower number) I would guess no more than 10% on any cruise but, on such a long cruise, I couldn't guess. 4) We have a balcony on Deck 9, middle of ship. We could have also chosen 10 or 12...is one better than the other? 9 is fine but higher is usually better as long as you are not under the buffet or pool deck. 12 is immediately below the pool deck. Avoid! 5) Thermal Spa. Only paid access, e.g. Aurea, can access the Thermal area. The gym is free as are all hot tubs in public areas. Enjoy. Sounds like a great trip. Ken
  5. We've sailed on all three and all are good but Seaside and Meraviglia are in a different league. Seaside gets my vote for the Caribbean based on more outside space at the buffet, the second buffet and the Haven lounge which is the equivalent of the Meraviglia lounge. On Meraviglia, this lounge is right outside the MDR and very close to the theatre. This means it gets full very early on. The Haven lounge, being at the back of the ship, does not have this problem and the bands were great. The Meraviglia promenade is technologically amazing but a bit of a one day wonder. Seaside is actually very shiny with a lot of reflective surfaces but the atrium is kind of Sark but has great screens. I agree with comments regarding the location of the speciality restaurants on Meraviglia. On Seaside, they feel more special. Ken
  6. No shortage of toilet paper but no tissues. There were sanitary bags which I always use to pack my toothbrush at the end of the cruise. Drink straws are now paper(bleurgh!) and paper coasters only supplied sporadically. I don't understand why OP is promoting that review. I never carry my wallet in my back pocket, even at home in Ireland in a small rural town. In any strange town/city, it is wise to stay off back streets. Ken
  7. Yes, you can walk in to the speciality restaurant holding your drink. There is usually a bar very near the speciality restaurants. Ken
  8. Yes, as a meat eater, I loved BC as filet mignon was available on the restricted menu. Even my wife ordered it. In the Asian restaurant, she struggled and ordered off the main menu. In Ocean Cay, on Seaside, she managed to get what she liked but on Meraviglia, being in Europe, the menu was not as good. Also, even with the Premium drinks package, choice of wines was limited in MDR and specialty restaurants.
  9. Be aware that you are presented with a 'Dining Experience' menu which is limited. However, this wasn't a big problem in BC & Asian but, in any of the speciality restaurants, you can choose a dish from the main menu at a 50% discount.
  10. Hi. We purchased the Tryptic dining package on Seaside and Meraviglia this year. In hindsight, the food in the MDR was so good that we felt the dining package was not necessary. Having said that, we loved Butcher's Cut, liked the Asian restaurant, especially on Meraviglia where I tried sushi for the first time, and Ocean Cay (the restaurant) was just ok. The package is great value as the prices without a package are eye-watering. There are a few combinations available now including Tapas and Cirque du Soleil.
  11. I've never heard of this in 7 cruises with VC 'perks'. Did you get the 5% discount?
  12. Following. Loved your last review. I would fancy that itinerary too. Ken
  13. Excellent review. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Ken PS. We really enjoyed the Norwegian Fjords last August.
  14. Usually, obstructed means there is a piece of steel, a stanchion or pillar that partially blocks the view. You must complete the Status Match before you board. No coffee pots in Bella rooms. Ken
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