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  1. We used the Helicopter to Monaco to join the Mariner. They allowed us to bring plenty of luggage as far as I recall. Was nice and convenient and they dropped us at our hotel from where we could see the Mariner sailing into the Port the next day. Wonderful memories...
  2. For those who are looking for a world class Safari would suggest &Beyond. They have some very nice properties and will arrange small private planes to move you to save time. Also their lodges have their own airstrips so no time wasted driving to and from. Since we are three they chartered a small plane for us to go from point A to B thus maximizing our safari experience.
  3. We have taken one O cruise years ago and didn’t care for the food- quality of food product but things may have changed. Also, found the demographic not to our taste. In the past we have loved its sister company regent(and hoping to retry them soon on either splendor or explorer) We recently in February went on seabourn odyssey loved everything about it except the food. We found all the ice creams too sweet, food in the main restaurant inedible and no where near as good as crystal or even mainstream line. The only exception was Thomas Keller restaurant(good quality produce)and some of the specialty event meals in Colonnnade. The Indian meal was the best at sea(we are of Indian origin). The food was so disappointing that it is the only major hesitation in reconsidering a seabourn cruise. I will say their service was amazing (better than crystal or Pg are two favourite lines).
  4. Thanks, Wes. We have grown very comfortable cruising with Crystal for the last 6 years. But i do see your point regarding their cabin size. If the 2023 Regent itinerary suits may jump ship. We are homebound with everything cancelled except for a Splendour cruise next Sept.
  5. Why, Wes? We are booked on the 2023 WC with Crystal. All itinerary driven for us.
  6. We have a couple booked including the 2023 world cruise.
  7. You have the choice to arrange this on your own. We usually do.
  8. Very sad to hear this...knew he wasn’t well. The last time we had him was a couple of years ago in South Africa. A very perfect gentle knight indeed. His cheese plates were works of art placed from mild to strong to enervate the palate. His crepe suzette was fabulous . He loved his Gorgonzola and his Viognier but was happy to share a glass of my daughter’s Caymus or Dom taking it back to his ‘ office’ to drink later on. In Mozambique he carried back a huge jackfruit from the market for my daughter and was so excited that he was able to find one for her that he came to Prego to tell us about it. We enjoyed it at breakfast and Santana told us that the rest was enjoyed by the staff. He also carried back fresh green chillies for my husband’s omelet! He will certainly be missed by the staff on Symphony and his many cruising fans. May his soul Rest In Peace,
  9. With all the bad news emails just wanted to say that I received my refund of deposit without using the credit card default for my cancelled Jan 2021 cruise. I am really sorry we cannot make it but with DH health issues, the 72 hours wait in Los Angeles, the inability to use private excursion vendors we decided to cancel. Over the years since 2003 we have done 13 cruises on PG and we have enjoyed every one of them. We are really sad we cannot make it especially as we just love the crew but unless our circumstances and the world changes we cannot consider this.
  10. Another choice would be to take Regent or Crystal when their ships sail in the region.
  11. Seeing all the protocols that FP and Ponant are putting into place I am just not willing to go on the PG anytime soon.
  12. Hi Claudia, While the PG does not require a mandatory Covid test that is because to enter French Polynesia you are required to have a test and certificate dated within 72 hours. My understanding from other FP travelers is to get the test and certificate completed within that time frame is quite impossible unless you visit the one paid test centre near LAX. In regards to Ponant financials they are owned by Groupe Artemis (holding company of Francois Henri Pinault). Some of other brands this group owns includes Gucci, Christie's auction house, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga to name a few. While our family is lovers of the PG and the experience in FP, we do not feel this is the way to cruise on them. Miriam
  13. Wendy, we are hoping to go January. But very nervous to fly for so many hours with a mask.
  14. We have booked 2023 WC and my DD will be on one of the segments. The easy cancellation terms were what attracted us.
  15. Thanks. Will check it out.
  16. Please tell me where? We live in Unionville.
  17. We got caught by the volcano in 2010. Was able to get a flight out....but others on our Regent cruise were stuck in a Verona for 10 days. Had to get local doctors to contacts their US doctors to get them prescriptions. Very cumbersome. Now we take complete details of all prescriptions. And at least 15 days extra meds on a two week cruise. Would plan to take substantial extras for the world cruise.
  18. They will store my excess in a locked fridge in the medical center.
  19. Was intending to but just couldn’t remember the email and thanks for the same.
  20. My insulin can be outside for 45 days but the world cruise is a lot longer than that. i store it at 5 degrees in my fridge at home taking a pen out when needed. Some cruise lines store it for you in the medical centre.
  21. Looking at a World Cruise on Crystal. What arrangements does Crystal make for Insulin storage? The fridge in the rooms is not optimum temperature. Thanks, M
  22. We tend to book as soon as itineraries come out. In fact this is likely the first time in years that we haven't booked 2023 and cancelled our already booked 2022 itineraries.
  23. Yes...they are unilaterally amending their contract or refusing to honour their contract. there is also Oceania and Regent who may or may not be solvent
  24. In case you were unaware I mentioned Gucci as the owners of Gucci own Ponant!
  25. I too am in this bucket...would love to sail again on the PG with our beloved crew. But, then wouldn't we be flowing our $ to a company who breaches contracts and writes arrogant emails. How to divorce the two? I seesaw each day....nothing muchvelse to do in quarantine. On another note saw your pic of Maupiti a couple of days ago and we have to make it there sometime. Hope you and your wife are doing well!
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