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  1. Never known any and in the past some have gone up in price when you book onboard against prices pre cruise.
  2. On my past experience with P&O with reference to definition of "significant", see my previous post, then I would say not a cat in hell's chance of getting a full refund.
  3. Best of luck anyone trying to get any changes to their cruise classified as "significant" by P&O. Our past experience is we booked a 16nt cruise on Oriana and just after final payment, surprise,surprise, P&O informed us that Oriana was due for refit at end of our cruise and it was to be brought forward so our 16 nt cruise became 15nt. They cancelled one port of call completely and every port of call for the rest of the cruise where changed to different days, same ports but all different days. They said they would reimburse 1nt of the cruise by adding it to my onboard account. When I said I wanted the 1 nt reimbursement in cash as I had paid for holiday in full as per contract in cash they refused. They also said that reducing cruise by 1 nt and changing every port of call day was not classified as "significant" so couldnt cancel my cruise with full reimbursement. After many arguments and telephone calls and threat of legal action and contacting ABTA for advice they finally backed down and paid my 1 nt reimbursement in cash and gave me the opportunity to cancel with full reimbursement. Foolishly I accepted the 1nt in cash but still went on the cruise, the ship was only 50-60% full and we found out that many had cancelled and shortly before the cruise was due the ship was only about 25% full so they offered it to PO staff and all their relatives and TA staff a very heavily reduced price to try and fill the ship. We met many during the cruise who freely admitted that they worked or had relatives with P&O or worked for TAs and had paid very little for the cruise.
  4. There are 2 packages as follows- Premium Soft Drinks Option - $29 per person, per day Enjoy unlimited refreshments from a range of soft drinks, small bottled waters, freshly squeezed juices, speciality hot drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails. You will also receive a 20% discount on any non-alcoholic drinks not included in the Premium Soft Drinks Option Soft Drinks Option - $10 per person, per day Unlimited draught soft drinks, selected fruit juices, squash and cordials.
  5. that is probably why they have got rid of them because everybody did the same and seen many times waiters pick them up give them a quick wipe and then put them back in the pile at entrance to buffet.
  6. But do think it would be wise to contact Cunard and confirm that they are taking a CPAP machine and ask about distilled water so it can be confirmed. Dont want mygreyhound66 to get onboard expecting distilled water to be provided after listening to people on here of their past experiences to be told that they dont provide it.
  7. It states on Cunard's UK website that distilled water for medical reasons must be provided by yourselves
  8. I think Windsurfboy is asking about toilets near to the Grills Terrace on deck 11 not the restaurants.
  9. Amazes me how some think they know better and are better qualified than the Captain's of cruise ships and the experts based at Southampton with regards to conditions of which a ship can sail in safely and the docking of cruise ships at ports and the adverse conditions they might have to encounter. The safety of the passengers, the staff and the ship is the main priority of any Captain and those that make these decisions in Southampton and I am sure are not taken lightly. Makes me wonder if some knocking P&O about their actions on the current Ventura cruise have any maritime experience in operating a ship or is the only experience they have is a plastic one in the bath.
  10. I am afraid your impression is wrong on my next roundtrip TA on QM2 14nts I have $80pp OBC so a total of $160 that is about half the price of tips at the current rate.
  11. Well you are lucky you have that privilege in the US as it is something we are never offered in the UK. Another one where those in UK dont get same as those who book in US as the free drinks if booking a Queens/Princess Grill suite which we do not get either. Me thinks that UK cruisers are being taken as fools by Cunard. The more I learn the more I am heading towards "all inclusive cruises" where everybody gets the same no matter wherever they are in the world.
  12. Portunus has not been around for years it is The Peninsular Club and has been for a long time.
  13. When we have boarded Princess at usually about midday in Southampton the cabins have always been ready to occupy straight away.
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