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  1. If any holiday company sells to the UK market and THEY cancel the holiday they cannot refuse to give you a full cash refund. They will try to fob you off with vouchers but they are breaking UK law if you ask for a cash refund and they refuse. Just remind them and see what they say but vouchers for a company that could go bump are useless.
  2. Anyone been online yet to enquire about a divorce 🤣
  3. Factually incorrect as Canada has closed ports to cruise ships of 500 passengers or more until 1st July..
  4. Princess must be in dreamland because they are advertising round British Isles cruises from Southampton at fantastic prices for August/September.
  5. I wouldnt worry because I always make sure I have got good travel insurance adequate to cover me for all medical eventualities.
  6. So if considering a world cruise it is one hell of a gamble if you are near a country that has not signed up when needing a medevac and one I wouldnt dare to risk so I would recommend everyone o make sure they have good enough travel/medical insurance to cover such incidents.
  7. Sorry but above my knowledge and in present times anything can happen. But if cruise lines are suspended from service for a longer period say into 2021 and the control of coronavirus takes longer then there is every chance that some cruise companies will go to the wall.
  8. The problem is obviously where the ship is at moment of time and which country does the evacuation. I am sure like many things if it be the case then not all countries will have signed up to UNCLOS so would be a hell of a gamble so therefore you should make sure that travel insurance covers you for any situation.
  9. Who knows it would take a brave man to buy shares in current situation because Carnival are far from out of the woods and the longer cruising is suspended the greater the chance that Carnival could go bump and lose everything.
  10. Initially fall but long term will rise when confidence is back at full strength.
  11. On our last QM2 TA there was a medivac to the south of Ireland and we were told after by the Captain that everything went well and the patient was taken to hospital in Cork, Ireland. Therefore the chance of the patient being Irish was very slim and more likely due to numbers on the ship be from either US or UK so I think Cunard will get billed for the helicopter rescue as they were the ones who called for it and it would then be passed onto the patient and his insurance company.
  12. Patient's insurance every time and if you havent got insurance cover you have a problem.
  13. We were lucky enough to have a fantastic experience of the Northern Lights on Oriana in 2013.
  14. No it is still planned for 13th/14th August 2020
  15. No the Battle of Flowers still happens in August of every year.
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