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  1. We are lucky enough to be able to board tenders unaided but to be honest cruised with P&O many times in the last 19yrs and never even heard of or seen anyone doing a step test and we have tendered in differing ports many times and also with other cruise lines.
  2. Just pre registered a cruise with specialist TA gave 10% discount as past passenger, 5% discount Peninsular Club cruise and then 3% TA discount and gave 6 cabins I would be happy to book. Excellent service which only took a few minute son the phone.
  3. Save all the worry and phone a specialist cruise TA you will pay less than booking direct with P&O and also you will be able to give cabin numbers that you would be happy to book. If you pre register direct with P&O they dont allow you to pick cabin numbers on give them a grade of cabin and you could be anyhwere on the ship within that grade.
  4. A lot depends on time of year of cruise and when booking as usually the cheapest is when the brochure is first released, which for 2010 was September 2018, any time after that fluid pricing kicks in and can vary depending on how well the cruise is selling or not.
  5. There is only 1x12nt holiday in August 2021 to Canaries on Oceana on 9th Aug.
  6. Am I right that the A34 will only be closed northbound and southbound will remain open and limited to one lane. We will be going down to Southampton on Saturday 2nd November.
  7. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I dont think any Captain whether it be on P&O or any other cruise line would gamble on the weather and put the passengers and crew at any undue risk. Like at all ports of call the Captain and his senior crew will have detailed weather forecasts from varying authorities so he can make his decision and if all got the sea conditions wrong then it is just one of those things that can happen with an ever changing weather pattern in the world these days. Whilst I agree that there are some on this and every forum who would not have a bad word said about their favourite cruise line whether it be P&O or other cruise lines equally there are some who jump at every situation they can to bemoan or threaten legal action against them and often wonder if they are that bad why dont they find somebody else to cruise with.
  8. We always stay in a hotel the night before the cruise but I have never considered using one that allows cruise parking because of the hotel car parks are always open to general public at all times and most are not very secure.
  9. It is already named and has been for some time on a website for new builds as Queen Anne
  10. I certainly wouldnt waste time in Southampton to comply with time on your e-ticket. I would go to terminal as soon as feasible and at worst sit in comfort but dont think they will make you wait until 3-30pm. At best you will get onboard early and have lunch and relax and a wander around the ship.
  11. By the time you have paid the parking at airport and then added either a taxi to the dock or price of train then taxi from train station to dock and then the same on return it is very impractical for us and doesnt save any money if anything it would cost more.
  12. Have a look at the company Dobell they have a fantastic sale on at the moment.
  13. We are sailing on QM2 in November from Southampton and we are embarking at City Terminal so Carnival i.e. Cunard definitely and P&O possibly do use City Terminal on occasions.
  14. We were told the same at Peninsular Club lunch in May by an officer.
  15. I believe that cruises will not be officially released on 14th October and able to book from 21st October depending on Peninsular Club Loyalty grade and when on general sale later in same week in differing stages depending on time of year of cruise.
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