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  1. Then went on to become Saga Ruby and has since been sold to be a floating hotel but never happened and went for scrap. We went on Caronia on one of her last cruises when she was actually owned by Saga and leased back to Cunard to fulfill her sold cruises.
  2. We first cruised with Cunard on QE2 in 1997 and it was US$ for onboard prices and to my knowledge all Cunard ships have been the same since.
  3. No they will not reduce onboard prices of drinks, speciality restaurants or anything else onboard but us as the consumer we can reduce our purchases of such items. When you take into account the very poor £ to $ exchange rate currently which makes for UK cruisers onboard Cunard drinks, restaurants and items in the shops very expensive. On our last cruise on QE there was no atmosphere around the ship after dinner as majority of bars excluding Queens Room and even though it was busy in there not all were ordering drinks.It will certainly make a difference to me on our roundtrip TA on November and we will be purchasing nowhere near as many drinks as we normally do when we are on a cruise.
  4. Dublin Port Authority has made a decision to restrict all cruise lines not just Princess due to capacity issues as cruise ships are visiting more than the Port Authority can handle. This year there are 160 cruise ship visits to the port and they are hoping to reduce it to only 80 by 2021 so it is not just a Princess problem and I think it was out of their hands having to cancel Dublin as an embarkation port from 2020. The reason given by the port authority is the increase of container ships using Dublin after the UK leave the EU.
  5. I think you will need more than that i.e. dark suit if you intend eating in MDR on Formal evenings.
  6. The last place I would buy any currency is onboard the rates are so poor. You can virtually get most currencies at your local post office/TA/Bank or supermarket ( which usually have the best online rate, better than buying in shop). With a bit of pre planning you can usually arrange to purchase currency at a suitable time when it is convenient.
  7. Seen many times when I have sailed with Princess people using walkie talkies and seems to be a common thing with Americans. How reliable they are is another matter and I suppose depends on the quality of the walkie talkie.
  8. Currently on Crown Princess on British Isles cruise Elite cruisers are asked to go to a different area on the ship than the rest of cruisers who are tendering. They are then given priority from that area by the staff and sent down to tender embarkation.
  9. Sorry but IMO whilst I agree you can spend a fortune on designer label jeans but end of the day they are still jeans and are never smarter, again my opinion, whatever the cost than a pair of trousers whether it be with a shirt or as part of a suit.
  10. It is a personal thing for me but whatever cruise line I am on I never wear jeans/denims of any colour to eat in MDR in the evening. I wear jeans during the day but not in the evenings.
  11. That is total rubbish and a lie and you should be ashamed to spread it when it is clearly not true. I wonder if you have ever cruised on P&O or any cruise line or just thought about cruising on Britannia and you do not know what you are talking about and just spreading misinformation. You have been clearly been told by people actually on the cruise and it has also been confirmed by P&O that the video you shared and started this thread was incorrect and yet still dont believe what people on the cruise are saying and continue to spout your misinformation.
  12. Thought the next P&O ship to be built after Iona wasnt due until May 2022.
  13. If you are looking at summer 2021 then the cruises are usually released for sale sometime in September of this year. The full summer programme for all the ships is usually released at this time as it has been this last few years.
  14. But cruising was a lot more expensive 20yrs ago than these days if you take in the increase of cost of fuel and inflation. If the price is cheaper then something has to give you cannot expect the food available 20yrs ago at todays cheaper prices.
  15. "Smash and grab" seems a good explanation of buffet restaurant.
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