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  1. He perhaps would on P&O dont forget even though the Princess cruise was from Southampton there were many Americans and other nationalities onboard who might never have heard of him.
  2. We saw Gareth Gates in the theatre on Princess last summer at no extra charge and the theatre was far from full and only my personal opinion but he was OK but certainly wouldnt pay £22 to go and see him.
  3. There have been comments on other threads that states that balcony cabins on deck 8 get a lot of noise from swimming pool directly above. Never experienced cabins on deck 8 but we did cruise on another cruise line and booked a cabin on deck below swimming pools and heard the swishing around of water throughout the night and from very early every morning about 6ish staff dragging around sunbeds in preparation for the day.
  4. The op was asking about cruises to Northern Lights in October 2022.
  5. There are cruises to see Northern Lights in October 2021 sailing from Southampton with P&O cruises and I should imagine they will be repeated in 2022.
  6. I think she is missing La Palma.
  7. Princess stopped you transferring your P&O points to them this last 12-18 months at least.
  8. On this occasion no but like I have said in previous posts how many times have P&O cancelled ports of call during the cruise so have not had to pay any monies to port authorities but have still not refunded money paid by passengers.
  9. I agree with your sentiments but I am also on about other cruises where P&O cancel ports of call during cruise where there is no impact on the rest of the cruise they still have charged each passenger for that port of call but is never refunded and P&O do not reimburse just for a missed port they just say contact your insurance company and then keep your money for profit. Princess always refund port fees/taxes when you miss a port of call whether it be their fault or weather related and dont think the argument that they do it because it is separate on your cruise fare "holds water" because you have still paid them in whatever way it is done.
  10. That is a poor excuse passengers have still paid them whether they are included in cruise fare or separately listed they have still been paid and P&O will now not need to pay them so over 3000 passengers will be a considerable amount straight into P&O coffers as profit.
  11. Have you thought about going to reception and asking if you will be reimbursed the port fees/taxes that you have paid for ports that you are not going to call at now and P&O will not have to pay. I can assure you it will be more than the lousy £25 obc so P&O will be in profit for ports not stopped in.
  12. If my memory serves me right we have just returned from Roundtrip TA in November and the prices were higher than those shown.
  13. Who wants to listen to Elaine Page or Michael Ball full stop.
  14. I certainly wouldnt pay that amount in gratuities call me cynical but after 50+ cruises in 22yrs with varying cruise lines I do not believe all 100% of the monies collected in gratuities goes to the staff.
  15. I certainly do not want to eat at 5-45pm and if they introduce "no jacket required" for the rest of the fleet then that will be the end of Cunard for me. Might as well save myself a fortune and go with P&O.
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