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  1. Might not be the healthiest but the best way to fry chips.
  2. What worries me about booking direct with P&O is that many have never even been on the ships they are selling whereas the TA I use I have never spoke to an agent who hadnt cruised and if not on the ship you are interested in put you onto somebody who has and can ask any questions you have.
  3. Our first cruise was in 1997 to celebrate 15th wedding anniversary. We flew to New York on Concorde and then stayed for 4 nts at Waldorf Astoria and then sailed back TA on QE2 which was 6 nts in those days. We went up Empire State building on the morning of our embarkation on QE2 and saw the ship in her berth at Hudson River and didnt know what to expect or what to look forward too. Must say it turned out to be a fantastic cruise as we were upgraded to Caronia restaurant from Britannia restaurant and was unforgettable.
  4. Dont think it will be in the hands of P&O more Carnival plc and if they decide to sell the brand as a job lot which cannot see happening because who would want to buy a cruise company and 6 ships as a going concern in current times.
  5. We have a cruise booked on 6th May on Britannia but not convinced that it will not be cancelled but pretty sure if it does that we will not be on it. Current cruising conditions for the restart of cruising might be OK for some but not for us and we are not that desperate to cruise under any conditions. Will more than likely cancel and transfer booking to Summer 2022 programme is available.
  6. There was a few years ago some of the higher posters on CC getting invites to a P&O cruise ship naming ceremony in Southampton from CC and there was an enormous amount of silly and nonsensical posts just to boost peoples post count in the hope that they would get an invite.
  7. I got a 7 day "holiday" for mentioning politics in a Covid post in April.
  8. Glam Rock was my era and saw Slade and David Bowie live in the 70s and still a great fan especially David Bowie. Also saw Sensational Alex Harvey Band as support for Slade and been a fan of their music ever since.
  9. But a couple in same cabin will possibly have more onboard spend than a single i.e. 2 x speciality restaurants, 2 excursions and 2 lots of drinks for example therefore making the cruise lines more money.
  10. Having spent over 30yrs working in an emergency service and dealing with many deaths of people of all ages and most deaths unexpected you cannot help in having sympathy and empathy for the person that has "passed" and the family and friends left behind. Many, if not all, I didnt know at all until the sad day involved but you have to care and to console those around you because we all have a heart. I am sure those that leave flowers at sad incidents even if not people involved are not known to them do it for very good and the right reasons and not for any other reasons. I hope that Wowzz has second thoughts and regrets his post because I am sure if we are all honest never intend to post anything on here or any other social media intentionally to hurt or upset anyone and sometimes written words can some time be misconstrued.
  11. No use having more hand sanitizing stations around the ship if there use is not enforced. Seen far too many enter buffet and MDR for lunch and dinner without blatantly not using it or coming out with all sorts of excuses not to use and only ever seen it really enforced at breakfast in MDR.
  12. I think Cunard have said they are still committed to the new build but have said that it will be pushed back a short period.
  13. We must have been on different QM2 when we have done many TAs than many others. Golden Lion is always busy at lunch times and very hard to get a seat due to the fact they serve Pub Lunch and seats fill up in preparation mid morning. Is also very difficult in the evening when there is music on even though they do not serve food in the evening. We have also struggled to get a seat in Commodore Club unless late at night after late show in the theatre and we have gone for a night cap drink. There are many quieter spots and less crowded areas on QM2 but as thread op was asking about lounges with live music we have found them all to be busy in the evenings.
  14. Certainly wouldnt say that the lounges are uncrowded especially Golden Lion.
  15. Beers, Wines & Spirits Option - $69 per person, per day and they do a non alcoholic for $29 per day which includes non alcoholic cocktails and what is included in soft drinks package and hot drinks package.
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