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  1. I thought it had to be completed on the App within 24hrs of boarding ship it was with us on Regal 2 weeks ago.
  2. We have done 2 Seacations from Southampton one in August(Cunard) and one in September(Princess) and on both occasions the snack bar in Ocean Terminal was closed.
  3. Dock Gate 20 is clearly signed if you come into the dock area along A33 from M271 within 1/2 mile there are 2 massive road signs saying Dock Gate 20 left lane and DONT go over the flyover and then you reach a roundabout and turn right again clearly signposted. If coming along A33 in the opposite direction again clearly signposted and again stay in left lane and DONT go over flyover but turn left at roundabout into Dock Gate 20.
  4. Let's be honest the statement "Define what you mean by breakfast" was a rather strange statement to make think we all know what breakfast is.
  5. They tell you to not to enter via Dock Gate 10 enter Dock Gate 20 and then proceed to Covid test centre by Mayflower to make it easy if you have Sat Nav use West Bay Road. Arrive at test centre at allocated time and then leave by Dock Gate 10 and proceed to Dock Gate 4 where CPS will take your car and you take suitcases to loading point and by the time you get into terminal or perhaps before you will receive your LFT test result. It is all very easy and straight forward.
  6. Glad to hear you got sorted but be aware P&O are very good at blaming everyone else and it is never their fault. I would take her statement that it is the banks fault with a very large pinch of salt especially has their website has had glitches for months and even years.
  7. Plus nobody 100% knows for definite, many think they do but cruise companies are very iffy about it, where any cash given as tips is kept by the staff or handed over and placed into the general pool. Over they years heard so many different stories of cash given is kept if auto gratuities in place or handed over if not but nobody knows for a fact where it goes. What really galls me is how cruise companies make people feel guilty in leaving the auto gratuities on and tip further because of the poor pay staff receive from Carnival plc. In 2020 Arnold Donald CEO of Carnival plc received a salary of over $13 million dollars an increase of 20% on 2019 when cruise lines had no income and were on the knees knowing whether they would survive or not. I find it in the 21st century that staff being paid so poorly and having to rely on handouts to receive a living wage distasteful especially when senior managers of Carnival plc are paid so high and while people keep paying over the top tips Carnival will carry on paying poor wages because it boosts their profits.
  8. Dont forget there is already a considerable daily sum automatically added to your onboard account per person. I have done many Cunard cruises including TAs and never seen anyone tip a waiter in MDR. Think you are forgetting about automatic tipping and think it is totally unnecessary to tip everyone you meet.
  9. We leave the auto gratuities in place and do not tip any further and would never dream of tipping in advance because that is not a tip it is a bribe.
  10. A meal taken at the beginning of the day and before lunch.
  11. Think it is awful that some residents of La Palma have had to be evacuated from their villages and some have lost their homes and possibly everything they own yet some are hoping that the volcano continues to erupt so they can view it from their luxury cruise ship. The selfishness of some people really does make me wonder.
  12. We have just returned from Regal and are Elite and all we got in bathroom is soap and shower gel and shampoo in bottles fixed to shower wall and the tiniest of tubes of body lotion. Not sure if it has been stopped like so many other things, we were forgotten or the super size body lotion was the upgraded Elite bathroom amenities. We also didnt get priority disembarkation we had to go to reception and ask for it.
  13. I suggest it should you that should dress down in your jeans and eat in your stateroom.
  14. Yes sorry I have done and it says "get people to pay crew incentive so we as a company can pay slave wages so we can make loads of profit and pay Arnold Donald $15million a year. Scandalous and has no place in 21st century but as long as "mugs" fall for it and keep paying they will carry on doing it.
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