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  1. Yes- https://dlxffu6hwewxp.cloudfront.net/cas/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/18063159_CAS_MemberBonus_Amenity_List_v3.pdf
  2. John-When do you receive the invitation- in an email or in the stateroom?
  3. Robinhill

    Dogsled Advice

    I always book direct with Coastal Helicopters in Juneau. I have gone dogsledding on the glacier three times now and have had a great time each time. All of the major helicopter companies are closely priced.
  4. John how did you find out it is for Day 7 in the Aquatheater by invitation only?
  5. Can anyone tell me if the balcony in 7648 and 7650 on the Ovation is larger then normal? It is a studio balcony cabin but it looks like it is on a hump and longer. Thanks in advance.
  6. Yup- that is always the case for inaugural cruises- they are always more because they are the first one- thats why i go for the second or third one. LOL
  7. I paid $931 for 5 night (first cruise following the inaugural cruise ) for a solo balcony. :0 It is on the US website but if you search for the ship- it is not listed. You have to put in either 2-5 nights or 6-8 and then November 2020 and then you will the 4 night inaugural cruise, the 5 night on Nov 9 and then the 6 night after that.
  8. yes if you put in the 2-5 or 6-8 then select Nov 2020 you will see it. I just booked a solo balcony for the second sailing which is Nov 9. Inaugural is 4 night on Nov 5 The one i booked is 5 days and then there is a 6 night after that
  9. That is perfect! I was really worried about that. Thanks so much! Robin
  10. Can you tell us what company and tour you used?
  11. Can anyone tell me the process for the luggage actually getting to the correct cabin if you come via Alaska RR to Seward and they take the luggage directly to the ship for you and you only have the guarantee inside cabin luggage tag and your last name which is common?
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