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  1. I am sure that you won't be using 2500 onboard but you can put the entire 125000 points as OBC (which i believe would actually be 1250) of the BofA visa points and they will take gratuities, any onboard charges etc out of this and then refund to your credit card that you use onboard. Would that work for you, or no?
  2. Unfortunately your cruise is cancelled is what i have heard.
  3. My hotel is the same- it only will shuttle to and from airport- just uber down to the Egan train station on 5th st. its easy.
  4. I am 63 and i frequently cruise by myself. I often get these comments from fellow cruisers and strange looks. I love cruising with friends but i equally love cruising by myself as i can read my books by the pool without feeling guilty i am neglecting my cabin mate, gamble as long as i want in the casino, nap when i want etc. The only thing i do a bit differently is that when in port, if i am walking around i walk very close to other groups- never completely by myself. If i book an excursion there is no issue as i am already in a group. Enjoy your serenity and "alone time"!
  5. It is not a child play area- this is out on the pool deck.
  6. so to be clear- to be able to use facetime i need to turn airplane mode on, turn on wifi then use wifi calling to be able to do this or is wifi calling step not necessary?
  7. Thanks Clarea- what about the diamond plus discount that i should have on the internet packages?
  8. does this mean i can use facetime? also i am ready to book this online now for my upcoming 5 night March cruise but how do i get my diamond plus $46 discount for the internet-
  9. when you use this does your phone service carrier still charge roaming charges, etc?
  10. If you can wait the entire trip and buy all of your souvenirs in Ketchikan (they have everything that any other port would have except the port logo tshirts or sweats i.e. Juneau, Skagway etc. ) You can buy all souvenirs in the 3 Tongass Trading Post shops and save all 3 store receipts andf then in the last store - just give all your stuff and the receipts and they will ship ALL to your home for a flat rate of 19.95! Does not matter how many items or how big the orders are! It takes approximately two weeks to receive but it is worth it not to have to carry it home or ship it yourself. It will save a ton of money.
  11. I have done the helicopter to the glacier for dgsledding three times- LOVED IT! By far the best thing on my entire trip!
  12. it worked fine for me on the Symphony and Enchantment. There are only a few ships that the app works on though- which ship are you speaking about?
  13. Use SAS shuttle (book online $15) book it to pick you up no later than 8am- it takes 1 hr from Miami to FLL. If you disembark by 8 and he picks you up a little late even by 8:30 you should arrive by 9:30 giving you plenty of time. Even if they can't pick you up on that early run if they can get you by 9 should even be ok but because they sometimes run late because of traffic in Miami i would book them for 8 or 8:30 pick up for sure.
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