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  1. There is a topic on page 2 SEASHORE, there’s deck plans on there
  2. Arno is not posting on the FB page he hosted either
  3. We were supposed to be the first ship there in Nov 2019 on Meraviglia. Sometime we may get there!!
  4. We are supposed to make final payt at the end of July for Seashore transatlantic end of October, after periodically reading all these problems I have no intention of making payment on a ship that may not be ready to sail. Have back up cruises with Celebrity in the Caribbean and final payment not due till September Liz
  5. At the top of the page where topics are listed are some copies of YC menus if you want to check it out
  6. dizzyc said We like to mingle, my husband prefers peace and quiet during the day but I like people watching and being around others. So I guess I need to know people's reasons for booking YC - is it the exclusivity, the dining, the peacefulness? I would really appreciate hearing from real people who have experienced it so I know whether it's for us or not. We are in our late forties, like a drink but don't like to party too hard! I will reply as honestly as possible--I have done quite a few cruises and would book YC if you can stretch to it. The food is not fancy, the restaurant i
  7. Totally agree --you haven't said where you are cruising but I would try YC if you are able
  8. The Black now Diamond level are rarely given now , usually Gold
  9. Having done a few MSC YC , if you are a large group (siblings) and want to eat together YC does not have big tables in the restaurant. You may be on adjoining tables
  10. If we are talking cabins/staterooms whatever you call it You have to be in a mini-suite or above on Princess to get a sofa to site on otherwise it is just one chair
  11. I reported the other post and it appears to have gone
  12. The agent tried to bargain off 1 reg balcony and 1 Aurea to get us YC but it didn’t work . It was for a Grand Voyage 2 years ago and 3 weeks later we fell upon a YC that had come back from somewhere.
  13. MSC allocate cabins by country, we tried to get a YC room which was showing available on US site but as we reside in England we and our travel agent were told No availability! Liz
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