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  1. First, I am not a germaphobe, but just wondered if seapass cards are still being touched by other people every time there is a transaction on the ship.
  2. I feel your pain. In the very same boat and on my third TA since our cruise from March, 2020 was canceled. Word of mouth, friend of a friend, or reading reviews all end up being a crap shoot. It's trial and error unfortunately. While I understand the travel industry's rug being pulled out from under them and the hassles of rebooking, we are still customers and deserve some consideration and respect.
  3. Well...the butter has been discussed. What about those rolls who feel discriminated against because they received less than the minimum number of sesame seeds?
  4. Not a peep from them. Maybe I should stand on the other foot when I email them again.
  5. I did an online reservation request a month ago for our cruise next month and have not received anything back. I just sent a regular email a few minutes ago. Hopefully they will respond.
  6. I made an online reservation on their website a month ago for our cruise next month. three couples and need three umbrellas. Haven't heard anything from them. Do they send any type of confirmation?
  7. To Melissa - Definitely get certified before your cruise. I got certified in 2018 and dove twice in St. Maarten. Plan to dive Aruba and Bonaire next month on Summit.
  8. something I have never understood...In the early days of our cruise history the casino was always packed and every table was full with $5 and $10 blackjack. People were having fun and buying drinks and enjoying giving their money to the casino. Now the table minimums are much higher, the payouts make it more difficult to break even and the tables are all but empty. The last three cruises we have played very little blackjack for these reasons. How are the casinos functioning in the black with so few players and now enticing players with free drinks? Seems full tables with a lower minimum would be just as lucrative. And their captive audience would be more inclined to sit and stay a while.
  9. Hello, fellow diver! Bon voyage! Enjoy your celebrity experience. We were hooked from the first day. Looking forward to sailing Summit again in...let me check the countdown clock...43 days. Planning dives in Aruba and Bonaire. That's me diving in St. Maarten last year while sailing on Oasis of the Seas. Would love to pick your brain about liveaboards.
  10. My question is referring to basic transfers from the airport to the pier. The passenger claims bags at baggage claim then turns them over to designated cruise line employees. Get on a bus and ride to the pier. Cruise line then sees to putting bags onboard. Passenger next sees bags when they are delivered to their cabin. This is the way it was done years ago. My question is whether this is still the procedure? I am guessing the procedure is different now given the higher levels of security.
  11. It has been many years since we purchased transfers from airport to the pier. Can someone explain the procedure? I remember not touching my luggage from airport baggage claim until it arrived at our cabin. Is that still the procedure?
  12. I was hoping I still had the Love Boat in an old file somewhere, but nope.
  13. I did the Love Boat theme when we sailed Princess.
  14. Am I just the biggest nerd in the world, or are there others out there who use cruise ringtones? I use steel drum music when we cruise the caribbean. Used That's Amore when we did a Mediterranean cruise.
  15. I am old enough to remember doing the document dance.
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