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  1. Looking as gorgeous as ever. I will look forward to reading it. Hope there will be photos to
  2. Last Christmas we sailed on the Eurodam to the Caribbean for 14 days. On gala nights I wore a long dress and my husband wore a suit and tie. There was quite a few people dressed the same and some men even wore Tuxedos.
  3. Just wondering if you did remove the HSC, would you get inferior service from your room steward, or would they try to impress you for a tip?
  4. Hello Thank you for all the replies, they were most helpful. Sorry Ruth about the wrong measurements, I got them from deckplangenius, I just assumed they were right, should have just asked you instead. Regards Tiggipaws
  5. Hello Just wondering if the experts could give me an indication which cabin to choose. J cabins 148 sq feet 1017 1059 1063 1064 1073 K cabins 171 sq feet 1115 1116 1119 I cabins 185 sq feet 5074 Thank you
  6. Thank you for the reply. I'm even thinking of maybe one of the inside J or K inside cabins on the main deck, they look really big
  7. Hi I'm looking at a cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam sailing 14th December 2019. I sailed on the Eurodam last year and loved her, I had a balcony but hardly used it so this time I am looking at an outside cabin. I did consider a inside but not sure if I would like one of these. Could I have opinions on the following cabins 6003 and 6004 (problem with movement) 1102,1112,1118,1120 (don't seem to be under anything) Regards Tiggipaws
  8. I totally agree. I looked at a cruise on the QE2, but didn't like the idea of a 3 tier system. I also read a review saying that once you left the 11th and 12th decks it was a totally different ship
  9. I went on the Eurodam over Christmas 2017 and she didn't feel crowdwd in any areas to me. I loved the sea days and was never bored, so much so I have just booked the 'Circle of Hawaii' on the Eurodam which has 10 sea days. I am quite happy to entertain myself. A good book and ipod usually do the trick whilst lying on a lounger. I defintely don't want loud entertainment whilst cruising. I'm not an old fuddy duddy either.
  10. Hi Eurodam is 16 nights and Oosterdam is 17 nights. The only difference in the itiniary seems to be a night stop in Mexico on the way back
  11. Hi I love the Eurodam and was looking at the circle of Hawaii, the only inside cabins which are left which look reasonable are 1063,1069,8037 6066, 10043 and10044 but I am worried about noise from the first 4 and the last 2 are very small. Just wondering if I should look at the Ooosterdam, similar itiniary. Thanks
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