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  1. Yes, I was also wondering, what ship? I haven't been on Princess in years, so perhaps you can clarify this. You liked Club class better than Luminae? Isn't Club just a roped off section of the dining room? With the same menu as the main? I'll be interested to read the comments....on both boards. Thanks for the comparison.
  2. Major difference is that the Yacht Club Restaurant (LeMuse??) on Divina is separate in the back of the ship. You either have to walk across a windy deck or go down to (I believe) Deck 7 across to the aft and up to the restaurant. We still loved it.
  3. We took this cruise last year. It was great, you'll have a wonderful time! During Mardi Gras parades a lot of the times they will not be running the street cars. But never fear, you can easily walk to the French Quarter from the ship. The ship is "open" 24 hours, you can come and go. I love the French Quarter, but I wouldn't go wandering around there at 3 o'clock in the AM. Check out the New Orleans section of Cruise Critic. There's a lot of information there. Make sure you have some meals in NOLA and don't miss Café duMonde. You know that it takes about 8 hours to go up the Mississippi.....a lot to see. BTW: Fat Tuesday is a State holiday. Some things are closed (for instance the WWII museum is closed on Tuesday, we went Monday, well worth it.) Can you tell, I love New Orleans!❤️
  4. Good question. I'd like to know also.
  5. If you're looking at the guarantee that's 1999... I believe that is without the 4 perks.
  6. The last time we were in Concierge we only made prior reservations for My Time Dining the first night. The number to make reservations was in the Daily, however, we also received a notice for a special concierge number to call which was different. We always got whatever time we requested for dinner. After the cruise was over we read several complaints from those who could not get their desired reservation time. Don't know if our success was due to our Concierge status. Our last concierge cabin was oversized on the hump on a cruise going up the Mississippi. We would not hesitate to book that cabin again.
  7. I saw that today and I thought it was 1999 for Exciting Deals …. no perks. With the 4 perks it was more (I think something like 2499)….
  8. Is there an area to drop off luggage for Sky Suites?
  9. My dh likes sorbet for desert and I notice that it's on the children's menu for Lumina (not on the adult).
  10. We've parked at port of Miami many, many times. It's expensive, but it's safe. I don't feel a need for a shuttle, the parking garage is right across the street from the cruise terminal. You drop your bags off first with the porters, park, then walk to the ship.
  11. I remember that. He was a Reverand. I think he just got a time out. I do get annoyed at people who are walking with their noses buried in their phone and expect everyone to move out of the way for them.
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