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  1. You know, when all this stuff setttles down, DH and I have decided to take another drive down to Key West (we live in Florida). We last did it in 1999; we just had to put our dog to sleep and we just wanted to GET AWAY. That was before Trip Advisor so we probably didn't pick the very best restaurants and we were using just a paper map, where I think we hit every toll between Punta Gorda and Miami (I don't think there are any tolls on the Keys Expressway). We've been a few times on cruises. But it really is nice to stay there for a few days.
  2. Always get a pair or more of Keno Sandals. Enjoy their air galleries.....and their quirky cemetaries.
  3. We were there on Fantasy Fest once, too. It's more down key during the day, but, still, we walked down the street and people were having parties in those lovely, old houses and kept inviting us to come in or "come on up" (to their balcony parties) for a drink. Happy Cruiser, we've driven but haven not taken the high speed catamaran. Did you take the one out of Ft. Myers? How was it?
  4. I agree. I happen to like Key West....was looking forward to getting a couple more pair of Keno Sandals. Whenever we were there and cruise ships were too it seems that the locals couldn't wait for the ships to leave. Did they raise prices when ships were in port, it seemed so. Anyway, I think they have plenty of tourist trade without the ships.
  5. I see some Edge sailings lower in the Jan-April timeframe. A few Apex sailings are cheaper than Edge for the same week. Just saw Edge is the same price it was for our cancelled March 29, 2020 cruise. Looking at some Royal cruises that are down also. The Norwegian cruises I've been looking at are UP^
  6. I've seen some videos from Wynn that I like. First, you can view the food, from a distance. Then your are presented a menu and you order. The waiter keys in your selections which are transmitted and runners bring them to your table (on small plates) almost immediately. Periodically the waiter returns and this whole process is repeated. I really liked this process better than a regular buffet.😃😁
  7. It seems like Lauren 0309 has said Chop (or Chaz😆) has been disassembled. Hopefully there will be a police presence there now, too. I still would choose to go to Vancouver instead. Sorry, Seattle.
  8. For you Sandals experts: Any of them in the Caribbean associated with or close to a casino? That's something we would enjoy going to in the evening.
  9. My husband has been looking at videos on how to cut hair. So I let him have a go at it today. No question that I'll be staying home for a while. It'll grow, right?🙏
  10. Don't have a particular date in mind. I'm starting to look at prices for all of the 5 dayers that have Key West listed starting at March 1 to May 1. March 1st is the cheapest, May first the most expensive. Tell me, I haven't been on that class of ship before, any concerns about being under the pool deck, or close to the Centrum elevators?
  11. "passengers booked on affected sailings would be offered the option to sail.........." I guess this means the passengers could not get refunds, only the option to rebook?
  12. If we book Brilliance it'll probably be in a suite. However, if we leave the suite lounge, are the 4 (it is 4 isn't it?) drinks loaded onto your card like they are on Oasis-class ships? Dining room(s) also?
  13. Yes, I know that. However, we had a cruise on Celebrity Edge cancelled and had to chase X to get our money back. So I'm probably going to wait till sailing resumes to book.
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