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  1. mafig

    Just Back From The Koningsdam

    Yes. On our recent 10 day cruise they were on the "always available" portion of the menu.👍
  2. mafig

    YC Boarding

    Just look for the white tent. We were on Seaside and also Divina and got there around 10:30 both times.
  3. mafig

    Classic drink pkg/main dining room

    This is true. Our bar waiter was at our table immediately. The Sommelier kept my wine glass full. He did mention to my dh "I think you're gonna get lucky tonight." I probably could have gotten offended by the "familiarity" but I let it go.
  4. mafig

    Celebrity Silhouette Vs Oceania Riviera

    OK, I was confused when I read the OP's rating of lunch as "very poor."
  5. Thank you for your review. Makes me want to experience Edge for myself!😃
  6. mafig

    Celebrity Silhouette Vs Oceania Riviera

    Didn't I read "somewhere" a while back that there was filet mignon and lobster offered for lunch at the buffet on Oceania?
  7. Our first Celebrity cruise was on Summit in 2003. It was in October. For some reason there were a lot of children on this cruise, most of them European. I point this out only because they and their parents did not seem to understand English. DH and I were in the Solarium and a French man and his children were playing in the pool. Several passengers went to him to tell him it was adults only but he did not seem to understand. You could tell that the people in the lounge chairs were steaming. My dh asked me why everyone looked so angry. I told him it was because there were children in the pool. By the end of the cruise, when those glass doors opened up to the solarium you could hear the shrieks of the children. They had taken over the Solarium. We were in the hot tub on one cruise where a young girl came into the hot tub to soak her bloody toe …. that's where her mother had sent her.
  8. Well I am so glad I'm reading this thread. I was thinking of a cruise around New Year's for DH's birthday. I totally forgot about these holiday sailings having a lot of children. I will remind myself to do more research. One year we cruised Celebrity during Easter week. We booked Aqua even though DH doesn't really like Blu because we thought it would shield us, somewhat, from a lot of children. Turned out the whole ship had less than 30 kids!
  9. We received our seapass at check in. We were not allowed to drop off our carry on luggage before the rooms were available. This was Reflection March 1 - 11.
  10. mafig

    Volendam air conditioning problem

    Recently? We were on Volendam in 2006 and after we booked we read that she had recently come out of drydock and the air conditioning problems were still not fixed. Yes, I wrote 2006. It was not fixed for our sailing. Our cabin was HOT. Our roll call had mentioned to bring a fan and I was sorry I had not. Went to our CC party the next day (tired and grumpy for no sleep) and I was one of those people who jumped on the HD (who luckily for us) was in attendance. It was fixed for us.....don't know how. The rest of the cruise was fine. However, we did hear about people in certain sections of the dining room that were very uncomfortable. Too bad really. Loved the ship.
  11. mafig

    Sewage smell throughout Celebrity Edge?

    We were on Reflection last week anchored at Grand Cayman and Lisa was coming aboard for Woman's Day and we heard she was then going on Edge (which was anchored next to us) for the ride back to Florida. Maybe she smelled it.😯
  12. What is it then? Just a rocky area? That's what I'm seeing.
  13. Good question. I'd like to know, too.🌞
  14. Nope. Thanks for your efforts. I even deleted the entire post that was still sitting there and just wrote something like "thanks for trying" Still sits there.
  15. mafig

    HAL vs Celebrity?

    Based on that I won't be wasting time researching them. I only have two cruises on Hal and both were good but I had some interaction with the staff that I still remember. The first was when we received a notice in our stateroom that since it was a port day they would like to clean our carpet and to let them know if this was inconvenient. It wasn't. However, I wrote them a note saying since they were in the cabin could they please rinse off our balcony since there was glass chards and toenail clippings on it from the previous guest. (I know, gross). When we got back our room steward really scolded us …."If you have any problem with your room, at least let me know first. You got me in trouble!" I really didn't even think this was his responsibility. Toward the end of the cruise when they still gave out surveys he said "don't go getting me in trouble again." Then he offered to take our survey down to Guest Relations himself. The other HAL cruise our waiter was always smiling. One time for some reason as I was leaving I turned around. This was maybe a half a second. That smile was completely gone. It just struck me as so phony. Anyways, these thoughts don't really mean anything....I guess I'm in a sharing mood today.