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  1. I would pick them (or Holland for ALASKA). Yes, I do consider them boring.....that's just me, I guess.....
  2. I agree that if I were to go to Alaska I would select Princess or Holland America. Otherwise, I went on a few Princess cruises …. I just found them to be boring, overall. (except for our first cruise on Coral Princess) Plus, I cannot stand how they do their anytime dining. We like a table for two. Every single time, on every single Princess ship, when we requested a table for two they would say "don't you want to share?" Breakast...Lunch....Dinner.... NO. A couple of times they would bring us to a large table anyway. They also allow (or did allow) their Traditional Dining people to switch to Anytime (and back). At the end of the cruise the Traditional Dining rooms were empty and the Anytime Dining had lines that seemed to go on forever!
  3. Just seems like such a short time to be in Bermuda.
  4. How was the condition of the ship as a whole. What about your JS?
  5. Have you ever done a New Year's Eve cruise? We haven't but are thinking of it. It's DH's b'day.
  6. They may be gone from the SW coast. Haven't seen any yesterday or today (it's been cloudy). I'm speaking in a whisper. Don't want to wake them.😐
  7. When I compare pricing on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean to MSC I don't compare the pricing of a balcony vs. Yacht Club....I compare the price of a suite to MSC. There's where you see the value and the comparison is more apples to apples.
  8. We're the same, only vice versa. We're Elite on Celebrity...stuck forever at Diamond.😀
  9. Sorry about your cruise, EvilQueen. It took me years before I worked up the nerve to cruise on MSC. I would constantly read reviews such as yours … some were pretty funny ….. they're funny when it's not you, of course. Anyway, our research did lead us to trying them, and it dawned on me that there were very few, if no, bad reviews for the Yacht Club, which is what we did. Because of that, we have no hesitation in booking MSC again. We're also Elite on Celebrity and Diamond on Royal, so they are our cruiselines of choice, but with them we feel we don't need (and most of the times can't afford) a suite.
  10. We are interested in this ship. We've been on Divina and Seaside, in the Yacht Club. I do keep reading about Meraviglia being (or feeling) crowded. Happy to hear it's not so in the Yacht Club. Have you been in the Yacht Club on other ships? Can you compare that experience with Meraviglia?
  11. Once in a while yesterday (500 error). Today it's bad enough for me to leave.....
  12. Carnival.😦 We once said never again about Celebrity. We had a horrible cruise on them in 2003 and said we wouldn't go back. Fast forward a few years and we saw a great deal on their then-new ship, Solstice (I think it was like $599 p/p for 7 days in a balcony). The cruise was great and we're now Elite on Celebrity, which also makes us Diamond on Royal Caribbean.
  13. That was a terrific review! Thank you.😀
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