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  1. Thanks. We also have the same problem with our original credit card being changed by our bank. That has me a little worried. Both DH and my TA said our bank will take care of it. I hope so.
  2. It's two weeks since we requested our refund. Should we assume we're halfway there? I'll probably call them Monday to find out what's going on.
  3. hcat, you said to book Concierge or Suite. What are the benefits of upgrading?
  4. I looked at the price of the cruise I had booked and that Celebrity cancelled, for Nov., Dec., Jan., and the price for the room category I was in was way more than 125%. Did I say WAY more? :WHEN" I get my refund, I can look at all the other cruise lines. Maybe I'll use that refund to book Celebrity, but maybe not. I like having options.
  5. If most of the ships are in the Caribbean this summer and fall what happens in the event of a hurricane?
  6. Thank you for your review. I enjoyed reading it. Very nice pictures, too.πŸ˜±πŸ˜ƒ
  7. I don't agree with that last statement. Maybe it's me. A little down today.😟
  8. In their daily Coronavirus briefing President Trump stated that Mickey Arison will make Carnival ships available, if needed, in various cities. Good publicity for Carnival. The President mentioned "Carnival Cruise Lines" several times.
  9. I heard that too. Good for them. President Trump said "Carnival Cruise Lines" a couple of times.
  10. I heard that. Good for him. President Trump said "Carnival" several times. πŸ‘πŸ‘
  11. I don't think that Oasis will be sailing by end of May. Unfortunately. Remember there is reciprococity (I know that's spelled wrong) between loyalty levels on X and Royal. Never had a Central Park balcony, many like them, many think they are hot. Oasis recently had a refurb., so it should be in good shape. I wish you luck. (My birthday's around the same time as your wife's, a cruise would sure be nice.)
  12. Are Royal and Celebrity the only lines that were asking for this letter? I thought it was all of them, but I recently read a post on Royal's board where someone stated that Princess and Holland America would never ask this of their passengers. Is that true?
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