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  1. I just checked the Review section and there are about 5 reviews of suites on Deck 14. I see no negatives....the usual great YC reviews. I, personally, would select this deck over one directly under the pool.
  2. I really enjoyed your review. I liked all the detail. Thank you.🙂 Did your stateroom continue to be noisy ??? Hope not.
  3. That's where research comes in. (Thank you Cruise Critic.) All the problems you had on your cruise with MSC.....I knew about them all. That's why I selected the Yacht Club. MSC was a new cruise line for me, so before I booked I did a lot of research.
  4. Thanks for getting back to us. Glad you had fun! Great attitude!👍
  5. Your memory is short. I remember Royal, Celebrity, Carnival, NCL and probably all the cruise lines having ooopsie moments. I seem to recall Gradeur sailing with a huge gash in her hull for several months.
  6. I'm pretty sure that MSC has different embarkation and disembarkation ports in Europe; people are always coming and going with luggage constantly in the halls and announcements for muster. At least that's what I've heard. I wouldn't like that.
  7. Not all sailings are Kids Sail Free on MSC. We have been on MSC in the Yacht Club twice and will happily go again (probably on Meraviglia)) We did find the ship crowded whenever we ventured outside of the YC, but we also find Oasis-class ships crowded too.
  8. Cannot wait to hear more. Since you had BLU last time, wondering what you think of the 4 dining rooms (assuming you have anytime dining). We always enjoyed the Sky Lounge. If you did, do you miss it?
  9. Why did you lose your 5%? You get 5% off regardless of level, so losing Black Card shouldn't make any difference at all. (Actually, the first time I booked with MSC I wasn't Elite on Celebrity, so I just put my dh in as Gold and waited until we were Elite and put me in as Black. ) Now if for some reason I lose it, I would most upset if we lose the 5%.
  10. I see good prices for suite guarantees for the date I'm looking at also. Does Celebrity still let you change if you get a suite, for instance, on Deck 12 if others are available? Also.....what's the worst S2 you could end up with (dreaming, I know).
  11. It appears (at least) to me that the S3s on the end do not connect via the vestibule, but through the wall in the suite. Unless I'm reading the plans incorrectly (which has happened before). The also are connecting to balconies, not insides. Anyway, I will go by the reviews about quietness …. at least for the middles.
  12. Really? I have to go back and look, but I see what you're saying, however, it looks like half of them are connecting through the wall and the other half through the vestibule. I think I saw a few youtube videos where I noticed the door on the wall, but I had no idea it was so many of them like that. Thanks, JFontaine.
  13. Looks like most of the S3s on Edge are connecting? Just noticed. We've had bad luck with those.This certainly narrows our choices.👎
  14. Thank you so much. I don't cruise just Celebrity. Whenever I do research on other lines I'm always surprised (frustrated, too), that I can't find such good info. on cabin selection. 👍
  15. WorcesterPear, I'd like to know what suite you are in also. Were the lounger(s) and table already on your balcony or did you have to request them? vtcruising, Does the suite guarantee offer all the suite amenities?
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