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  1. Not so. This is from the FCC email. Just a heads up on some important information regarding FCCs: Any booking made using the Cruise with Confidence FCC must be used for a sailing that commences on or before December 31, 2021. If the Cruise With Confidence FCC is not redeemed and sailed on or before December 31, 2021, the certificate will automatically expire and have no value.
  2. Exactly! One the original booking, guest 1 (me) paid full price, guest 2 (my husband) paid 60% off based on BOGO60 and guest 3 (my daughter paid a little less than that. The FCC is divided equally among all three of us, despite the fact I should have more than double theirs. Which means when I book my next cruise, I will have to pay extra as the first guest and they will have remaining credit as second and third guests on the booking. We'd have to go on a second cruise and put my husband as first guest and pay the different and then my daughter as second guest (
  3. That is good to know. I will certainly be doing that. I think it might help that the third person is a minor. Its not like she could just go on another cruise by herself to use it up.
  4. That is what I expected. I just thought I'd ask just in case. I don't regret taking the first offer. I would have been on a flight to Florida when the announced the cancellation of the cruises. It would have been more costly for me to have arrived in Florida and tried to change my flight to get home right away. I now have FCC and airline credit which hopefully will get used.
  5. I canceled my March 15th cruise on March 8th when the first flexible policy was introduced. I received my FCC split equally 3-ways and the refund of my taxes. Later in the week, RCCL canceled the cruise. All the people who still hadn't canceled fell under a new policy which gave them a 100% refund or 125% FCC. I read that they could change this %125 FCC to 100% refund. Has anyone tried to change the 100% FCC into a refund? Am I stuck under the policy that was in place for that one week? I would certainly loved to cruise again, but this was likely be the last family cruise befor
  6. I know. The woman helping me said she needed to check how it was being handled because this new policy is different than the usual FCC policy. She confirmed the new policy with her supervisor. I haven't received a confirmation email yet (other than for canceled excursions) but she was very clear on how it was going to work this time.
  7. I just got off the phone with RCCL. I was only on hold for 15 minutes and for about 5 more when she went to confirm the answers to my questions. I asked how the FCC works for my family of 3, since my teen had the smallest cruise fare and may not want to cruise with us next time. The woman checked with her supervisor and said that the FCC will get split evenly among all three guests and not based on the actual fare as per the booking/receipt. Which is not so helpful for us or you. All the taxes and excursions were all returned to the credit card that I used to pay for
  8. I am considering canceling. Its not so much being worried about getting sick, I am worried about getting quarantined. I don't want to be stuck in my stateroom. One of my traveling companions has severe anxiety and both of them have a hard time without being active. Being confined to our stateroom would be a nightmare.
  9. I am in the process of pricing out car rentals with a pick up at Orlando airport and a drop off two days later at Port Canaveral. I am a little confused about drop off points. What rental companies are very close to the Port? I assume all the companies need some kind of shuttle to get between the drop off and the port. Avis is priced much lower than Enterprise and I think its only a few block difference. Any advice? I'm also going to get a rental on the way back because our flight isn't until 9pm.
  10. I agree if you are buying VOOM, the Key isn't much more. We had already decided we didn't want to share the internet this time. The price difference was minimal. I have highly anxious person in our group who doesn't do well with crowds. Avoiding the buffet at embarkation is worth it for us! If we can avoid standing in a few more lines than it will make the small cost more than worth it.
  11. Sorry if this was asked, I read the reviews on the Key but didn't find my answer. I have purchased the the Key. I did my on-line check-in quite late and the only times for arrival are late in the afternoon. My boarding pass says "gold" and has a picture of a key beside it. Is the key image the indication that we have purchased the Key? I didn't see anything else on the boarding pass or in the app that would indicate that we have the key. Can I still arrive in the morning, even though my time slot is late?
  12. I have a Sunday to Sunday cruise out of Port Canaveral in March with RCCL. We fly in Friday evening. So I am looking at options for what to do on Saturday in Orlando other than the Parks. We will likely rent a car. We could drive to the Port Saturday night and sleep there or drive on Sunday morning. Coming back Sunday, the ship arrives 6:00am. We will likely rent a car. Our flight to Canada is 9pm. We plan to drop the car off at the airport around 6pm and then have dinner in the airport terminal. The price difference for the flight was huge savings for leaving so late.
  13. No she doesn't eat fish. Caesar salad dressing has anchovy in it. I was hoping for the possibility of asking for an entree rather than just having sides.
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