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  1. You could do a quick forum search and find them instead of waiting. They are posted in a number of reviews like this one. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2607786-ncl-bliss-freestyle-daily-from-miami/?tab=comments#comment-56634048
  2. On the Bliss the prices currently range from $87.50 to $208.50 for seven day cruise depending on the type of package.
  3. Is this the price at the bar or in the room in the mini fridge? That's an expensive Pepsi! We drink mostly ice tea, lemonade and flavoured water for free on the cruise. I have a deal with my teen that I would buy her a diet coke in each port.
  4. One person per package can be logged on at a time. All packages can be used at once. Each package has its own log on. On our last cruise we had two packages. One for my teen and one my husband and I shared. We were all in the same cabin. My teen switched between her devices (phone and iPad), so she had to make sure she was signed out of one device to use the other. My husband and I also had to make sure we were logged out so the other one could use it. But I could use the internet at the same time as my teen, because we had two packages.
  5. I do hope this is the case. I will test this in two weeks, when I cruise. The excursion I wanted is gone, so I assume sold out. I didn't book in advance because I needed to clarify an issue first.
  6. You get your excursion ticket but when you go to the meeting place on the pier they take your ticket and give you a bracelet.
  7. I bought my excursion through the ship as well. My excursion was definitely not that late. The only thing is that you would need to get your excursion bracelet from the ship before you go. So I am not sure how you would manage to get that earlier.
  8. We have gone twice to Maya, Lost Mayan Kingdom Water and Zip Line park. We love it! There are several tube slides, mat slides and body slides. The zip lining is lots of fun and the last line ends in the pool. They have a zip line coaster which is great and where we found the longest line (20 minutes mid afternoon). The lines were generally short and moved very quickly both times we went for both the zips and slides. My daughter was very scared to go zip lining and the staff were great with her. We went tandem a few times and then they encouraged her to do it by herself. https://maya-park.com/ There is a shuttle from the port to the park, it's only a few minutes away. You can leave the park when ever you are ready as the shuttle runs all day. They have photos available but they don't push you to buy them, the way some other excursion do.
  9. You'd think they'd have different ones for different ships or change them up. We did it last year and solved some of the puzzles. I don't know if we'd do it again. It would certainly increase our chances of winning/escaping.
  10. Thanks. That portabella stack sounds good. My daughter would likely go for that. She ate Indian food at the buffet every day on our last cruise. She manages very well to find food at the buffet and in the MDR. Sometimes she order the night before when her dad ordered his special meals. It's just figuring out if it is worth the extra cost to eat at the specialty restaurants or just stick with the MDR. I think we have to decide if the menu works for us that day and not plan in advance.
  11. Valleyvillage are you eating seafood? I am not sure what you ate at Cagney's. All I've seen is a tomato salad and some side dishes on the Cagney's menu that are vegetarian. Le Bistro has one clearly vegetarian dish. Did you special order?
  12. We did the Escape room activity last year on the Getaway and really enjoyed it. Do they have something similar on the Bliss? I tried using the search function but with a ship names Escape it makes it hard to find what I was looking for.
  13. We have done very little specialty dining over the years and none since my teen has become a vegetarian. We do not have a dining package, but if we were to go to one or two specialty restaurants on the Bliss what ones are worthwhile for a vegetarian? Although she is fine with salad and side veggies, we can get that for free in the main dining room and I don't want to pay for that.
  14. Although I have never packed an eye glass repair kit, I try to remember to pack a strap for my glasses. I am always worried I will lose them in the ocean when swimming or kayaking. I have quite of few of them now, as I frequently forget to pack them. After having to buy allergy medicine and cold medicine on the ship, I always travel with a well stocked first aid kit. If you are cruising with children. I recommend you pack dollar store beach/sand toys. My biggest takeaway from what to pack threads has been clothes pins. You can get far more bathing suits and wet things on the tiny clothes line with pins than without. They are also good for holding your towel on a deck chair or beach lounger. Although you should not leave things unattended on your balcony, they hold things to your balcony chairs.
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