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  1. Speaking of airplanes, what are the CDC protocols. Any required tests prior to Pax boarding.
  2. Correction, Medicare reimburses at 80%, balance picked up by my supplementary "plan F" insurance. Haven't received Medicare EOB and don't know what Medicare approved for payment. Also, Plan F covers 80% of medical costs incurred outside the US.
  3. I got mine via a MedExpress facility. Made appointment and waited in car. A nurse came out in the parking lot, took my temperature and asked key medical questions. About 10 minutes later, Physician came to my car, asked/confirm the medical questions and finally swabbed my nostrils. Test results within 2-3 days. No Doctor order required and Medicare paid 100%.
  4. There's been a lot of false positives reporting. Any secondary testing for confirm..
  5. I guess I consider myself lucky as I got the 50% cruise fare loss + cancellation fee reimbursed after about a month from my Chase Visa Sapphire trip cancellation/interruption coverage. Allianz is the insurance company insuring under this coverage.
  6. I'm having my doubts on our Easter Anthem cruise.☹️
  7. We have taken our grandkids to both Chops and Giovanni's on Oasis & Allure and paid $10 per child and were allowed to order from the adult menus. Also, took my grandkids to the D club without any problem. Also, on our first Oasis cruise, my youngest became fidgety and began crying and my son promptly picked her up and took her to the cabin. We brought my son dinner to the cabin.
  8. It's not only for cabin entry. By the way, the WOW bands should be free and if needs should be included in the cruise fare. It was gratis initially on the Quantum.
  9. I agree to your last comment. Got love it or desperate for a Bahamas vacation.
  10. And as Pewee Herman famous reply "And what are You."😀 By the way the 12the deck art is full of "Love thought I was in the 60s.
  11. Same here. The entertainment program is one of the worst in the fleet. Still don't know what the gift was. 🤥 I was told that the gift was "Love". How corny.
  12. What is confusing and funny, is that the pricing as it allows for a 60% off the 2nd Pax, even though booking is for one.
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