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  1. I have no problems with these rules. Better than staying home. The Caesar's Casino properties in Atlantic City, only allow 4 people in the elevators. There are 4 circles in each corner of the elevator to identify social distancing. If these are the rules, don't know what impact on cruising passengers. Read an article and can't remember the venues, that in addition to the limit of 4 riders and the social distancing that they require that they look away from each other--in essence looking at the corner of the elevator. 🤭 I wonder if they program the elevators to announce the f
  2. I have a sail on Oasis out of Bayonne for September 5, and although it's 7+ months away, becoming skeptical that it will come off. So sad as I got a great price for a solo CP balcony.
  3. You are probably correct. In the entire state of NJ there are only 5 medical facilities with sub-zero freezers and none in my county of Monmouth. Our co'unty is basically dispensing Moderna. I'm waiting a bit as I want to see some results from the current vaccines. Hopefully, the J&J and the Astra Zeneca will add to the market and be easier to administer. Read an article where the Chinese version is able to handle the mutated version.
  4. That is what I alluded in my post #295. This governor blamed the CDC for the nursing homes fiasco and now blames the Feds.
  5. The discrepancy between taxes paid and moneys received from the Federal Government has been going on for the last 50 years. New Jersey is probably worse off than NY Blame it on our politicians for not pushing for a more equitable distribution of tax dollars. Also, Cuomo has been criticized for trying to micro-manage the distribution and timeline of the vaccine. He should have delegated to the County Executives. In addition, there was a special committee set up during the 9/11 to deal with emergencies of this nature, which he completely by-passed.
  6. J&J is having some productions issues and reaching the promised quota of vaccines in February will be delayed. However, the company announced that they will be able to produce/deliver 1 billion doses by end of year. J&J COVID-19 vaccine on track for March rollout, still aims for 1 bln doses this year -exec | Nasdaq
  7. What a clown. He blames everyone else but himself. Even De Blasio criticized him as his instructions/orders were so strict.
  8. My TA is L&S my Easter '21 sail to Easter '22. Now I'm getting concerned with my Sept. 5 sail on Oasis from Bayonne.
  9. Who knows, between Di Blasio and Cuomo nobody knows. They are both disliked. Cuomo had to give his Bills=Colts playoff tickets to nurse(s) as some 45k+ Bills fans signed petition not want him to attend the game.
  10. Also, Goldman Sachs is rumored to be looking at Texas real estate to move some of their personnel. The stringent lockdowns in NYC is affecting the tri-state suburbs as it has become more attractive for schooling and quality of life.
  11. Just like the resident discount, sometimes it's available and other times it's not. In some of my bookings, I've received a senior discount and not the resident or vice versa. Does not hurt ticking any of the available boxes.
  12. My Mom is 102 years young and other than deafness she is in decent shape.
  13. You're assuming that a Spanish Flu vaccine was given as a baby. Also, part of the problem in rolling out the vaccine is on the storage end. I was reading where it needs sub-zero refrigerators of between 95-99 degrees below zero. Only 6 hospitals in NJ have that capability. The Johnson & Johnson version which is is tentatively scheduled for February does not require refrigeration.
  14. It takes a little bit. Mine are all there. Also, you can enter the info if you have the booking #. Ps. Sorry I did not read that you tried entering the info.😊
  15. Same here, got a credit from United for a cancelled cruise in April. Wanted to use it for cruise in January '21, but things started get bleaker so I passed on it. Was thinking of using it for Vegas in the summer, but don't know what kind of situation is there, plus concern of flying. Instead, I booked a Sept. 5 Oasis out of Bayonne. Don't know if United will extend the date of usage. I'll have to explore options.
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