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  1. You know, I did not even look at the date of his response and wished him back.😜
  2. Much better and not blurry. Just a question, drinks for teens if they achieve the various levels.
  3. Put in a bid for a JS on the Mariner OTS and the pricing for the bid calculates x 2. I'm assuming this Is normal or is there a way of get around it.
  4. I got a secret discount coupon for 40% off.
  5. OASIS Fighting QUANTUM In the Colosseum. 😄
  6. Sometimes they are real. Got a secret sale of 40% off where the top is usually 30% off. On top of that, they gave you $10 off if you use the Kohl's card, another $10 off when you spend $50 in household goods and plus I had $5 in Kohl's cash. I'm afraid, they may be on the brink
  7. See my link on post #13. It lists most cruise lines and their fuel surcharges.
  8. I remember being instituted, but were sued by either the state of Florida or US government and after that the surcharge was gone and not appear again. Here's an article from 2008 and cruise lines policies. Fuel Surcharge - Ricardo & Miriam (cruise4lovers.com)
  9. If you are vaccinated the options are available to you-- mask or mask less. On Oasis Sept. 5, vaxxed were on the 3rd deck and masks were optional. For the unvaxxed, the 4th deck was assigned and needed to wear masks and also some social distancing.
  10. Same here. Was surprised that the 4X points were added within 10 days after cruise. Sailing was Sept. 5 on Oasis.
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