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  1. I'm not sure if you can change from a NR to a Refundable deposit. I tried to on my April 4, '21 Anthem's sail, but my TA told me I cannot.
  2. Did not hear about this. Interesting concept to get the T&E industry going.
  3. I have a similar issue. When I booked our Easter Harmony cruise the RCL agent made my granddaughter #1 and my SIL #2, at 60% off. When I booked our Easter '21 Anthem cruise, my TA agent made the proper identification. Therefore when applying the FCC there's a balance on my granddaughter fare and a shortfall on my SIL.
  4. I was wondering the same. We've got a cruise for April 4 and concerned that the way things seem to play out with social distancing, etc. that his may limit the number of Paxs. I'm hoping that they do not issue a replacement FCC for one used for this cruise.
  5. Just got my final credits today for my tours and taxes & fees for my cancelled Harmony April 12 sail. It came in 7 separate amounts.
  6. My over reimbursed was close to $80. Tried my best to match, but impossible unless I call them and don't have 30-60 minutes of wait time.
  7. One way of doing it is to screen Paxs before entering the terminal. When i sailed on the Quantum out of Bayonne, there were RCL reps with I Pads taking pictures, other check in info, and asking the health questions. The screening could be done outside the terminal. Funny, recently, when I visited a relative in the Hospital, the only screening by security was to take my temperature and write the results on the visitor's label. Sometimes, a second temperature reading was taken at the nurse's station.
  8. Finally my CC was credited for the taxes & fees for our April Harmony sail Also, credited for tours booked via the cruise planner. First credit was dated June 9. Next day, got an additional credit. Finally 5 individual credits dated June 13 appeared this morning. Ps. Got a bit more than the total warranted--maybe it's for the pain and suffering.😁
  9. I wonder how the Venetians will cope for this year with no or little tourism.
  10. The 4 cruises that I've taken where Venice was a stop, stayed overnight and plenty of Paxs went into town to restaurants and other activities. All 4 on Brilliance class. Wonder what they will replace Venice as a stop on the 12 niter out of Barcelona. Maybe both Montenegro and Croatia or reduce the length of cruise.
  11. Yes, selfish as these are supposed to be the best years of our life.
  12. Don't let it get to you. I'm in a similar situation and try to stay as busy as possible. I start my morning with breakfast and go for an hour's walk at 6:30 AM when there's as few folks as possible in the street. If I see someone on the same side of the street, I go across so as to avoid the person. When need to go shopping I go early and sure to wear my mask and vinyl gloves and again try as best to avoid other shoppers. Toilet paper and some sanitary stuff are back on the shelves. The rest of my day I play chess on my laptop, look at my investments, my messages, do my crosswords puzzles in my backyard, and chase down credits owed to me by RCL. ☺️ Got some moneys in 2 amounts but can't relate if it's towards Taxes & Fees or the cruise planner charges. Stay active and don't get depressed. If you need to go out, as others have suggested, take a car ride, especially with the low gas prices.
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