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  1. Gee that is a novel idea. Motivation without any monetary compensation. MMMMMM!
  2. The RCL "Excalibur" investment is a + to get Paxs checked in and on the ship in 15 minutes. Would like that. Wonder how long to get this technology/process on all ships.
  3. Interesting article Conde Nast Traveler on Cruise Lines high technology. https://www.cntraveler.com/story/high-tech-on-the-high-seas?utm_source=nl&utm_brand=cnt&utm_mailing=CNT_Intel_062019&utm_campaign=aud-dev&utm_medium=email&bxid=5cb4db733f92a41c2f9e8bd7&cndid=45327824&hasha=275926cd14677bf98e7f1ad7268c2d52&hashb=52b62ef0457d93e48703e5ed0d2e055530c2368c&hashc=1a3b4b3ac5ecb2ae430fd81dfde091d133ab9fefa138e9f2d9c7054e3a2d1e5a&esrc=AUTO_PRINT&utm_term=CNT_Intel
  4. Although you never know where the instructions are coming from. I forget which ship it was, but RCL had introduced escargots as a standard appetizer on its menu. After a few days of this sail , we were told that they ran out of them. This sail was in Feb. and happened over Valentine's Day week, and every day we kidded/busted our Head waiter/waiter chops regarding escargot. Well, on this day, Valentine's Day, they f happened to find a bunch--we enjoyed them immensely.
  5. WOW, how rude. You stated that what the Op called the bartender was uncalled for, but yet you make such a terse and uncalled statement as to certain Op's expectations (service).
  6. Yes he did as was reimbursed for the last 2 night of the package.
  7. Yes, only if they are on sale. On our upcoming Anthem NE/Canada sail, 3 of my tours went on sale from their original listed price by 15-20% discount. Saved some $70 which I can use for the SR. 2 of them (Boston & Bar Harbor) disappeared and I thought that they were sold out. I'd planned on booking on board. However, a few weeks later they re-appeared in the cruise planner at the discounted amounts.
  8. No, each sail, I believe has a refundable deposit fare. You need to enter a fictitious name and other information and you will see the refundable deposits. RCL does not make it easy.
  9. My oldest grand daughter felt really grown up when we took her to the D L on both the Oasis & Allure. As she'll be a couple of years older I wonder how she'll feel when we take her to Harmony's D L.
  10. Can't remember which Radiance class (Serenade?) is occupied by Izumi where the Seaview Café was. Also, was it later replaced by an Italian type food outlet.
  11. On Symphony sail for lunch (Neighborhood promo) I really enjoyed the linguini with crab meat, in addition to the meat plank and the wonderful olives. There was lots of real crab meat in the entrée.
  12. The new rules are in effect beginning with June 1 bookings. If you booked in April, you should be under the old rules. Call and confirm. As D+, the balcony discount would give me $350 vs the $200 in OBC for a 10 night cruise.
  13. I noticed on the website Jamie's menu that there's a rib-eye steak entrée. I don't recall seeing it on the lunch or dinner menu. Recently added? See attached menu: https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/cruiseplanner/category/1011/product/100000002801905209
  14. The only item missing that I noticed, were the lamb chops.
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