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  1. No problem. My post #117 was me venting at the frustration of certain websites and getting my name on listed for the vaccine.
  2. Unfortunately, I have a Sept. '21 Oasis cruise and based on the below statement from another topic "No Summer Cruises for USA Ports--Crew Return Postponed". It does not look good for the entire summer months, at least from Bayonne, which as you know is stricter than say Florida. Royal Caribbean Casino Host vlogger Chris Wong released a video today saying his return to ship status has been postponed by at least 3 months this week. Sounds like Royal Carribean doesn't see a work around to the CDC before the end of summer nor any legal or legislative work-arounds.
  3. Thank you, but if you read my post # 101, I'm all set.
  4. Well that sucks. I guess my Oasis Sept. 5 from Bayonne is a goner and now having some doubts regarding my Easter '22 week on Anthem cruise. Hoping my late January cruise out of FFL will come off.
  5. Thanks, but I'm OK now, as I've got my 2 shots. Believe me that was a consideration. See my post #102.
  6. Believe me I tried the entire Hackensack Meridien Hospital chain with no success. A friend of mine told me to go to the Monmouth County web site a few minutes after midnight and you'll get an appointment. Well that night I set the alarm for 12:05 and get on my trusty computer and log into the website--guess what--no luck. Couldn't even get to list my name down. Tried a couple of times and simply gave up. Also, tried as I heard if you wait till closing times at certain location and if there no shows, you may get the vaccine--no such luck.
  7. Yes, especially with the frustration of navigating the various websites and their inane questions I'm going for a covid test this week as I'm getting cataract operations. One of the questions that I found funny/unusual but normal in this current climate, is in addition to gender type, etc. it also asked what gender type I was born.
  8. I believe it has more to do with the larger balcony than the size of the cabin.
  9. Just a guess. If you used a TA, they should be able to give you that information. I've maintained a spreadsheet not only of the FCCs amounts by passenger, but also any deposits. PS. If you booked via a TA, RCL will simply refer you to them, based on my previous experience.
  10. Believe me, I tried all avenues from hospitals, multiple counties and local jurisdictions. I even tried the Atlantic City Convention Center (mega center) in conjunction with one of my monthly sojourns there. My daughter who was helping me, was able to get me vaccine appointment at our Monmouth County facility. When I went for my 1st shot I was one of about 50 people in line. However, when I went for my 2nd, no one in line and went straight in after completing mostly insurance paperwork. Was out in approximately 20 minutes including the customary 15 minutes of observations.
  11. Believe me, not only the biggest Hospitals, multiple counties, local townships, etc. without success. Even tried the Atlantic City Convention Center (mega center) in coordination with one of my sojourns there. However, my daughter was successful to get me Moderna at a Monmouth County facility. When I got my initial shot I was one of 50 in line. Surprising, when I went for my second there was no one in line and after filling some documentation, eg Insurance, I went in and out in a matter of 20 minutes, after the customary 15 minutes of observation. So in essence, I got all of my sh
  12. I agree, but Rite Aid had no problem sending me to NYC even though based on my profile, I would not be eligible. Unless, many NY kers were not interested, just like it's Governor in the early stages of the vaccine development.😀
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