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  1. Did you fly or drive to port. If you flew and did not get the air thru RCL it is my understanding that this cost is not covered under their policy. I used to get insurance thru RCL, but stopped when a poster pointed the change. I've got a Chase Visa CC that provides travel interruption/cancellation as long as the charge was charged to same card. It applies to all family members.
  2. I was told 48 hours when I cancelled one of my tours.
  3. Did same on our Aug. 29th sail. Left Halifax and speeded to Bayonne to avoid the hurricane. Ported in Bayonne overnight and disembarked the next day.
  4. Does your credit card provide any cancellation/interruption insurance.
  5. Just a clue when dealing with elevators on all of RCL ships. Take the elevators to the opposite of what the general public takes. For instance if everyone is going up, take the elevators down and then up. Conversely...……….
  6. We were in a special area for Paxs with mobility issues and boarded via a separate entrance than normal Paxs. The holding area is to the left as you pass thru security. We checked in at about 10AM and boarded about an hour later. Cabins were not available .1:30PM, however, we snuck in at 1 as the emergency door leading to our cabin on the 12th deck was unlocked. By the way, the cabin key/sea pass is awaiting in/by the cabin
  7. We were on the August 29th cruise which covered NE/Canada. No a problem whatsoever for someone in a wheelchair. My wife had her hip operated and basically need the wheelchair to move around the ship. No problems in any or the restaurants or the theatre. In the theatre, there's rows especially reserved for wheel chairs. We had a balcony view cabin and the manual wheelchair fit the entry way with a mere inches to spare. The toilet is what we call "elongated" and my wife had no problem sitting and getting up. The shower is small as there's no way to fall. During the day we spent our time in the Solarium and enjoyed the solitude. We also took advantage of "North Star" the day we ported in St John. They transferred my wife form her wheelchair to one of theirs and rode the elevator to the North Star. RCL staff was ever so helpful on board and also in getting my wife and her wheelchair on and off the ship in the port of calls. You should check your cruise planner if interested in any tours. We used RCL for tours in Boston and Bar Harbor. As mentioned, RCL staff was friendly and helpful in helping us get on/off the ship. Likewise, the tour bus drivers were prompt in having the wheel chair ready available at each stop. One of our tour in Boston was the Cape Cod tour and one of the stops was a boat ride of the Hyannis Port and the Kennedy compound. It was amazing how the boat crew member navigating up this sloped ramp of about 15 feet in getting my wife and wheel chair on/off the boat. Same experience in Bar Harbor tour of Acadia National Park and later a lobster dinner at a restaurant in town. Also, be sure to sign up for disembarkation time assigned for those in wheelchairs/mobility problems. We were assigned 7:30 AM and met by Jamie's Italian restaurant. At the approximate time staff members of both RCL and some working for the Port (?) met us and an individual was assigned to each of us and left the ship in a parade like environment. Bayonne Customs/Security uses Facial Recognition Technology and it took us no more than 20 minutes to disembark, get our luggage, clear Customs and on to the garage. Ps. Enjoy the cruise.
  8. No such experience in Miami in early February or in Bayonne in August.
  9. Easy peasy in Bayonne. No filling anything and on our sail in August they used Facial Recognition Technology and it was so fast that the process form ship-luggage-custom/security in a period of 20-30 minutes.
  10. Thanks, do you happen to know what the cost is for the "All Inclusive Plan". Adults vs. children over 6, but under 12.
  11. What's so funny, they had the large plastic straws by the Specialty Coffee bar on our Feb. 2 Symphony sail. Grabbed myself a few.
  12. When I went a couple of years ago it was $5 per person (kids free?) and needed to spend $100 in total on food/drinks--what is it these days?
  13. My wife packs her own plastic straws. Buy them at Shoprite 200 for $1.49.
  14. Posted the following on board, but no responses: Any recommendations as to vendors supplying manual wheel chairs at Port Canaveral. Sailing on Harmony OTS on April 12-19, 2020 Thanks,
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