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  1. I'm D+ tier member and I don't ever recall a separate special line even when I was as someone said a lowly D member. Once past security, I'm assigned check in the D+ queue line and boarded with the D/D+ members. Maybe it's certain ports. I've sailed many times out of Fort Lauderdale and had to snake to security in the general line.
  2. I do the same whether it's thru a TA or RCL desk as I like to explore itineraries and select available cabin locations. Also, it's a way to have the cost in hand as comparison. The best deal is to book on board and transfer to TA. Not only do you get the TA perks but also RCL's perks and lower deposit amount.
  3. More crust as compared to rolls served in the MDR breadbasket,
  4. I was thinking of bringing/checking my wife's folding wheelchair, but concerned in getting the w/c either in taxi or van.
  5. Same here. Don't know why they are not standard as part of the bread basket. I loved when the asst. waiter brought the many varieties of breads to choose.
  6. Any special dining arrangements or is it the same barbecue set up as in Labadee.
  7. I can't even get into my cruise planner to see any identifiable deals. Interested in shore excursions and dining for our upcoming Harmony cruise, however it keeps freezing and bringing me back to a sign in screen even though I'm signed in. What a junky system.
  8. Which ship. I may be mistaken, but I believe the Oasis/Quantum class has outlets by the bed. As others have mentioned, get in touch with special needs and they will be sure to have distilled water and needed extensions waiting in your cabin.
  9. Any specialty restaurant or a kiosk in the Promenade that ahs a crew member hawking Specialty Dining.
  10. All under 13 and snorkeling is not in the plans.
  11. First time in Roatan and to be safe, looking at a couple of tours offered by RCL. We will be a party of 9 of which there are 3 children and would appreciate andy help/feedback. Tabyana Beach Break. Maya Key Private Island Retreat.
  12. Keep checking my cruise planner flor April 12 sail and haven't seen pricing for these restaurants on a stand alone basis. Don't know what gives--looking for most recent pricing on Harmony.
  13. Does not matter if it's refundable/not. You can apply for lower rates if applicable as many times as you are able.
  14. When I was near D+ and was doing a booking, I asked the RCL Rep. if I was able to get the higher balcony discount upon reaching the higher level. I was told yes and to call back and they would adjust the BD amount without impacting the original pricing. Call them ands see what they say.
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