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  1. We've only cruised on O once and didn't find that the case AT ALL. And after a couple of kerfufles in the GDR we ate three meals a day, except for the specialties, in the Terrace Cafe and liked/loved everything we had.
  2. We're just finishing up a week in an airbnb in Nehalem Oregon (15 minutes from the coast). Tomorrow we're heading to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Our airbnb is on 10 acres with riverfront, a fire pit three acres of mowed 'lawn.' A wonderful time.
  3. We live in Reno which is near where Burning Man is usually held...but not this year. The gazillionaires come in their jets, with their million dollar RVs delivered. Including the private chefs. Totally subverting the point of the original Burning Man. OK, sorry for Ot.
  4. I seriously dislike those terms. We're REALLY not into private clubs. Too much potential for discrimination on so many levels.
  5. We've done fewer then ten cruises and way more land trips so I'd say the cruise ports have WAY more crowds than exploring a country or countries either DIY or as part of an escorted land tour. Five star restaurants? Michelin tops out at three and I've only done two but nothing comes close on the ships we've been on. And Oceania food was fantastic but not THAT fantastic. IMneverHO 🙂
  6. What does that require? I'm so admiring of how Australia (and NZ) are handling this.
  7. I guess I should rephrase. Has every ship that's sailed had an outbreak?
  8. Except for Tahiti, have the other cases been German and Norwegian lines?
  9. That's actually part of the reason we booked this Galapagos cruise. We'll fly into Quito, Ecuador, cruise around that one set of islands and then fly out of Guayaquil, Ecuador. Nonstop from and to the US with a connection somewhere home.
  10. In the 'olden days' (pre-March) we used to go out to lunch a couple of times a week and have a glass of wine and now we rarely do. So once or twice a week we'll fix an iced Irish. It's quite refreshing. And we use the Toddy cold brew coffee so we always have chilled coffee on hand.
  11. Put a little Irish whiskey in it and some milk/cream and ice.
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