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  1. Some have and never will be able to afford any vacation. Hopefully you know that.
  2. As do I. Your post made terrific point and I agree with them. And this!
  3. We just bought our third and fourth 2oz jars of Idaho white sturgeon caviar so yeah 🙂
  4. I'd look at the dates. Dec. 13 is almost a tad over two months but the 20th is farther out.
  5. And I think Australia is smart as hell.
  6. We had a two plus week trip plan with six days of cruise. In Norway. When Norway and the cruise line canceled I had to cancel 15 (FIFTEEN) components. Hotels, air, train, airbnb etc. It was a lot of work planning it. It was a PITA canceling and getting refunds (which we did get). And I'm guessing there are people who only cruise partly for that reason. More planning than some want to deal with.
  7. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/readout-vice-presidents-call-u-s-cruise-indus
  8. Why? I don't have opinions on some of them but some sound quite reasonable.
  9. A local rancher has those and I bought a pack. Looking forward to doing something like you did which looks fantastic. And we're in Seattle right now and I'm listening to it thunder and pour down rain.
  10. So 125% FCC works out to your benefit. That's good.
  11. clo

    O Life Air

    I think the nature of this beast implies those things. There aren't a ton of facts laid out there...and I love learning from those.
  12. For me it distracts from important things. Vacations are discretionary.
  13. Dinner was 'deconstructed' burgers. We adore TJs Everything ciabatta rolls but they're just too much. Pork burger with cheddar, grilled onion and red bell pepper, arugula, avocado and toasted roll. A favorite dinner.
  14. Has anyone looked at the equivalent cruise fare a year from the canceled one? Is it more expensive?
  15. clo

    O Life Air

    It's so funny that people will say that when it disagrees with what THEY want to do 🙂 I'm thinking in terms specific to the next year or two. If some of these companies go bankrupt.... And I was just reading that there's a rumor that China is thinking about buying the nearly bankrupt Hurtigruten cruise line. These are very unusual times. In addition it's sounding like these FCCs may not be so great as the lines seem to be raising their fares. I also believe that this board exists for people mainly to express what they think/feel/believe and that goes without saying.
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