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  1. Are they just not interested in a particular itinerary or cruising in general?
  2. Is this the kind of thing you've actually experienced?
  3. I guess I should have just hit "like" but, good grief, ***** are people thinking? (Shaking my head in wonder.)
  4. If I'm reading this correctly, that salt was on the surface and when it went on the grill most of it burned off. (Dang, I'm glad that this is turning into a food site - something I actually know a little about1)
  5. That's a funny story and thanks for sharing.
  6. I think, based on what I read, is that garlic is overused. But people don't believe that. We don't want dish that tastes like garlic. We want it to enhance the flavor of the main event. And, that's about as OT as I've gotten on this site 🙂
  7. clo

    Noro on Marina

    Thanks for sharing this. This is certainly the ship that we'll be taking from Rio to Buenos Aires so, fingers crossed, hopefully no more delays - at least nothing beyond what they're doing here.
  8. clo

    Noro on Marina

    Thank you so much for this. As I've implied I have some background in clinical laboratory testing and this DOES look like something that ships likely have on hand. So they can make a diagnosis quickly, onsite, and move (oops!) accordingly.
  9. I'm a recipe follower (figure that's why they get paid the big bucks!) so if something calls for a teaspoon I don't do a tablespoon. People think I'm a good cook. I'm just a good instruction follower 🙂
  10. Oh, just ignore my buddy when he does his 'old coot' routine 🙂 He's not much older than I am and I can't imagine life without Google 🙂
  11. Here's some info. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g31020-i1190-k10498962-Boots_for_Mendenhall_Glacier-Juneau_Alaska.html
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