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  1. I worked in a very corporate environment and am really surprised that you noticed such a thing. LOL But if I wear solid colors on the bottom I can wear that a ton of times. And a couple of tops can be rotated.
  2. So it seems you're unwilling to answer my questions. Okay dokey.
  3. I'm curious. If your choice of clothes was in contrast to a stated policy, would you either abide by it or go to another venue. Would you subsequently choose another line to cruise? Is the dress code a factor in which line you choose? BTW with your limited time off, how many cruises have you been on? TIA
  4. Doing the water for the rooms is a whole lot easier, I'd think, than having manufactured tens of thousands of 'lableled' plastic water bottles.
  5. We had the bottles in our cabin with which we filled our reusable plastic ones that we brought from home. But leaving the ship it was screwtop plastic bottles.
  6. clo


    Now that makes sense. Thanks.
  7. clo


    So they all keep a kosher kitchen? Wow, that kinda blows my mind.
  8. Do you allow men? I honestly had no idea that was still being done.
  9. I stand corrected. I also can't for the life of me understand why this extraordinarily expensive aircraft don't have equipment to defeat fog.
  10. I've mentioned somewhere here that I did a little test about 30 years ago. I tried to remember what anyone I worked with had worn the day before. Couldn't do it. So I rewear things, at home and when traveling.
  11. Does your airline offer you the option of flying out the following day? I did look however and the cruise port and airport are only about 15 minutes apart. But you'd have to check in at 1015.
  12. And if someone finds out why OP wants to know then that person and perhaps others learn something new. Which I try to do every day.
  13. clo

    Culinarry Classes

    Did you learn anything?
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