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  1. Thanks, buddy. We were simultaneous 🙂
  2. Actually I wrote: " But have you ever been to a not quite top notch casino not on a cruise ship?"
  3. Not sure what this has to do with cruise fashion. What I glanced at doesn't look very fashionable.
  4. Oh, I don't feel that way. We live in Reno and there are the la-dee-da ones and the ones that are small but not seedy. We go to both.
  5. I've used a big compression bag a couple of times but things that don't weigh much but take up a lot of space.
  6. We spend time in Rio and I mostly only bargain if I'm buying more than one thing. A volume discount. These people aren't rolling in the bucks.
  7. Good point about clothing.
  8. Nor do we and I wonder why anyone would. We cover our dining table with a heavy cloth and it's our 'staging area.' And we bring our 'travel box' up from the basement. It holds things that we only use when traveling, car, plane, ship, you name it.
  9. Como se dice "indeed" en espanol?!?!? When we were in Barcelona we had a wonderful apartment. Maybe 15 minute walk to Sagrada Familia, a block to the subway. We had amazing food. And we food shopped at La Boqueria. I remember a beautiful chicken that we roasted. I could live in Barcelona.
  10. On a related note, I've never figured out how someone could bankrupt a casino. It's like having a money printing press in the basement, isn't it? I've also figured that the machines are 'tighter' on a ship. Since they're the 'only game in town,' it's not like you can go next door.
  11. Did you have some guinea pig while you were there? LOL.
  12. A chef friend also suggested a little sugar for caramelization. He also suggested grilled peaches and that is lovely. And, yes, very quickly or you'll have the most expensive little puddle of oil!
  13. Sorry I meant to write that Hungary is the second largest PRODUCER of foie gras behind France. And we didn't have pate'; we had seared foie gras. All the difference in the world.
  14. Hopefully anyone who replied to this thread can now feel comfortable leaving those shoes at home.
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