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  1. Oh my. Big problems. Not like a postcard from a cruise 🙂
  2. Somehow I think that's what he's saying. If it walks like a duck....
  3. And I succeeded by emailing the CEO of an airline and a cruise line and getting refunds from both of them. All I did was let them know that the DOT required a refund if I desired. I don't mind using my "power" when the time comes.
  4. But you can get both. We've booked with an O agent at a nice price and then transferred it to a travel agent who gave us the gratuities.
  5. Just so you know, the US Dept of Transportation actually has authority over that. Both domestic and international corporations. So it's good that your agent helped you but it was within your power also.
  6. So are you the moderator for this thread? Just curious.
  7. What terrible news and an even worse way to find out. Please accept my sincere condolences.
  8. And I appreciate that comment. There are a couple of other lines' boards that I check in on and I tell ya they're quite a bit more congenial.
  9. BTW that was super clever. Still chuckling over it.
  10. I read something today and of course can't find it now. But, yes, and it sounds like they're not in a good position at all right now.
  11. Well, that's certainly your option but from what I was told here and also acted on, they legally have to refund you if that's your preference.
  12. So it sounds like you work in the business.
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