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  1. Rather than just hit "like" I want to affirm what you wrote. I've known people who medicate etc. themselves without ever knowing if they were going to have a problem. We were on a 100 pax ship in the Norwegian fjords with no stabilizers and a good storm where I would slide from the bottom to the top of the berth with no problem.
  2. On our only cruise to Alaska, we met a man who lives in Seattle. He takes last minute cruises also.
  3. It just blows my mind that people can/will plan that far out. I feel like we're stretching it that we're doing one 4/20 🙂
  4. So you don't fly to other ports? We're in Reno and will fly RNO/SFO/IAH/GIG (Rio) to cruise to Buenos Aires.
  5. You might enjoy this route map that I tore out of El Al's inflight magazine 🙂
  6. Thanks for that. Need to do that. I've recently been reading about former plantations now being used for weddings etc. I can't imagine.
  7. You live in Seattle now? Not sure why that slows you down.
  8. I hope you see this quickly as I'm guessing this will get deleted. https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2019/08/28/teaching-slavery-schools/?arc404=true
  9. Perfect. We used a non-escorted trip to Tuscany which included air, hotel and rental car. I talked to Verizon our phone company and they assured me I could use the phone for GPS so we didn't get that in our rental car. Well, it didn't work; even talking to Verizon and they couldn't figure it out. So we had a poor map and got lost every day 🙂 We were staying in Montepulciano and flying out of Milan. We got lost FIVE TIMES finding our hotel near the airport. Yes, we need to return 🙂
  10. If it weren't so annoying it would be hilarious. PS: I heard someone today in a bar/restaurant and as he was leaving I asked if he was a Kiwi. He was shocked that I recognized his accent. But not after I told him that a lifetime ago I used to work for QANTAS. (I still spell it with all caps!)
  11. This is great! Thanks. I know when we went to Israel that there was a piece of paper in lieu of a stamp in our passport book for that reason. And I talked to a young man in an airport who has two passports for that reason. I once read something kinda joking to not go to places ending in "stan."
  12. I used to say that a port was either eight hours too long or eight days too short. And it's the latter that really bothers me. We are definitely geared towards ports/destinations. So if we continue to cruise, it will likely start in a city that we love or one that we're super interested to visit. And we'll go in early and stay on at the end. And, for instance, there are places like Great Britain that we've done by car. And are anticipating 'doing' France/Italy/? by train. I just am interested when people only want to cruise. No offense. Different strokes.
  13. Are there specific countries that you're thinking of?
  14. Good point, buddy. And I don't think there's a single "very last second" which complicates the whole thing.
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