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  1. Yes the Living Room is a great place for the pre dinner cocktail. Beautiful views and lots of room. Easy stroll to dinner. Bill
  2. How about white night changed to Night to Remember.
  3. So if they call it Discovery and change the name of dining room what other name changes should be made? Maybe the bars or events. How about changing white night to something?
  4. Uktog sorry to jump a thread but a quick question for you. Is the Tattoo always in Aug?Look at 2022 cruise. Thank you Bill
  5. Trying to plan our trip for next year. A flight option home goes thru Zurich wondering if any of you have been to Jungfraujoch in middle of November. We were there in August once and would love to revisit. Any information would be appreciated. Bill
  6. Post a picture of an Azamara ship in port but don't name the port. Then we can see who figures out where in the world we have been. Come back in a couple of days and identify the port. I'll start with an easy one.
  7. Laurie, I'm betting your TA will find you another cruise or 2 in 2022. Bill
  8. With everything up in the air just how many cruises does everyone have planned? We have 3 for next October we booked thru the lift and shift and 3 more for summer of 22. Showing our faith in Azamara for a strong comeback. Bill
  9. We moved 3 cruises taxes down on 2 and got 1 additional day. So a win win even if we have to wait a year to do the big trip. Bill
  10. Stephen, just tell them when you book and the Chef will make adjustments as necessary. They are great in taking care of special diets. Bill
  11. wrtmlt

    Wine List

    Trying to remember the name of a champagne we were served at a chefs table. If anyone has a list of the champagnes on board I will recognize when I see it. Thank you Bill
  12. How about a cigar Bar?
  13. No you can not pay the difference to upgrade the drink packages.
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