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  1. Here's another vote for the Hotel Bethel, love that little place. We've stayed there 3 times and dream of going back. Nice located, nothing fancy but good, friendly staff, clean and comfortable and a wonderful breakfast in the morning. If you can, get a corner room, you can open windows on both sides and get a nice cross breeze. LOVE Copenhagen, and love the Hotel Bethel!
  2. Agree with oaktreerb, here's another vote for TAF in a small boat. We've only done it once before and it was magical. We've just now booked our ship's tour for another visit; ours will be round-trip from Juneau on our August port stop, so it will be a long day, but we're quite excited about it. Have a marvelous time!
  3. We booked the HAL Volendam r/t Rotterdam up to the North Cape and back in May 2022. We've spent a few port days in Norway before, but Stavanger will be the only repeat for us. Several sea days (but that's ok with us) and several days up various fjords. Whatever you choose, have a GREAT trip, I'm sure it's going to be fantastic. Best wishes!
  4. Here's a 2nd vote for ISP, it's been our favorite port in Alaska and we can't wait to visit again. It's not commercial, it's unspoiled and really beautiful. Very small town vibe. And as far as things to do in such a short visit for 2021, if anyone has the chance to go out on the water with Glacier Wind Charters, I highly recommend them. We went with them in 2019 and it was fantastic. Looking forward to taking to the water with them again in August. Best wishes!
  5. My hero 😁 (my bolding above)! Thanks so much!
  6. I've loved your website with the menus and often look them over pre-cruise, so thank you! And THANK YOU for the great idea, I'd never thought of doing that. Two lobster tails for me, thank you very much! 😁
  7. I would just like to say that the virgin pina coladas (and mud slides, although that may have been on another line) are THE BOMB. Oh my gosh, so delicious, just don't be counting calories. 😵 My brother and sister in law are teetotalers, but they've always ended up with the drink package and have found they really enjoy the virgin drinks onboard! Have a GREAT trip!
  8. Holy cow, really didn't expect this. From FB and also from our TA. We are thrilled to be back doing what we do best — sharing the wonders of Alaska with our guests, as we have done proudly for nearly 75 years. Round trip itineraries from Seattle aboard Nieuw Amsterdam will be open to book tomorrow, May 21st! Cruises will be available to guests who receive their final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the cruise and have proof of vaccination. Read full details >> https://*****/3u01Frq
  9. I've really enjoyed reading your blog, it's bringing back a whole lot of GREAT memories of various trips over the years. Hope you don't mind, but here's a wee little "gift" to you in thanks for your gift of writing and letting us remember. From Iceland, our first trip there. Best wishes!
  10. Thanks for bumping this up, definitely enjoying the read (and pictures and videos) for vicarious travel. LOVED all the Copenhagen pictures, and also Alesund, which is on our radar for next May. Best wishes!
  11. Hi, Dreams42Day, and you're in for a treat, Alaska is awesome! We can't wait to go again. Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau is very beautiful, have to agree with what others have said. My sister in law and I once did a wonderful whale watch boat trip out of Juneau while my eldest brother and Mike did the ship's bike-and-beer excursion. On another trip, Mike and I did a Mendenhall-and-whale-watch photography excursion. And on our last trip, we just rode the Mt Roberts tramway up the mountain and had a nice little hike in the beautiful woods. Great views from up there, despite the rain on
  12. Ditto NancyIL's post, we also went with Alla Tours, but ours was in 2016 while on a cruise with RCCL. Day 2 was a VERY long day, I think we got back to the ship after 1am (we got caught in the mother of all traffic jams in Moscow and missed our train back to St Petersburg, managed to catch the LAST high speed train back otherwise we would have been on the milk run train!). After just a few hours of sleep, we were up very early the next day for our final day of tours in St Petersburg. I will say that Moscow definitely had a very different feel to it than St. Petersburg. I'm really glad we did i
  13. Thank you so much for your explanation, loved reading your insight! Like the OP, DH and I had wanted to find a restaurant where we could try Kobe beef during our one day in Kobe, but we ended up taking a fantastic tour instead (too much to see and do!). It was definitely a good choice for us, but we've always slightly mourned our lost chance. Happy to read it was probably a good choice, period! DH and I still talk about our Wagyu dinner, and have since tried some additional "types" from a retailer specializing in prime steaks, including "Australian full-blooded Wagyu", "Australian
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