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  1. need a large glass--bring from home, the rest is eazy
  2. from a new yorker they are all equally reliable--Carmel and Dial
  3. Saw the NCL skyward--boy did cruise ships come along way--by coincidence I just found a picture of RCCL Nordic Prince and it looked similar--that was our first cruise in 1990 from NYC to Bermuda--enjoying everyones post as I am considering a ATW cruise in a few years
  4. Pool was definetly toooo deep--and the ladder to get in and out was , in my opinion not that easy to use--they should have had stairs and had 4 or 5 feet on one side of the pool for those not as comfy in the water
  5. In St Lucia I would avoid Reduit beach--the cab may want to take you there, and then the fun begins with people taking advantage of you. Obviously the cab gets a cut of the proceeds Chairs were old 10 years ago, as were the umbrellas--then they thought they would control us by telling us when they would call a cab for us-' I am on vacation and they want to tell me when to leave etc !!
  6. it is amazing to hear that each meal , each drink each interaction with staff have been 5 star experiences-- I am reading this blog with other ATW cruise blogs to determine which is the best for me -- Thanks for all your positive input, but something , some food, some experience must have been 3 star instead of 5 star!!
  7. thanks how do i email you privately? I wil search for Currents on CC--I am sure I can find it-
  8. thanks--I have taken anout 35 cruises, but none on oceania. I have taken YC on MSC, Haven on NCL , Aqua on X. I will have to take a 30 day crusie first and see how that works. I have not seen a Current publication--I do not recall seeing one in the ATW blog that is on CC.
  9. I have read most of ATW blog currently running, but there is little talk about entertainment , things to do and actual menus. I am doing some early home work on a future ATW cruise..need to figure which line t take
  10. curious if someone can talk about food at the buffet--I realize that even though O is owned by NCL --I trust the fopod is better here than on the main NCL ships- Choices on NCL were very repetitive, and for example, if you wanted tuna fish or chicken salad, they were all pre made sandwiches, as opposed to being able to help your self. Are trays available in buffet?
  11. Hi Just saw this review for the first time, as I was following the Crystal and HAL ATW cruise . I spent my childhood in Flushing, graduated from John Bowne HS, and I find the review to be most interesting. I have 30 + cruises under my belt , none on O--and none more than 14 days--I am about to retire-so this is on my bucket list. I will need to convince my wife to join me or travel alone--which I may give serious consideration to.. Really enjoy the depth of this review --I am wondering after 4 + months are you tired of travelling and ready for the journey to come to an end--I realize you are months away from conclusion
  12. a female from South America--difficult to understand with little personality--I don't remember her name--we were on March 8 NCL Gem--
  13. Concierge was a lady, forgot her name--agai not too memorable. I agree the service in all the restaurants were wy to slow, and food seldom delivered hot. Buffet in buffet was very repetitive as far as choice
  14. I was on the cruise prior to yours-- Curious as to your thoughts--Cruise was Ok but not what it used to be. especially in food choice and quality. Also I found to Cruise director to be a non event--past cruises in NCL we always had memorable talented CD
  15. Thanks I agree from my experince , and after 30 + cruises Regal P. had the best bufet , so much so that I ate dinner there most nights. I have been on 1 other p. cruise, and the food was not in the same league, so it seems to me you nee to pick your ship carefully
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