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  1. I'd say the best is to be honest; expecting a credit. If you are not honest, it might look like you are trying to double dip.
  2. With my bank, you can't use the money, it is in limbo, in dispute until it has been resolved.
  3. Did you get the charge reversed or is the credit card company just removing the charge so you don't have to pay or incurr interest until the dispute has been investigated and resolved? I only ask this, because this is how my credit card deals with disputes.
  4. Instead of the back and forth whether one will receive the refund from their credit card company, how about those that have disputed the charge with their credit card company update us on what happened. When many disputed their charge from the bomb cyclone cruise some time back, they were denied, because the banks said they got the services they paid for. They weren't happy, but at least everyone knew how the dispute ended up.
  5. Are you saying the "lesser value refund" is not a refund for what you paid? If so, you really need to contact an attorney, because they have to refund you for everything you paid. Also, I believe the US government said no to any bailout money for cruise lines. Are you implying that Canada is going to bail out the cruise industry with your tax dollars.
  6. The only thing I would like to add. If you call and dispute on your credit care, make sure you tell them that NCL says they will give you a refund in ninety days and you feel that is too long to wait for your refund.
  7. Johnson and Johnson is saying that human testing for their coronavirus vaccine to begin in September and could be ready for emergency use authorizations early next year.
  8. I'm wondering...if cruises are not going in July, August and September, because of the virus, do you really believe that land vacation spots would be open under those circumstances?
  9. Knowing that officers sometimes say what they think you want to hear, so you will leave them alone and that guest services don't always have the correct information, that is why I suggest you send a letter to Mr. Del Rio copying Mr. Sommer.
  10. I have no idea, I was just responding about who said the cruise line would pay for the travel expenses and it appears that some officers said they would, according to the OP. Whether it is correct or not, I have no idea.
  11. Well, the OP did say, but I think we all know that the officers don't have the final call on these type of procedures: On the ship we were told by the officers that we were to keep our receipts for travel expenses occurred and upon returning home to contact NCL for reimbursement.
  12. Just trying to give my suggestions and opinions, but I'll stop now for obvious reasons.
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