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  1. I always get the filet at Cagney's and it is one hundred percent better than the Outback's filet.
  2. Best for NCL to offer discount off future cruise. If passenger chooses to use it, they should be happy and if not, NCL will be happy.
  3. Since you don't pay the tip, I certainly understand that you wouldn't have an issue with subpar service.
  4. Wear what you want. I've seen everything from sweatpants and t-shirts to suits.
  5. Unlike the cruise line business model, Amazon's upcharges on the products versus what they pay for them, are used in paying their employees. If cruise lines were to include the DSC/automatic gratuities into their cruise fare, then there would be a true comparison of business models.
  6. I guess they can suggest anything to NCL to make more money. I would suggest they find another cruise line.
  7. Wow, just make up any lie. How about being honest and let the chips fall where they may and if you get charged, it will be a wake up call to remember to cancel the reservations.
  8. I've got no issues answering their questions honestly.
  9. And if it were cancelled, there would be just as much of an outcry from the passengers. This situation was a no win for NCL.
  10. Not to mention if they were to add it to the cruise fare, some of the crew would probably be making out better, because some passengers will still tip.
  11. I was referring to those with service dogs who, yes have the right to cruise, as long as they abide by the rules the cruise line has set. Your other examples have nothing to do with service dogs, so I won't even respond to them.
  12. You are totally correct and there is the difference between a true service dog and an emotional support dog. There are many organizations that are very good at training dogs for folks, especially veterans, who suffer from PTSD.
  13. First, trust me, I'm the first person who speaks up about the abuse of the emotional support debacle. If you have ever read any of my posts on the subject, you will see where I stand. I've written letters to airlines and our government asking them to crack down on these abuses. I have nothing to lose, as my dog has never been on a flight and never will because she is a pet. I'm totally on the other side of the coin and feel that if a service dog can help a person live a more normal life, they should be able to have one and go and do everything that anyone else can do. If you feel it is okay to limit them, that is your opinion, but I strongly disagree. BTW, cruising is a right extended to you and everyone else and there should be no limitations, unless they place them on themselves.
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