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  1. Something similar happened at my grocery store. A man was taking bagles with his hands. I said, there are tissues to use and he said he was only touching the ones he was taking. When I told the clerk, she told him that everything would have to be thrown away, because he used his hands, which is against health codes. He swore at the two of us, but ended up buying all the bagles in that particular container. Hopefully an expensive lesson learned.
  2. Are the snacks individually wrapped or does the person just take out of a large bowl/container. If not wrapped, how does one know that people aren't putting their hands on the food when they get theres?
  3. There would be more people trying to get into the other specialty restaurants.
  4. I've seen them at the restaurant reservations desk.
  5. The Haven is awesome, I was just in the Haven on the Breakaway in December, and I wouldn't be reluctant to go to Cagney's, as it is always someone's opinion whether a meal is good or bad, but the macaroni and cheese did look disgusting; I for example have always had great meals at Cagney's and also the Teppenyaki restaurant. I also recommend the lightly breaded veal for lunch in the Haven restaurant.
  6. True, because those people who tried to help, BTW I said no one has posted they were successful and I was correct, will remember and not help again.
  7. I don't sail during peak season either; lower prices and less children.
  8. Was offered in December on the Breakaway; the person at the table next to me ordered it.
  9. Haven't read that anyone tried this and was successful. Why don't you try it and report back and let us know what happened.
  10. On my Reflection cruise, the pool attendant actually told passengers if they wanted to save a lounger, don't put a towel on it, but put a personal item.
  11. On one of my cruises, I was standing in the buffet line and these two women were in front of me and having a discussion as to what was in a dish. One woman stuck her finger in the dish, at which time I yelled for a crew member and told them what happened, so they could take the dish away. The woman said that she did not, while licking the remainder of the dish off her finger. When I see someone using their hands for getting food, I will call out for a crew member and tell them loudly what happened in hopes the offending person will get a hint that they are disgusting.
  12. Not an exception. When NCL use to serve the lobster in the buffet, I was always surprised how many folks would take. FWIW, I think they should bring back the lobster to the MDR, but only serve one to each passenger, as it would be easier to control inventory levels.
  13. If lobster is a must for you, there is no reason to pick NCL.
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