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  1. According to NCL's rules, minors can not be booked without an adult in the cabin whether it is connecting or not: Traveling with Minors and Young Adults:Norwegian Cruise Line's policy dictates that a minor or young adult under the age of 21 must be accompanied in the same stateroom (or a connecting/adjoining stateroom) by a guest 21 years of age or older at the time of boarding.
  2. My biggest peeve is, because I don't do the sun, when someone stakes claim to their loungers in the sun and then a second set of lounger in the shade.
  3. Saw it on my December cruise. It was on the pool deck, next to one of the bars.
  4. I always thought it would be funny if a bunch of folks got up at the crack of dawn and put things on each and every lounger and then watched as the real chair hogs came out to stake their claim and every lounger is already taken.
  5. She is a doll and I'm sure you have great memories cruising with her. I remember on one of my Crystal cruises, a gentleman would walk around the late seating holding his daughter, about the age of yours, she would be dressed head to toe in the most increadible outfits. You knew when she was coming, because the applause would follow her.
  6. I lived in Minnesota for sixteen years and never wore a coat unless it was colder than 32 degrees outside. When I moved to Arizona, I was shocked that folks put on coats when it was seventy degrees; after fourteen years here in Arizona, I only own a windbreak and and have very rarely worn it.
  7. I went twice on my December cruise. The first time there were just two tables being used and the second time there were probably about ten tables being used.
  8. I probably would have said to him "and it doesn't look like your plastic surgery worked, you are as ugly as ever".
  9. What ship? I thought the Norwegian Joy and Bliss were the first ships on NCL to have them and they came into service in 2017 and 2018 and as far as I remember there was always a charge for the go carts. Please correct me, if I'm incorrect.
  10. You can call: 1-855-625-4283. I tell them to empty the fridge, no snacks unless requested, pitchers of iced tea and ice water. Some have no had much success on their requests, but mine have all been there upon embarkation.
  11. Don't give them to the Butler, give them to the pre-Concierge.
  12. I don't decorate, but I've seen door decorations on every NCL cruise I've been on and they have stayed up the entire length of the cruise.
  13. You never eat on the ship during your cruises?
  14. Yes it was years ago and I believe that is why they included the DSC in the fare, but they changed that because of the complaints from those that wanted it in the fare, but didn't want to pay for it in the increased fare.
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