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  1. Celebrity's casinos are also non-smoking....it is awesome.
  2. I thought I read that MSC sailed from Singapore a few days ago. If this is true, I'd bet they will get a pass as well.
  3. I was speaking about how many have said their food and service has declined. I've got no issues with their food, but as I said, others aren't and felt there is a decline from the olden days. I've cruised Celebrity for more than thirty years and things have changed, or as some have said declined. Things like, not being escorted to your cabin, fine china in the dining room, chef inspired food in MDR, etc. Glad your friends loved the food, but the point was that it is not like it was years ago, just as folks don't feel NCL's food is not as good as it was. Just as your friends raved about Celebrity's food, I've read reviews where folks loved NCL's food, it is all subjective.
  4. If you haven't sailed Celebrity in a long time, just keep in mind that many feel that their food and service has declined. I cruise both lines and just as I haven't seen it on NCL, I haven't see that on Celebrity; maybe I just easily pleased.
  5. Unless you thoroughly clean them between items, you would be guilty of cross contamination and could possibly put someone in danger because of their allergies. If you are that nervous, bring gloves or wash your hands prior to eating.
  6. My IPad with tons and tons of movies I always wanted to watch.
  7. Glad to see that the US is evacuating American's on the Diamond Princess and sending them to US Air Force Bases in California and Texas.
  8. Maybe she will only drink fancy coffees and bottled water 🤣
  9. I believe she didn't want to be charged for medical care, because she didn't have the money on her credit card and she said they cut off her key card, so she couldn't buy coffee or water. She is blaming the ship, because as one fb post said, he probably touched some place on the ship that was dirty. He did get the injury off the ship...he fell out of bed before embarkation. Her friend on fb said that the medical staff didn't tell the Captain when it first got infected, I guess so he would turn around and go back, so that is why he became septic. Also, a post on fb said they are speaking with an attorney. I wonder if, when they get reibursed by their travel insurance for medical bills, will they return the money that was donated to the?
  10. Funny, from other posts, the child fell out of bed prior to embarkation and it was just a scratch when they boarded. Why do they need financial help when they have travel insurance? When the travel insurance pays for the medical, are they going to refund the money people sent to help them? The mother also reported that NCL cut them off from purchasing anything, so she couldn't purchase coffee or water.
  11. I've cruise on Celebrity and Crystal, as well a NCL. I like the fact that NCL is very casual and that is nice for a change. I only eat in the specialty restaurants and have always been pleased with the meal. There is a lot of entertainment, which is good. I added NCL into the mix with Celebrity and Crystal, because I wanted to add a lower priced cruise line, so I could cruise more, and I was suprised how much I enjoyed my first cruise with them and am now Platinum on the cruise line. The only way you will know if you will like it, try it and make up your own mind.
  12. Don't worry about the cruise lines or NCL, they have had a lot of bad press and they always come out of it in good shape. Think about the Costa ship that ran aground, think about Carnival with the crap ship, NCL with the Bomb Cyclone cruise, etc. The only people that will remember this in sixty days, is those involved, but keep trying. The Coronavirus will probably affect their stock for a short time, but that is about it.
  13. This so surprises me, since a few on her tout MSC as being so much better than NCL.
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