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  1. No it is a derogatory of those from the US, because some folks don't think we should wear sneakers. There are a lot of jokes about how to tell if someone is a US tourist.....white sneakers with socks.
  2. On Nike's website you can custom color the shoes. I have Nike Air Max in all white and in all black.
  3. Other do. I always cancel if I can't make it and have seen others do it as well.
  4. Because they make money from the Vibe area.
  5. I totally agree. Again, it is that people pick which rules they will follow and which rules they won't. If someone wants to wear fancy flip flops, which BTW I wear at home, then why can't I wear fancy dress shorts in the dining room or be a chair hog. Folks always think the rules don't apply to them. I think the big issue is, if someone is wearing flip flops, dressy or not, others feel they can wear theirs even if they are not dressy.
  6. It's in the post title that they are on the Breakaway.
  7. I've gotten two bottles and always give them away. I also have no desire for pins either. Maybe they can make them and sell them in the gift shop, so those that want them can purchase them.
  8. I guess I'm a little dense on this one, why?
  9. I would email the following: Andy Stuart and Vivian Ewart and also do an indepth, with pictures, post on NCL's community page on Facebook. Make sure to include in the email, who you spoke to on the ship and the jest of the conversation.
  10. The great thing about The Haven is, you can ask for as much as you like or as little as you like. If the Butler can handle your request he/she will and if they can't, they will let you know.
  11. Pros: Great price, you don't care where your cabin is, you don't care about any perks Cons: You could get a really lousy cabin, no perks
  12. I usually let the Pre-Concierge know what I would like; for example, pitchers of ice water and iced tea, empty the mini fridge, no pre-determined snacks, etc. and then just request other things from the Butler as I go.
  13. I found the private breakfasts and lunches rather limited, since there was no change in the menu, but had no issues eating in the MDR, buffet or by the pool for those meals.
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