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  1. Can anyone please explain how this works? Is it separate from or in conjunction with the free/reduced air? https://www.ncl.com/freestyle-cruise/premium-air
  2. HI, I just booked one of the past guest offers (20 percent off) and will take the reduced air. I can already see the routing will be non-stop. When do I need to ask them to let me fly in a day early? Now, or once final payment is due? Also, will that cancel out the transfers? (I don't want them anyway,) Thanks!
  3. We walked across the street to the bus stop near tjmaxx/safeway (its green and in the middle of the parking lot) and took the public bus to Paia, which is a cute little town. $4 day pass. ride is approx 15 minutes? Rides thru the airport which has a stunning waterfall. There is a public park there but we walked to a more private section by the Paia Inn. A big sea turtle was in the sand. There are no chairs at all - we brough ship towels. There ,might be a bathroom by the public park section, though. I had beautiful comfy sand and gentle waves. Some shade was available, too. We caught the bus a few hours later. It was a nice, easy day.
  4. None - but we were early (11am). It was very easy without - we just rolled our luggage into a room with a conveyer and someone helped put the bags on.
  5. There are PLENTY of spots to see the coast. You will LOVE this cruise. Don't fret ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Can anyone confirm if this is working again?
  7. Port side is the side to be on for the sailing out the last day. Not sure about the rest of the trip, but mostly we sailed at night once it was getting dark. We are just back and it was one of the best trips ever ๐Ÿ™‚ I wrote a quick review that you can probably find. Let me know if you have any other specific questions.
  8. We wondered the same but we didnโ€™t end up trying. I think itโ€™s doable though bc there was a sign up to be back on board by 6:30pm
  9. None there on Saturday 6/29. Walked inside building and into a room where we placed the bags right on the belt.
  10. This was definitely one of our favorite trips ever :)
  11. DOuble post - deleted
  12. Great trip! Here's some info: Embark - we got there by 11am and were on by 11:30. No Platinum waiting area or special embarkation for Platinum. Suites had a separate area. Had lunch in the Skyline day 1. Rooms were ready around 1:30 pm. The Skyline was closed for lunch the remainder of the trip. Inside room on deck 4 under the lobby - noisy. Also one day had overwhelming shellac smell inside the room. Otherwise good location. There is shade to be found - back deck 11 is great; pool bar on 12 has a breeze and shade. Sides of pool are hot bc there is no ventilation on Deck 11. Deck 3 mid is used to get on/off the ship. Long lines for the first tender only. Not bad otherwise. Food was good all around. Same for drinks. Drinks were very expensive if you don't have the package. With tax/tips, could be $24 per drink! Long line to make dinner reservations on board the first day. Long lines at Skyline at 5:30 pm even with reservations. Separate line for no reservations was quicker, ironically. Comedian and magician were very good. Cover band was good, too. Ship never felt too crowded though it was full. Diner and Gold Rush worth visiting. Bring beach footwear for rocks! Stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for three nights. Took UBER to Ship - @$15. Maui day 1 - took free shuttle to mall and then rode the public bus all the way to Lahaina and then transferred to waiting bus up north to the best beaches/Ritz/Golf. Wirth the trip! $4 r/t per person (day pass) Maui day 2 - walked across the street to public bus near TJMaxx/Safeway and took it to the beach in Paia. Beautiful! Rode it the rest of the route after the beach to sightsee. $4 all day pass. Kona - tender and took the $2 public trolley at pier at 9:40 am - DO NOT take this one! - wait instead until the 10:20ish trolley which skips the malls, etc. and heads right to the beach. We took an UBER back for @$12. Very rocky beach, but good for snorkeling. Can rent at the beach. Hilo- walked a block to the hop on/off bus $20 pp - went to first 5 stops including Rainbow Falls/Banyan Trees/Japanese Garden, then transferred to the beach hop on/off later (included in the price). Well worth it! Kauai - Walked to close by Marriott beach/golf course/lighthouse. Kauai day 2- took the $75 ship sponsored bus tour to Waimea Canyon - MUST SEE! Sat on deck to hear commentary while sailing past cliffs on way out. Disembarked on our own - off ship by 7:20 am. Had Lined up on deck 6 mid. Took UBER to airport for approx $17. Thru security at HNL by 8:30am. Waited a long time for noon flight. Let me know if you have any questions!
  13. you can print out a summary of your trip under your reservation - booked items list
  14. Im surprised that they don't mention this on their website! Maybe I missed it.
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