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  1. Apparently Pursuit will do something in the Caribbean not involving Cuba starting March 23 and ending April 5, then head for Lisbon arriving April 18. The next month she'll likely do the western Med, Portugal, and France's Atlantic ports on the way to Southampton May 24. I will do something else.
  2. I am hoping we can cancel May 9 and the b2b May 24 without penalty and get on with our lives uninterrupted.
  3. Nice of Azamara to let us know. Was about to book flights and hotel. At one time or another we've had ten Azamara cruises booked during the period from this August through next May, and eight of the ten have had either major date or itinerary changes...sometimes both. Too much of this disruptive nonsense for me. A big black mark for Azamara to add to the new upgrade scheme disaster. They must not realize they're losing once-loyal patrons with the incredibly callous attitude displayed toward us.
  4. This doesn't make sense to me at all. We're booked on a May 9, 2020 Pursuit trans-Atlantic from Miami to Southampton
  5. The Crowne Plaza at Venice airport has a cruise package with shuttle for guests to both ports.
  6. Depends somewhat on ship and stateroom category but I've always seen Euro-style plugs. One or more Pursuit categories have UK plugs, IIRC.
  7. Interesting. Our situation was with United, also. ChoiceAir final price was about half. Agent booked it as two one-way tickets, not round-trip, and price was half.
  8. Have used ChoiceAir often with excellent results, even getting an amazing business class price with the help of a creative agent for our October 2019 Journey cruises. Just had a similar, but different, experience to OP's when using the best price guarantee to reduce the price of a 2020 cruise. The new confirmation showed my deposit dropping from $1100 to $528.80. Huh? What's even stranger is that I paid $571.20 with a credit card for pre-booked excursions above our OBC amount. $571.20 plus $528.80 equals $1100! Somebody goofed. TA is on the case.
  9. Had a similar issue at that self-described six-star cruise line Regent. Made final payment on a TA to Barcelona and was offered an attractive price to stay on to Istanbul. Accepted the offer and thought we were set. TA received an email from Regent saying "oops, we made a mistake; your client has to pay $1000 more." TA fought it, escalated, and got nowhere. Finally, I wrote to Regent's then-president and he fixed it. Never easy.
  10. Thanks for posting that. Pointed me in a different direction. Credits were for a canceled excursion on Journey's upcoming October 10 cruise. Timing with end of recent cruise just coincidental.
  11. Surprised to find two Azamara credits ($188.60 total) posted to our card right after this cruise. Excess port charges or taxes? Anyone know?
  12. My issue is not with someone who "wins" by playing within the rules. My issue is with the rules. Winners should enjoy their prize.
  13. Eco-Boutique https://www.ada-international.com/en/brands/lifestyle-brands/responsible-living/eco-boutique/
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