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  1. And for those of us who are using our free nights on cruises in the next six to eight months, if we cancel (or Azamara cancels) our cruise, will our free nights be returned to our loyalty (whatever it's now called) account?
  2. Ably aided by Ryszard in such endeavors.
  3. Yes, we have two August cruises and final payment is due in less than three weeks. Time to speak up, Azamara.
  4. There's plenty of room on the bus and in the seating area. It seems you are well-suited for a place on the bus. As Nike says: Just do it. Enjoy the Evening with no angst.
  5. It is this simple. There is a bus for the mobility-impaired, bus #2 usually. You'll board right away and a section will be reserved at the venue for the group. It is in the first group of buses loaded for the return to the ship.
  6. Cue Peggy Lee: Is that all there is, is that all there is If that's all there is my friends, then let's keep dancing Let's break out the booze and have a ball If that's all there is…
  7. The only significant LCV benefit was getting priority for upgrades under the former program. Getting an upgrade from a veranda to a club continent suite gave value measured in four digits. The value of more laundry is measured in two or at most three digits. Same with internet. Took me 41 Azamara cruises to get to Platinum and the 10% onboard booking discount. Took one Windstar cruise to get the same 10%. Unless they restore the upgrade priority to something very significant, whatever they do will be just eyewash.
  8. If loyalty level is not a significant factor in awarding upgrades whatever is announced almost certainly won't matter to me at all.
  9. Exciting news for me would be if they had sent that email to this Discoverer Platinum loyalty member.
  10. My brother the birder says Vortex binoculars are terrific value for the price.
  11. Love the Aqualina menu but miss the green pea soup. Starters, salads and desserts much more appealing than Prime C.
  12. I'd think the host at the dining room could seat you with a Spanish-speaking server.
  13. Used those showers many hundreds of times with no issue. Sure, a CC suite shower is bigger. So what. You get clean either way. Fret over something else that might be significant..
  14. Agree. Had 15-20 meals total in Prime C and Aqualina in December and January and the food quality was as good as ever. Table placement is an issue and we just refused to sit where a table would have been right next to ours.
  15. Agree. Never had an issue with shower or curtain.
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