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  1. Maybe because someone who's booked their first Azamara cruise might not know you can book excursions in advance...or how to. People ask here if specialty coffees are included, if restaurant reservations can be made in advance, if wine is included. I just don't understand the brouhaha over this harmless, and potentially helpful, phone call.
  2. We had one at the Barbados Concorde Experience. Tour of the plane and exhibits followed by island music and dance. Nice. Another was held on the pier where a magician was flown in. Not so nice.
  3. Yes, an Azamazing Evening I would have loved to attend. Glad it made up a bit for your previous one. The problem Azamara faces is the varying likes and dislikes of its 600+ passengers. I'd be very surprised if there weren't more than a small handful who returned to the ship saying "I hate classical music. That was a waste of time." Pleasing all the people all the time with any musical performance is a near impossibility.
  4. See Phil's response #5. Azamara probably has over 1000 different shore excursions available for booking at any point in time. If you really expect someone at headquarters to be able to answer detailed questions about every one of them you are dreaming. They are trying to help by letting people know excursions can be booked ahead of time. If more people were to do this, there would be fewer canceled excursions, something uktog (correctly) complains about often. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of getting things done at Azamara. See, for just one example, the frequent questions here about whether specialty restaurant reservations can be booked in advance. Seems to me all one has to do is answer the phone and say he or she is aware of being able to book in advance but has chosen not to do so...and thanks for the reminder.
  5. Ccouldn't have said it better. Amazing what some will rush to the internet to complain about.
  6. I "dress up" for events where "dressing up" is the appropriate thing to do. Dinner on any cruise ship does not qualify, and I've done a thousand of them. As for "playing dress up," that went out with the junior prom.
  7. Half the CC suites have tubs, and half have showers. Starboard N1 and port N2 CC suites have walk-in showers.
  8. Have never seen or seen mention of pull-down bunkbed in CCsuites.
  9. Strange that some here can't seem to understand the difference between paying more to get more space or liquor or whatever and a ship having segregated areas where only certain people are allowed to go while others are forbidden from going. Seems simple to me..and uktog, and Phil, maybe others. Has nothing to do with putting someone down for how they choose to sail. Sigh.
  10. What a wonderful, insightful posting!
  11. No, it doesn't help. Your bolded sentence above confuses perqs with separate classes within the same sentence. Perqs do NOT constitute separate classes. Got it? Again: Perqs do not constitute separate classes. They are distinct and different things. See my, uktog's, and Phil's posts above. Separate classes mean separate sections, closed off to others, on the ship, not a bottle of rum in your stateroom or "a pin and a thermos."
  12. I will wager that there are very few persons who would view "a pin and thermos" as a separate passage class on a cruise ship. Maybe only one person. You are confusing perqs (short for perquisites) and minor loyalty gifts with separate passage classes having sealed-off areas of the ship. Big difference. Getting a few bottles of liquor or the services of a butler does not constitute a separate passage class. [Neither does a conversation or two during the cruise with a senior officer you may have sailed with often, for that matter.]
  13. That's OK. We don't use the butler much, either.
  14. I guess I don't see that a captain or other senior officer has to speak the same number of words to each and every one of the nearly 700 passengers on the ship in order for the ship to be regarded as one-class. To me a multi-class ship has areas of the ship--stateroom sections, restaurants, lounges, pools, fitness areas, suite-only theater sections or dining room areas, and so on--where "lower" class passengers are forbidden to go, with no ability to pay an access fee, thereby isolating the "upper" class from having to mingle with the "others." This practice is what I find offensive, and apparently Phil feels the same. StevenR continues to misstate Azamara policies. Suite passengers do NOT have "unlimited" access to specialty restaurants. They make reservations like everyone else. The difference is that there is no additional charge for suite passengers. We have been in a corner suite and have been unable to get a reservation when desired. If someone in a non-suite stateroom gets to the reservation desk he or she can book a specialty every night of the cruise if so desired, if dining times and dates are available...same as for a suite passenger.
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