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  1. My brother the birder says Vortex binoculars are terrific value for the price.
  2. Love the Aqualina menu but miss the green pea soup. Starters, salads and desserts much more appealing than Prime C.
  3. I'd think the host at the dining room could seat you with a Spanish-speaking server.
  4. Used those showers many hundreds of times with no issue. Sure, a CC suite shower is bigger. So what. You get clean either way. Fret over something else that might be significant..
  5. Agree. Had 15-20 meals total in Prime C and Aqualina in December and January and the food quality was as good as ever. Table placement is an issue and we just refused to sit where a table would have been right next to ours.
  6. Agree. Never had an issue with shower or curtain.
  7. We enjoyed it, too, Grandma. I don't judge things solely by their price. My $50 Timex keeps better time than my $5000 Rolex, and the clasp stays shut, besides.
  8. For both, based, I would think, on the LCV level of each person.
  9. I'm sorry you don't get that someone who spends years patronizing a company is upset when that company takes away a benefit that is of significant value to that someone. Haven't you noticed that many of us are going to "vote with our feet" as a result of the change in the upgrade program?
  10. Sorry about the gender mix-up. We don't pay much attention to loyalty programs, either, particularly with airlines. For cruising, however, we just happen to have liked the Azamara experience and have stuck with it until now. The issue many of us have with Azamara is offering perqs for loyalty and then pulling them away...the best (worst?) example is with the upgrade program change. But when Azamara trashes my loyalty, I will look elsewhere, and have found a comparable experience at Windstar. Others will be given a shot, also. Hospitality companies aren't giving anyone "something for nothing" with their loyalty programs. They're trying to hang on to their most frequent customers. That's perqs (read money) invested in future business. People in high loyalty categories have paid well for whatever perqs they're being given, a reason why there is upset when those perqs are taken away.
  11. Well said, laurie. I wish sunlover good luck in finding an airline, cruise line, or hotel chain that doesn't have a frequent flyer, frequent cruiser, or frequent guest loyalty program. It's clear from his posting that he'd never deign to make use of one that did. Happy traveling!
  12. I believe there are no minutes for veranda, oceanview, and inside cabins. You would just get your LCV minutes to use or the percentage shown for your LCV level to apply toward unlimited (e.g., an Explorer in a veranda gets 35% off whatever the unlimited charge is for that length cruise).
  13. On Quest the last five weeks, as well. I think the wine you request must have appeared in the rotation an earlier day of your cruise.
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