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  1. IIRC, Montenegro does use the Euro, despite not being in the EU yet. Doesn't affect VAT, though.
  2. I think you're conflating "mainstream" with "mass-market." Crystal is not mass-market. I would consider it mainstream.
  3. Somewhat less easy in Marketplace at breakfast and lunch.
  4. Russ seems to be doing fine. Loves the two months on, two months off schedule on Crystal. Has more extensive entertainment to oversee: four singers and six dancers; three pianists; a violinist; a duo; a trio; and a comedian. Five entertainment venues in the evening. Three enrichment lecturers. Has had a few Azamara regulars onboard to stay in touch. Thoughts on Crystal when I have time.
  5. After boarding we were offered an upgrade from PH to PS. The next morning the concierge called with a revised offer at 60% of the initial offer. Some of Vince's pictures of desserts do look tempting, but the reality is that Afogato is a not-very-good version of tiramisu and the deconstructed cannolo was a complete bust (and I know Italian food). Ditto for the dreadful pineapple cheesecake mess served in Waterside. Sometimes Crystal just overreaches in attempting the unusual to impress.
  6. If you have onboard credit from your cruise agent, Crystal will treat it as nonrefundable, and if you don't use it, it will be "forfeited." "Forfeited" is the word Crystal uses on your final statement. I was told there was one exception: a large U.S. chain of membership stores. I believe I made clear to Crystal what I thought of this policy.
  7. Trust me: OBC gifted to us by our TA for last week's cruise was not refunded. The word used on our final bill was "forfeited." Our TA wrote to guest services to protest this and never got an answer. Unconscionable.
  8. Journey has the Sunset Bar, meaning fewer outside tables in Windows but less sense of dining amidst a sea of wall-to-wall tables on Pursuit. Only substantive difference.
  9. NCL did this on ships that predated The Haven, so upper suite guests could breakfast in Cagney's steak house and avoid the crowds in the main dining room and buffet. There's no such issue on Azamara, so there's no need for a separate breakfast room, except perhaps to appeal to snobs. Cagney's had special menu items not available to the hoi polloi dining with the masses. I hope this is not true in Aqualina.
  10. Russ Grieve will put on a lovely, warm and memorable Christmas Eve show featuring the ship's entertainers
  11. If true, it would be new. Not keen on the idea of segregating suite passengers and making it a two-class ship.
  12. Thanks for asking, Ann. I thought 2022 might still be up in the air from looking at the posted schedule. Probably having the senior hotel directors onboard for each ship's return to sailing, and then establish more permanent rotations after that. Interesting about Rob. Already eight names listed in the schedules for the three ships (Ryszard, Heike, Tomasz, Tony, Iwan, Ngawhira, Fabio, Mario).
  13. I have no idea what this Guidebook is, but there is no mention of OBC in any context in the ticket contract. And the refund thing mentioned somewhere above is in the contract section dealing with a cruise cancellation, therefore irrelevant.
  14. If what you both are saying is true it is an unethical policy on Crystal's part.
  15. I am on Symphony now, and being told that my travel agent's OBC is nonrefundable and must be spent onboard or forfeited. I have OBC from both Crystal and the TA. I have cruised eight other ocean cruise lines and OBC from my TA has always been refunded if not spent onboard. Is this standard Crystal policy? If so, this is not only my first but also my last Crystal cruise. This borders on theft. TA OBC is mine to spend...or not spend...as I see fit. I was told that only OBC from a certain big box membership chain TA is refundable. Huh?
  16. Would be interested in knowing Quest's hotel director schedule for the first quarter 2022, if it's been decided. Thanks. Enjoy!
  17. Thank you so much. Exactly what I was hoping for. We board Sunday.
  18. A few questions for those on the first three Boston-Bermuda cruises, and not about hurricanes, testing or quarantining: 1. How was entertainment? Any specific recommendations? 2. Any comments on dining? Recommended venues or dishes? 3. Atmosphere on board. Subdued? Upbeat? Officers visible and socializing? 4. Activities not to miss? Cooking demos? Vintage Room lunch or dinner?
  19. Will get to see Russ, if nothing else!
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