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  1. Thank you very much for the replies to my question and sharing your first hand experiences with this itinerary. This is why CC is such a valuable resource. I did not expect call takers at Cunard would have a clue about the route taken out of Vancouver. I also appreciated reading the Excellent trip report! And the point about the departure time and transit after dark were noted. With all the information I continue to judge this is the very best itinerary. We’ve never cruised with Cunard and I’m very much looking forward to it. Thank you!
  2. We are shopping Alaska cruises and I keep coming back to this wonderful 10-day Alaska cruise out of Vancouver BC. The itinerary looks ideal. Except for one thing, which is the reason for my question. The itinerary map on the Cunard website shows the route departing Vancouver and cruising out to open water to the west of Vancouver island. Is this correct? My understanding is that cruise ships departing Vancouver normally cruise the inside passage to the east of the island. In fact all the the itinerary maps I’ve seen on the online booking websites show QE departing Vancouver and cruising to the east of the island as would be expected. It is only the Cunard website that shows the different route. Can anyone say with authority which route is correct? I haven’t called Cunard, but will if CC members don’t have the answer. But usually they do! 😊
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