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  1. So the crew will receive the vaccine on 6/28. And the vaccine isn't fully effective until 14 days after vaccination. So will the July 10th cruise be cancelled along with the next two cruises? If so when do you intend to let those passengers know?
  2. I completely agree. The Star Breeze left Lisbon on May 31 and arrived in St. Maarten on June 9. They could have made a stop in San Juan (or somewhere else) for the crew to get vaccinated. Windstar really failed us here.
  3. As one for the people who had their cruise just cancelled, a question for those of you who have been through the refund process. How were refunds for shore excursions and other purchases handled? Were they refunded separately? TIA.
  4. I don't think they are cancelling the next 3 cruises. Just the next 2. Since the July 10th cruise was offered as an option for us to move to. But I think not. Increased possibility of hurricanes.
  5. Windstar sent me a letter as did my travel agent. I am sad they waited so long to do it. Nothing has really changed in how the island are handling visitors in the past week.
  6. Fron Windstar: We are working diligently with local Caribbean authorities in regards to COVID policies and rules for visiting various island countries. A number of island nations have recently revealed new COVID policies for entry which hinges on vaccination rates. While we can confirm our guests will be 100% vaccinated, we have run into challenges sourcing vaccines for our crew. Due to this new policy, we cannot visit many of the islands on our Caribbean itinerary. We have been fortunate to source vaccines for the remaining crew on the Star Breeze but in order to execute this we unfortunately need to cancel your June 26 Caribbean cruise. We apologize for this inconvenience and understand how disappointing this will be for you. We are offering a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) valued at 125% of monies paid to Windstar Cruises. From there, you have two options: Option 1: Book another Windstar Cruise. If you have the flexibility, we hope you can take advantage of a “lift & shift” to another Star Breeze sailing on the same itinerary departing on one of these dates in July 2021 – July 10, July 17 or July 24. We will honor your paid cruise fare on the new sailing and offer you $250 per guest towards offsetting any airline or hotel change fees you may incur. Should you not be able to sail in July, you will have 24 months from the issue date of your FCC to sail with the FCC. Please allow up to four weeks to receive the FCC certificate. Option 2: Receive a Cash Refund. Should you wish to convert your canceled voyage FCC into a cash refund, you may do so once the FCC certificate is received. Please follow the link on the FCC certificate to request this option. Windstar will deactivate the FCC valued at 125% and process the refund to the original form(s) of payment at 100% of the monies paid to Windstar Cruises. You will have 24 months from the issue date of the FCC to request the refund. Please allow for up to two weeks to receive the refund. Please note Windstar does not reimburse third party (non-Windstar) travel expenses or fees. However, given the short notice of this cancellation, we will provide you a $250 refund per person to offset any airline or hotel change fees you may incur. Pretty disappointed.
  7. Stopping at any ports at all? How many passengers are there?
  8. I just did a search for COVID test locations online. https://www.cvs.com/minuteclinic/covid-19-testing Once I enter my zip code, it takes me to a questionaire that I filled out. Then after I submit it - it pulls up locations. with "rapid result testing". That's what you want. Not drive thru So try this and maybe there will be success.
  9. I had sent EHAS an email early in the week to see if the CVS rapid antigen test - EUA -LumiraDx SARS-CoV-2 Antigen (Ag) Test - was acceptable. They responded very quickly saying yes. CVS had all the required info on the hard copy I received at the time I got the results. The lab part on the EHAS form was a bit tricky so I just put what they had on the form and added CVS Health - Minute Clinic. I waited at CVS for the results then when they called I asked for a hard copy, which they printed out for me. The test was free for me due to my advanced age (medicare). I also get my prescriptions filled there so they had all of my insurance information already. Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help.
  10. So I leave for Sint Maarten on 6/22 for my 6/26 cruise. I opted for the antigen test at CVS. My flight from Atlanta to SXM leaves at 9:45am so I scheduled the antigen test online at CVS for 10:05am. I was tested at 10:01 (self nasal swab) and i had the results (negative) at 10:22am. At 11:45 I submitted EHAS form after scanning both my vaccine card and the antigen test results and attaching them to the application form. I was approved at 11:58! Pretty straightforward and seamless process. One tip - make sure you ask the lab/provider for a hard copy of the test results so you have something to scan. One step closer to being on the Star Breeze!
  11. Should Windstar even offer the PCR test since Sint Maarten requires an antigen test? Within 48 hours, before disembarking again in Sint Maarten at the end of the cruise, all passengers 10 years of age and older must have an antigen test performed by the cruise line. So at the end of the cruise I have had a PCR test...guess they won't let me off and I will have to stay another week or two!
  12. https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Caribbean-calls-canceled-Windstar-return-cruise
  13. If you enter your zip code into CVS's online site, and fill out the questionaire they will show you where you can get tests. Both the rapid test and the PCR test.
  14. But the rt-PCR has to be sent to a lab and it's hard to tell when the results will be back. One place I spoke to said it could be 3 to 5 days. That wouldn't work. So I am opting for the antigen test - the results should be available almost immediately.
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