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  1. Michelle's not on vacation in April - she rotates off on February 5th. Mike replaces her then. Michelle returns from vacation on March 28th on Spectrum.
  2. Per Michelle's IG, she'll rotate off Voyager on 2/5. No idea who'll come on while she's off.
  3. Current production shows on Serenade (which by the looks of it haven't changed since I sailed on her) are: Stage to Screen - " Calling all film aficionados, Broadway buffs, and every fan in between: get ready to travel from the world-revered theaters of Broadway to the star-studded studios of Hollywood as we bring you the greatest musicals to ever go from the Stage to Screen." Vibeology - " Greatest hits get a remix when the vibes of your favorite originals are remixed in an all new way, with everything from reimagined Elvis to a cappella Beatles. Vibeology captures the music that defined an era and pays homage to its legends with hits from Sting, Santana, Cher, and more." You'll also have various headliners that you can e-mail Royal and ask about a few weeks prior to your cruise.
  4. Yup. Never had any issues after a week of non-humidified use back in September on Symphony and other multi-day uses without it.
  5. There really isn't a menu - it's a buffet with pretty much the same items each day - quesadillas, burritos, and tortillas to make carne asada, carnitas, or chicken tacos. Also tortilla chips and a couple salads/desserts.
  6. My wife and I and our friends quite enjoyed it. I've said it elsewhere but we never visited the Champagne Bar when we were on Oasis but visited Bionic Bar at least daily, if not a couple of times a day.
  7. Whomever you spoke with apparently didn't know about the locks being upgraded during this most recent Drydock. Wow Bands and unlocking doors through the app are now supported on Oasis.
  8. Without knowing your model of machine you could try one of the newer low-profile full masks like the Resmed F30 or the Philips Respironics Dreamwear which don't contact the bridge of the nose at all.
  9. Better than asking your steward - prior to boarding, fill out a request with Royal's Special Needs Department and that way you should have an extension cord and water waiting for you. Also, if he has the ability to do so, tell him to consider a travel CPAP - the ResMed AirMini, for instance, which doesn't use distilled water at all (it uses a humidifier disc instead) and it's super convenient to travel with.
  10. Not that I've ever seen...I don't think I've ever seen pulled pork or Burnt Ends, for instance, at WJ, but I typically don't eat at WJ except for (maybe) embarkation lunch and breakfast on a port day. I'm not hugely familiar with that and I don't think it's commonly considered among the staple regional sauces. Would you mind telling me more about it?
  11. It does look like from the Lunch and Dinner menus that the Kids Meals at Portside BBQ will be charged as well - $7.99 at lunch (which gets you your choice of Chicken Fingers, Mac & Cheese, or 1/4 BBQ chicken in addition to a side and dessert) and $4.39 at dinner (which gets you the same as lunch but without dessert). I'm not sure if that's correct but that's just what it looks like based off of those menus. I've heard it's really good on poultry which is why I think it might not be a bad addition to the turkey.
  12. I'll third it - I don't gamble but if it's open late it'd be nice to hit that up after a show or some night swimming. I'm a little surprised they also didn't do like a slider option for the sandwiches - 3 slider sized sandwiches (mix and match between the three proteins) with no side. That'd hit the spot for sure. I'll still be interested to see what their sauce lineup would be. In my ideal set-up where you're going for BBQ's greatest hits like that it'd be: Eastern NC Vinegar & Pepper Western NC Tomato Central SC Mustard Memphis Kansas City And...blech...Alabama White
  13. You're welcome. At any rate, for those curious, here's the Dinner and Late Night Menus as well. For what it's worth, the Late Night Menu is essentially the same as the Lunch Menu. From my perspective living in BBQ country, $12.95 for two meats, two sides, and a dessert isn't bad. Here in the Triangle, The Pit (featured on a couple Food Network shows) charges $18.99 for 2 meats and 2 sides (no dessert) at dinner and $24.99 for 3 meats and 2 sides (no dessert). Sam Jones BBQ (owned by the family that owns the nationally known Skylight Inn) charges $15.99 for their 2 meat/2 side combo and $17.99 for their 3 meat/2 side combo. Again, dessert is separate.
  14. Looks like $7.99 for lunch which gives you your choice of entree (a sandwich (either pulled pork, brisket, or smoked turkey) with fries and slaw; a smoked turkey leg; or 4 smoked chicken wings with fries and slaw) and dessert.
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