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  1. I've done both and booking with a TA saves up between $500 - $1000 per room depending on what type of cabin we get
  2. Sorry no, they will likely be handled under the countries in those jurisdiction with along side CDC Go right ahead and make your own prediction
  3. From someone with some inside news I've "Heard" it could June or July.....all depends with the National rates are at the time and what % of the population has been vaccinated. Anyone sailing will need to be vaccinated, like a lot of things everything is in flow
  4. Your right, the roll out was a complete cluster puck. You have a few things going on, every state is doing is differently. Here is PA every County does it different. You also have a production issue. This should have been a Federal effort. I'm signed up with the county, Rite Aid and CVS. My company does a lot of printing for CVS and they are doing a massive roll out to all of their locations. Hopefully J&J will be approved and that should really help
  5. I agree 100%. My wife and I both had the shingles vaccine three years ago, the first injection kicked the crap out of us for a day and a half. I was glad to take it after seeing what both my parents have gone thru. My Mom has outbreaks of it around her face, my father on his back and legs, its very painful and will last weeks. I'll gladly take a day or two feeling miserable to be covered
  6. Not bad, booked a Spa Balcony with Beverage plan and 4 specialty dinner for $4600 and change for my wife and I
  7. Because you might not need it every year. Its not an apples to apples comparison. In a good year about half the population of the US gets the flu shot. Right now its a complete unknown, that's why you are not hearing anything about it. At best we might start hearing something in 6 month, probably 8-10 months about how well the vaccines are protecting us
  8. It said 14 days in the first post. I would assume that's 14 days After your second dose if you get the 2 shot vaccine. Nobody knows right now how long the vaccine will protect you. 6 Months, a year, two??? Those in the studies are going on about 6 months now
  9. Yes, all cruise lines will go this way. I just read something a few days ago where RC will make it mandatory for all ship staff to be vaccinated. Seem's fair all pax would be
  10. Getaway 12 day.....January 2023 I think will make this one Lol
  11. Talking to my friend in Montreal last night, she doesn't think the boarders will be open until Labor Day, maybe Thanksgiving
  12. Their is a separate area for Haven pax to go thru security and check in. If looking from the front of the building it was to the right. Who knows what check in will be like now. The haven lounge is pretty saw for the amount of haven pax. My wife and I arrived at 9:30 and were checked in and sitting in the lounge by 10am. By 10:30am the room was full and the line was out the door. We started boarding just before 11am Boarding video below........
  13. Yea, they better than the US. I was talking more along dealing with their businesses. It can be really tough at times. My wife and I are headed Vegas for 5 nights in Vegas. You can't be the rates, no shows, will spend our time at the state and national parks in the area.
  14. Come on now PA is right on top of things. Lol
  15. That test cruise from Barbados worked out so well.....time to try another one
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