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  1. What ship are you on? The newer ships like the Escape, Breakaway etc....have very small balconies compared to the Jewel class ships. You better bid high, Alaska cruises are always sold out. As far as weather, my wife and I have a cruise from Seattle in early September. Skagway etc... we had temps in the 60's for the high and 50's for the lows. Thats on around the ship, if you take an excursion to a glacier or something like that it will be colder
  2. It's just like anything else now. 10 years ago when I bought a truck they gave me one year of free car washes, 5 years ago when I traded it in (same dealer) I got 6 months. In December when I traded that one in no car washes Lol
  3. If I could cancel and rebook I would Lol. Our H5 was $3399. You book what your comfortable paying. This is a special cruise for us so I decided to splurge
  4. Looks like your Haven starting prices is $500 less than ours was a week later
  5. Thats fine, I've seen people in the spa in everything. Including walking in a robe with nothing under it Lol
  6. Great info, Ouch $500 for the Camera. I've been a Mac user for 35 years, I'm a graphic artist. I also use Windows Machines. Apple products are more expensive yet they last 3-4 times as long. iMovie is a fantastic free program that comes standard on all Mac. I've taught people on Macs and Windows machines and 90% of the people trend to Mac. I tell everyone if your thinking of buying a Mac and don't need the lastest and greatest machine buy a refurbished unit a year or two old from Apple and save $300-500. The warranty and service is like new. It comes down to what you are most comfortable with.
  7. Have some cabins below the waterline with a large picture window. A slide that ends up in the ocean and a submarine
  8. The booking person should have notified you what would change. However you should have checked what the current perks are. I would send an email to Vivian Ewart, she was actually very helpful for me last year. VEWART@ncl.com
  9. LOL, 360 video takes a while to edit and upload. I haven't found a good 360 editing program for Mac so I don't bother
  10. Here you go, Thanks https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxMpUNjFPFHeiwGvW15As3w?sub_confirmation=1
  11. My wife and I are headed out on the Escape June 9th. I'm taking a bunch of gear including my drone. I might just pick up a 360 camera. I plan to do 4-5 cabin tours along with a bunch of stuff on Bermuda
  12. Thanks for the info!
  13. Is their a Mini Bus to Warwick Long Cay?
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