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  1. Their is a reason H20 was booked.........Hopefully you'll be fine with no issues.
  2. You'll have a Great time on the ship......not sure about the transportation 😉
  3. Shame your flight is so late. You could literally take a bus back to Toronto and arrive home before your flight out of NYC even leaves Lol
  4. The weather can change at a drop of a hat. We arrived Wednesday on the Escape in June. On Tuesday the forecast was for rain 75% of the time Wed, Thur & Friday..... It never rained a drop, at most it was partly cloudy. This was supposed to be a rainy day....
  5. Laszlo

    Horseshoe Beach

    You can see HSB in the video, the beach is empty.......granted it was 8:30am when we arrived
  6. 3 out of 4 tries........ Arrive early, get and early boarding number. Walk quickly.....know where you are headed.....keep your fingers crossed
  7. The Islands are pretty much OK now.......who's about this year. June is a great time to go to Bermuda. Since your in CT it would save you airfare
  8. 5 weeks out with that many left I would think your chances are pretty good. Put a bid in a do a mock booking every 3-4 days to see what is left
  9. Keep in mind its the summer, I thing more people would like to be closer to the Haven Courtyard. Not that an H5 is that far away. On my cruise in June on the Escape the only Haven cabins left within 3 days of sailing were 3-4 H9's
  10. And an excellent place to put wet bathing suits and snorkel gear
  11. LOL, You need to get a life. I only posted it because I knew it was piss you off. Wasn't my picture, just a quick google search LOL
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