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  1. Good deal on the refund. I have a feeling a lot of people will be canceling their cruises over the next few months
  2. Your right, I don't get the no jail time. Then again a friend of mine was run over by a drunk driver while she was jogging on a side walk, she was killed and the guy got 18 months
  3. No jail time huh, they should have made it conditional if he gets no jail time they drop the lawsuit
  4. Watch this video....... Carry on are no problem We boarded at 11:00am and our cabin was ready at 11:30am
  5. I've seen people - groups of people boarding between 3-3:30pm for a sailaway at 4:00pm
  6. I'm willing to bet nobody heard or saw my drone and that's the way I try to fly. I was even able to fly on GSC....
  7. Pack it in your checked luggage, when you get off the ship pack it in a small backpack. The issue will be coming back on board the later that day. They might or might not see it when you bag goes thru X-ray. Worse case is they will see it and it will go to the naughty room until the next port. Usually......they will let you take it off at the next port. I've taken my drones on 4 cruises so far. Only had an issue with one, they let me take it off and they return it to them at the end of the day (3 ports). Just remember to take out your SD card before you go back on board the ship. Check the drone laws in the countries your going. If you get some great footage NCL might even ask you if they can use it..... 😉
  8. Thanks, that's what I thought
  9. Do the suites on the Jade or any Jewel class ship have use of the Haven sun deck? Thanks
  10. As long as you are backing up all of your original files, photos etc... to an external source which I'm sure your doing your good
  11. Yes, or in theory it should be. Make sure you are backing up the files on your own computer also
  12. I've sailed out of NYC 4 times, we have always been off the ship and driving home by 8:15am. With that said we did easy walk off (taking all of our bags) and getting in line about 7am. It will vary but we have been lucky with getting off fairly quick. If you use the elevator it will take longer since it seems to be backed up even when we get off
  13. Diffidently want to contact them, you don't want loose anything if they have a server that goes down. I'm sure they have back ups but it doesn't hurt to check
  14. Your rocking it! Keep up the good work! And make sure your web provider has a backup
  15. Good looking website Kim! You put a lot of time and effort into it.
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