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  1. My wife and I did a 14 day a few years ago on the BA out of NYC in February. It very cold yet the seas were calm on the way down. Coming back was a completely different story, All outside decks were closed the last two days. We couldn't get off fast enough, the only thing that saved us was our thermal spa passes.....and it was overflowing the last two days
  2. Keep in mind just because its Not on the menu doesn't mean you can't order it. I was able to get a BLT and Turkey at lunch on the sundeck and a bacon cheeseburger in the Haven restaurant one evening for dinner. Neither was on the menu
  3. I've bought a bunch for Gray Market camera equipment at some of NYCs cameras store, never had a problem and saved a boat load of money. You just need to pay attention to what is covered and what is not
  4. One thing great about the Haven is you could get as many towels as you wanted. I wonder if they will be cutting them back Lol
  5. Unfortunately the ship is sailing Asia for the foreseeable future
  6. I knew you would have a picture of it.
  7. No, its after you go thru security and check in. They have vending machines in the waiting area
  8. I've bought a 3-4 bottles of diet coke from the vending machines in NYC after checking on our last 3 cruises out of there. Put them in my backpack and walked on the ship, no issues. I've done it in Tampa, Miami and Seattle also without a problem
  9. The Thermal Spa on the BA and Escape was open from 8:00am until 10:00pm Here is a walk thru of the spa on the Breakaway......
  10. The Haven area in NYC is very small. When we cruised to Bermuda in June it was filled up by 10:15am, don't know where the overflow was. People were checking in and them someone was leading them out of the room to a different location. Our group was the first (in theory) being taken up. However when we arrived in the courtyard their were already 3-4 dozen people there eating lunch
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