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  1. I live in NYC so have had the fortunate opportunity to dine at many Michelin starred restaurants. While obviously the MDR is not comparable, when people compare the quality to below Applebees, Red Lobster, etc that is a far stretch.


    The food on my recent cruises on the Symphony and Adventure was pretty good and I would compare it favorably to what is served on land at similar price point.

  2. Also I can see from the crew's perspective there's not much near the port in Bayonne for them and getting into NYC from there can be a pain. Especially compared to the dock where NCL cruises from which is right on 12th ave.


    As someone from NY, and as someone who goes to Cape May, NJ for vacation each year, the person’s joke was in no way offensive. As a born and raised northerner, and as someone who has sailed from both NYC/NJ and the Florida ports, I can tell you that I understand why Adventure’s crew referred to going to NJ it as their exile. The Florida ports are much nicer to sail from. Cleaner water, overall warmer weather, and more itineraries.



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