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  1. Guess her last visit to Auckland is happening soon, or has already happened.
  2. And here I was thinking 11:30 check in time was pretty early! It must vary by ship cause I was up at the crack of dawn and got that.
  3. Yes, I expected Noumea to be cancelled for sure. Didn't know they'd boot Lifou too. Avoiding the whole country. Been many years since I've been to Vila, and never to Santo/Luganville. So this might work out more interesting actually.
  4. Are you asking if $38 a night per person is a good price?? I don't think there's a motel anywhere that's that cheap.
  5. GUEST ADVISORY ITINERARY CHANGE NOTICE CARNIVAL SPLENDOR – 8 JULY 2024 13 June 2024 Dear Carnival Splendor Guest, As a result of civil unrest in Noumea, it is necessary to revise our itinerary. Below is our new plan. DAY PORT ARRIVE DEPART Mon Sydney, Australia 4:00 PM Tue Fun Day At Sea Wed Fun Day At Sea Thu Fun Day At Sea Fri Vila, Vanuatu 7:00 AM 4:00 PM Sat Santo, Vanuatu 8:00 AM 5:00 PM Sun Fun Day At Sea Mon Fun Day At Sea Tue Fun Day At Sea Wed Sydney, Australia 6:30 AM Everyone’s safety is our priority, and we really have no choice other than to make these changes. We know you were looking forward to the original itinerary we had planned and share your disappointment for this unexpected change. We are dedicated to making sure you have an enjoyable holiday. If you choose to continue to sail with us, no action is needed. However, if you do not wish to remain on this sailing, please call our Guest Services Department at 13 31 94, or your travel advisor by Wednesday, 19 June. We will provide a 100% future cruise credit for your cruise fare and a full refund for any pre-purchased items for this voyage.* This was def coming, given the situation in New Caledonia. I honestly don't mind too much. This is likely to continue for some time yet, maybe months. The original sailing had "4" ports. Noumea, Lifou, Mystery Isle, then back to Noumea again for some bizarre reason. I don't think many people will be cancelling with this short notice.
  6. Yes, the Facebook page is also locked down. Can't post any comments on any posts (even old ones)
  7. This is the main discussion on the AU/NZ boards. Most people are a bit skeptical of how this'll work out. I'm cautiously optimistic, since my last P&O cruise was pretty lackluster. Going on Splendor next month and will see how it goes.
  8. Honestly, not overly fussed about Noumea - IF it's replaced with a different port, right?
  9. Knew it was coming I suppose. But no replacement ports at all? I'm on the Jul Splendor sailing and I'm thinking this'll be us too.
  10. Still haven't had any other official confirmation (from Carnival at least) about how long Noumea will be skipped.
  11. Just checked my cruise planner and there's been no change yet. (Jul 8 Splendor sailing)
  12. Good idea thanks! Had no idea they dropped Lifou as well. I've never been to Luganville myself so if Splendor's Jul sailings are affected, a good chance to somewhere new.
  13. The first batch of cancelled Noumea stop cruises should be back pretty soon as I recall. No word on any other sailings yet?
  14. So far officially only this round of current ships have cancelled Noumea as a port. Although I'm certain that's soon to change. We're due there in a month and a half and I have doubts.
  15. I think the cruise lines are keeping their cards close to their hand for now, seeing as no announcements have been made beyond the current round of ships. It does look pretty bad over there, I have to say.
  16. I'm not due in Noumea (twice on the same cruise for some bizarre reason) until Jul on Splendor. Wonder what'll happen by then.
  17. My first time on the Splendor in 2 months or so. It's been ages since sailing with Carnival.
  18. In some, but not all cases, school holidays in NZ overlap with you guys in OZ. Same time last year I took Pacific Explorer out of Auckland during school break. Not too keen to go on her again for the time being.
  19. Yes I've sailed with Carnival before, twice in the US, never out of OZ, never on the Splendor. 3 days, damn, I wouldn't even consider that! Too party crowd! Anyway I've managed to book in an oceanview now that there are some free spots - no assigned room yet but I hope it's a good one.
  20. Went on the Explorer same time last year, so not keen on it again this year. Didn't like it that much TBH!
  21. Not especially low, and we're still 3 months out from departure. It's quite odd.
  22. https://www.carnival.com.au/itinerary/9-day-south-pacific-cruise/sydney/splendor/9-days/pay/?itinportcode=syd&military=N&pastGuest=N&senior=N&numGuests=2&evsel=grinchmasinjuly&hideSailingEvents=true&locality=7&currency=AUD&sailDate=07082024&roomType=IS Is this cruise really that popular to have almost all room categories completely sold out over 3 months before sailing? Any thoughts, experts?
  23. A very insightful look into Asian cruising. Looking forward to reading the rest. Enjoy the trip!
  24. Yes, I suggest at least one night in Angelo's and Dragon Lady. Just to see what it's like, if nothing else.
  25. Yes you could book Waterfront for the whole time when you board. 8:30 is pretty late so you'll be easily accommodated I think. They'll give you a little slip of paper for each night to bring to the desk as you enter the restaurant. You won't have the same servers I'll note. Agree, I still prefer set dining times also.
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